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Love, Lust and The Ocean

By: Vampy2034

Chapter 1, Will Lyna get the girl of her dreams?

The First Encounter

Her eyes were as blue as the waves that were crashing on the beach she was standing on. Her skin was a beautiful golden color from the sun above her. Her body, oh god her body, was full figured but toned. Full lips, carved features, gorgeous face. She was perfect. I wanted her in many ways. I wanted to talk to her. I wanted to explore her mind. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to pleasure her appetite for both knowledge and sexual satisfaction. I knew that my dreams of her may not be exactly... completely correct but I hoped that she was smart, funny, intelligent and lovable.

Her long burgundy hair was tied up in a pony tail and her skin contrasted beautifully against the black fabric of her bikini. She was blessed when it came to her chest. Her breasts were perfect. Firm, perky, full. I both admired and envied them. She was graceful as she tossed around a volleyball with a few men, she never missed or fell. I enjoyed watching her body move and flow with the motions.

She glanced my way and I quickly adjusted my sunglasses as I looked away. Her glance had caused my heart to quicken. I couldn't let her catch me staring in awe at her. I turned over, allowing the sun to warm my back. My mind wandered over the fantasies that had plagued me for weeks now, ever since I laid eyes on the sun-kissed goddess. I fantasized about going out with her, getting coffee, making her laugh, making love to her... I had to stop myself as my mind entwined itself around this fantasy so I stood up, trying to get my mind off of it. I stretched and glanced around discreetly, the woman of my dream was about ten feet behind me. My heart raced in the insane hope that she was coming to me. In an effort to make myself seem nonchalant, I started to brush sand off my body. I was startled when a warm hand placed itself on my shoulder and white hot electricity flowed through my arm. My heart was pounding insanely fast as I turned to face the person who was touching me. My breath caught as I was confronted by my beach goddess.

"He-hello," I stuttered and immediately cursed myself for sounding like an idiot. She smiled and removed her hand.

"Hey there, the boys just happened to catch you staring earlier and I was wondering why." I cursed myself for being an idiot.

"Was I staring? I was just zoning out I suppose," I said nonchalantly but she didn't buy it.

“Why do I doubt that? They described it as a lingering glance, not a blank one. Dearest, I don’t know you but I can read you like a book.” I blushed a deep crimson. She was an insightful, blunt woman.

“I-I’m sorry. I was just admiring and envying how fit you are.” She smiled.

“Thank you. I am Kira, feel free to contact me about a gym partner if you are really in awe about how I am in this shape. I happen to be a trainer.” A trainer? No wonder she was so perfect. I thought about it for a moment. A gym partner? I had never even set foot in a gym.

“I'm Lyna and I’d love to.” She flashed me that perfect smile again.

“Lovely. Here’s my card, feel free to contact me about that. By the way, I am jealous of your curves.” And as quick as she appeared, she disappeared leaving me with a card in my hand and with butterflies in my stomach.

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