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Merlin Visits The White Palace

Miscellaneous By: quantumkey
Gay and lesbian

Merlin and the Dwarfs visits the white palace which a kingdom of gay men. The dwarfs are surprised baffled, and enticed by a different world of gay heaven.

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Merlin Visits The White Palace

Merlin is on a quest with the dwarfs and they come to a clearing from the forest and notice a beautiful white palace beyond the grassy plains. Merlin knows this place and walk casually as the dwarfs follow in amazement. They have entered the White Kingdom and in are beautiful men that were at least 16 years old.

As they walk towards the palace, there are tulips, and butterflies on either side of them. There were roses and caterpillars and lady bugs all happily flying pass them. As they drew closer to the castle, they notice some boys having a picnic, they were dressed in different colors. Their clothes were well washed and fit comfortably on them. Some of the boys had long hair, some had short, blond, brunette, pointy ears, and slim. They were chatting and having a laugh. Laying on the grass and smelling some roses and flowers. They were like faries. The Merlin crew noticed more of groups of these boys having a picnic as they got closer and closer to the castle.

As they approached the gate, the gate was guarded by two handsome men with no helmets but with beautifully white armor with golded lines on them. Each were holding a magnificent spear that were twice as tall as them. Their faces were chiseled and had square jaws, and stood still as Merlin and the dwarfs approached. They did not move because they recognized Merlin. And smiled at the dwarfs behind him. The bridge to the castle was let down without any words since they were familiar with Merlin. It had been a long time since Merlin visited but the kingdom was familiar with Merlin's wisdom.

Merlin and the dwarfs entered the gate and the dwarfs were wide eyed by the beauty and magnificace of the place. The walls were white and there were beauftiful lines of gold on the walls. One of them commented, " This place must be lined with magic." Merlin squinted and noded in acknowledgement. The crew walked in to the doors of the castle. The doors were also white lined with gold. They were extremely large and opened with no man behind it. The crew walked in the halls and there were soldiers on either side. There were gigantic pillars supporting the arching halls and a red carpet in the middle which they were walking on. The dwarfs were dirtying the carpet with their feet as they walked.

On occasion they would pass a door and Merlin would remember them to be the kitchen, or a meeting room, a guest room, or another hall. Finally they reached the center of the palace and it was a throne and on the throne sat a very very handsome prince. He had his knuckles on his cheek with his eyes closed, he has dirty blond, brown hair, and his body was positioned in a way it was relaxed and slightly bored. His throne was elevated by a few steps and behind his throne were white semi transparent drapes. As the wind blew, it would slightly reveal a big warm pool. And in the pool were beautiful muscled men, in the steamy pool, bathing, and chatting about their day. Some were in towels, some were soldiers, some were aristrocrats, and some were young adults. The young prince is wearing a white garmet covered with light armor and white hood on his back. He looks handsome and magical as he looks strong and physical.

"Well, hello Merlin," the young prince commented. "It's been a while."

"Quite a while, young prince." Merlin replied.

"What brings you to the White Castle? "

"We were passing by and I thought I might pride a visit. "

"Certainly. Why sure, Merlin. Anything for a lovable wise man. I see you brought friends." The prince smiled.

"Yes, yes, these are my companions. They are brave men on journey, a quest I should say."

"Welcome, I too welcome a quest. How goes the travels. Please stay and recover. "

"They are here on the way to retrieve a loved one. " One of their sons were snatched by a maddened group of orges." We do not know for sure what their motives are yet. I think it is to lure them in."

"Oh, what a pleasure. Orges stealing one of my sons. I would be ravaged." Sarcasm breathes in this castle.

"You would indeed."

"Have a rest, men. " the princed sent his boy elf beside him to fetch some clothes, food and to have them housed in the guest rooms. A moment later, young handsome servants came out with the finest wardrobes they could find. Luckily these boys were agile in collecting different fancy items including elegant robes for dwarfs that they were able to fit them. One boy came out with a measuring tape to make sure the clothing would fit them.

The next day the dwarfs were well fed and were provided with newly sewn clothes that fit them properly. All their dirty garmets were washed and neatly placed in their rooms. The 5 drwarfs shared 3 guest rooms but really used only two because one bed was so large that it fit all of them perfectly.

By the third day their beards were well combed. Their hairs were straight and knotted nicely. Their axes were shapened shiny. And their battle clothes were as if brand new. Their feet and toe nails were trimmed and smooth. On this day Merlin knew that if they would stay another day they would never be able to leave and would forget their quest. This was what was dangerous about this castle. If one would stay too long then the guest would never be able to leave and be eternally integrated with the kingdom. And the young prince knew this. And for the purpose of their stay the young prince prepared them to continue their quest. The dwarfs were starting to admire the boys and the beautful men and started to socialise, play, and joke with them. Another day and they would become a citizen of the White Castle.

The White Castle is an incredibly physical and magical palace lead by a very powerful and wise prince. The prince is almost as powerful and knowledgable as Merlin. Merlin would visit the prince and have tea and talk about the different adventures Merlin would have in the world and between worlds. The prince would know what Merlin would be talking about and would be able to listen.

Merlin gathered the dwarfs again at the center of the castle infront of the prince. The prince knew he would miss his guests and thought of a gift to give them. And the wise prince gave Merlin a necklace to keep along their travels. Merlin looked suspiciouly on the necklace but accepted it from his friend. The price smiled widely as he gave the necklace because the prince knew of its function. It was transdimension reaper. It would tear the space between where Merlin would be and a mirror inside one of the rooms in the White Castle. At any time can the prince see what they were up against and send men through the tear if they needed it. Merlin did not exactly know what it was but he trusted the prince.

And off they went, the dwarfs were slowly sensing that they were leaving the White Castle and slowly started to realize their rough character for battle. They reached the forest and looked at the White castle one more time before they laughed and realized where they were.

Merlin smiled and lead on.


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