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This is about two lesbians meeting for the first time from a online dating site. Un expecting commitments and long lasting ones too!!! Read/comment/rate/like!!! Thank you and Enjoy!!

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Nick's P.O.V

Tonight is the big night. The night when i go on my first date with my soon-to-be-in-person girlfriend. Im nervous as ever inside. Im scared too...This means commitment! Idated two girls before and never could keep up with "commitment". Cause Iwas scared of it. Its like some weird phobia i had since i was 13. Im 17 by the way. Iuse to cheat and be unfaithful cause of my dumb phobia. Ithink its because being in a series commitment was like devoting your life to the other person and that person only. But i dont know... I really am series about Ashley though...I never felt so sure about someone. We met a couple months ago online at some dating service site. Ionly signed up cause i was curious how they worked and if it really DOESwork. Like come on, i can never keep up with long distance. After all, i always had a saying "Long distance relationships can kill you". In some cases it could be true...but Iguess not in this one. But yeah she buddied me, i accepted and she was curious about me. Asking me questions and being real friendly. Idid the same of course and she also encouraged me to buy a web cam. Ieventually did and we started to web cam every single day for hours. Or whenever we had time. We started to date online, eventually giving each other numbers so we called and texted each other every single day and we made plans to meet each other, which is tonight. The thing im so freaking confused about is why would i be THISsure and THIS convinced that its going to work out when its LONGDISTANCE! Like it dosent make sense...Maybe some kind of message god is sending me to my heart or something.But whatever happens, happens Iguess. Ijust gotta be prepared for disappointment when it comes at me. Like what if shes some kind of crazy bitch or too needy, clingy, or thinks im her main source for emotional comfort? I really dont wanna date a chick like that. Shes really hot though, Very attractive and well fitted. But still, looks could kill....literally. But still i wanted to make a good impression and who knows, maybe this could actually BE real. Im in my bathroom, in front of my mirror, fixing myself up every way possible. Ijust got done taking a shower and is wearing a orange button up shirt almost like the shirts people in the country wear, some light blue jeans, chains, studded belt, and black sneakers. My hair was all spiked up and i was all ready to go. "Hm, i look pretty good" Ithought to myself with a very un-noticable smirk. My teeth all brushed and made sure my breath smelled minty fresh, who knows maybe we'll go down on each other hehehehe.

Ileft my bathroom and grabbed my chain wallet, cell phone, keys, pocket knife and mp3. Istuffed most of them in my jean pockets as i walked to my front door. Iwalk past my couch which had one of my cats sitting on the arm of the couch and i quickly patted his head while walkng to the door. Ileft my apartment, which i lived alone, and headed outside to my car. Ieventually got to my car and got in my drivers seat and started up the car. Ithen hear my cell phone go off. Its ringing and i look at the caller ID and it reads "Ashley". Istrap in my seat belt and answer my phone. "Hey you". Isay with kind of a stutter. Damn this is freaking riduculas, this is SOunlike me to be nervous about a girl. Like come on! "Hey sweetie! Im like 20 minutes away from the hotel, are you almost there too"? She asks me as im driving down the street. "Yup, i'll be there in a half an hour, i just literally left 10 minutes ago. I cant wait to see you though". Isay and i can feel my heart skip a beat and blush lightley. "Aww Icant wait to see your sexy self too. Maybe we'll have a little fun tonight too. But of course we'll keep it memorable since it is, after all, our first time meeting". She says and Ifeel my heart beating faster. She sounds so natural, i wonder if shes nervous and anxious like me. If she is then shes really good at hiding it. "Yeah of course. Well i'll meet you there baby okay. I love you". Isay. "Ilove you too. Hurry up! Im so freaking anxious to see you!!" She pouts then i laugh while hanging up. "hm, Iguess shes anxious too, thats a relief, at least im not the only one". Ithink to myself as i continue to drive.

20 minutes later i finally arrive at the hotel. On the way i picked up some flowers. Kinda cheesey and cliche but hey, you gotta make a real good impression on your girl right? Igot out my car, slam the door behind me, and started to walk towards the hotel, flowers in hand. Iwonder how this night is gonna turn out....



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