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What You Should Know About "The Others"

Miscellaneous By: SilverTonguette
Gay and lesbian

You will know what you begin to read. Just don't stop! And sorry for spelling errors.

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Hello. I bet you are wondering exactly what I'm going to write about. Well, if you haven't guessed by now, continue to read. While I may be known for writting about vampires and fairy, my head in the clouds of dreams, I am actually pretty down to Earth. I'm atune to what is going on around me, even though most of it has to know effect on me or mine. But this topic right here has an effect on my kin. Though my words I usually written with haste, this is a little more thought out, but not by much.

First off, I would like to explain that it is NOT a choice. No, it is not. How do I know? It is not because somebody told me that it was not a choice; it's because I have heard the stories. I transferred from one high school to the rival school, and learn there, that one of my fast friends had a gay parents. Her mother. One day, on a class "project" we treked across campus and got into a lengthy discussion on the "choice" if you can call it that. She told me her mother was gay, and told me, in clips, the sad story. The woman didn't want to be gay but she knew before puberty that she was different. She tried as hard as she could to be straight and to be "normal" but what is normal? As much as she tried, after having two children, she gave up and annonced she was gay. She, then, procceed to leave her husband, but got to keep her kids. Even though that is one story, among many, this here shows that being gay is NOT a choice.

Being gay is not unholy or disgusting or against God's nature. Just because you are gay doesn't mean you are going to hell. What kind of God would we serve then? A hateful, spitful one? I think not. God made us who we are. Though there are choices for everything, being gay is not a choice God has bestowed upon us. No, he made straights be straight and gays be gay. Why? So we could all learn to get along and love what(who) is different. And learn that violence is not how to deal with what is different. Did the world not learn from the Salem Witch Trials? Why does everybody to a blind eye to the beaten gays! The ones left to die! What is this world coming to; people saying, "Oh! I am open-minded!' Then turning around saying, "Wow, that person is gay? That is disgusting!" Those people don't know the trials another person has suffered.

Thirdly, gays do NOT convert. If they did, I'd be gay. While I have expiremented at a young age, I know for certain I am not gay, though I have a gay uncle andhad alesbian cousin. If gays convert, why am I not gay? Gays cannot have children. If they want one, adoption or artificial insemination for the females. Adoption keeps the population down, which would be good considering people are starving out there and the goverment is billions of dollars indebt to the rest of the world. (What the hell America?). Gays want to be happy with the rest of us, so why take away a right everybody else has? Granted, the gays have never had the Marriage Right to begin with, but when they were thought straight, they sure as hell had the right! But as soon as the closet door swung open a big red stop-sign was placed at the alter!

I guess you are wondering why this matters to me so much. This matters because the people who love the same sex are treated like lepers. I'm sorry to say, this is the world that I live in, every day. Being gay is not a life style choice. Sorry to burst your bubble, if it was dense enough to believe the mess fed to you, but being gay is not wrong. I am a Christan, of sorts, I suppose. I believe in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I believe in Recarnation, and sex before marriage, but no children outside of wedlock. I believe if you believe in God with your whole heart, he will not damn you. I believe that gays go to heaven. How else could a person as sweet and gentle as my cousin be set to Hell? She never did any wrong, execpt the wrongs that all humans have commited. The only wrong you can hold against, now that she'd dead, is that she killed herself. Other than that, leaving a family in turmoil and sorrow, she did nothing wrong! Being gay is not a sin, with the sticknote stamped DAMNED FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! to the person's chest.

Hello, I am a seveteen year old female, that lives in Michigan. I am in high school, but I'm a honor student with a 3.0, or higher, GPA. I love my family, and my friends, gay or straight, dead or alive, male or female. And you, my friend, should share your story, whether you believe or not. Whether your gay or not. And I am happy to listen.

Feel free to share this. I don't care. I don't even need credit for it, but it would be nice. =) Have a nice day and remember. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH!!!!**








** Want me to talk about something else? Rape Victiums, people thinking about suicide? Drop me a comment on my page, this piece of writting, or another. I'd be happy to do the research for you. =D


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