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NO we cant have sex till you do your home work!!!

Novel By: alsrs
Gay and lesbian

If god made couples in heaven then when he paired us up...he wonted some one to laugh at. Mace is a player with girls and boys no one ever says no only "FUCK ME". But when he meets Akil a 17 year old that just got out of medical school and is know going part time as a tutor will he win his heart or will Akil be the one that got away...
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Hot tutor

"MACE MACE get your lazy ass up its time for school"Maceses older brother (Tray) called out from down stars

"I'm coming just give me a minute to finish my hair"Mace said shacking his head Tray just didn't under stand that looking like the school heart throb took time

Mace finished up with his hair and headed down stars to find his brother packing up a lunch for him. Mace grabbed that along with an apple then headed out the door before Tray had a chance to say some thing. Ever scene mom died Tracy acted like a dad instead of a brother even though there real dad just spends day and night at the bar. Mace ate the apple as he walked to the bus stop. When he finally arrived his cell vibrated in his jeans so he flipped the small red machine open.

"Hello Mace speaking how can i make you scream my name" Mace said as he climbed on the bus

"Mr.Rogan it me Mrs.Holler" the person said Mace sighed it was his health teacher the one class he didn't have an A in

"Yes Mrs.Holler what can i do for you today"

"Just wonted to remind you after school you have a session with your new tutor...I really think your going to like this one" She giggled

I really think i wont and with that he hung up on her..he new he would get a lecture but didn't care. The last tutor he had took a hole hour to get into the bedroom not to mention how disappointing it was and then the guy wouldn't stop calling him. Apparently the guy had been a virgin and didn't know what a one night stand was. Mace rolled his eyes at the thought of a another toter but perhaps this one will be more fun.

Mace got of the bus ignoring the stars and whispers from people he had been with (and people who wonted to be with him). He may not have friends but he was good looking, and had plenty of fuck buddes. What more could a guy wont in life??? Mace didn't bother going to health his first pereod instead he saw a cute little new kid with brown hair and green eyes.

"Hay you come here" Mace called out the smaller boy obeyed his curly brown hair bouncing as he walked over

"Sorry i cant stay and chat i have to get to my class do you know where room 104 is"The boy said blushing as Mace played with his chocolate brown locks

"Yes i know where its at but if you wont to know you have to do some thing for me first" Mace said in a husky voice he then leaned over and nibbled on his ear

"Oh and what would that be"The boy giggled as he kissed Mace roughly

Mace then put his arms around the boy to deepend the hot kiss. His tong slid out and ran its self over the boys soft lower lip.

"Wait i don't know you or your name"The boy said backing away from Mace

The boys face was bright red and he had a look of great shame as he put three fingers to his lips.

"My name is Mace and that was my pay meant if you go straight down the hall then make a right you should find room 104"Mace said pointing down the hall

The boy nodded then ran down the hall and out of sight.

'Cute but not my tip ..to many emotion changes...and absolutely no tan'Mace thought to him self as he watched the boy..he would kiss him but thats it. It was like that with a lot of student here at school. Mace would kiss them a few times then through them away like week old tuna.

"MR.ROGAN"mace new that voice from the phone.Mace turned to his teacher Mrs.Holler.

"M mrs.Holler what are you doing out of class"Mace said shocked his teacher actually went looking for him.

"Well Mr.Rogan i thought sense your grade is so low you should work ALL day with your tutor"She said then moved out of the way to reveal a guy not a day older then 17 "This is Mr.Tayion"

Mace almost drooled at the sight of the boy. He wasn't hot HE WAS SEXY INCARNATED. Green emerald eyes,hidden behind glasses that gently sat on the end of his nose, short raven hair, Egyptian skin, and perfect facely features. This wasn't going to be such a bad thing he may even become a full time fuck buddy (and this was really heard to become because Mace is very picky).

"So your the idiot May talked about over the phone..well you should know i wont tolerate any tricks"Mr.Tayion said will Mrs.Holler stated to go down back to her class. His voice had a slit accent in it that made it almost musicale"well stop staring and lets get to the library...you do know what a library is don't you"He said with a smirk

"YA I'm not an idiot i know what a library is...Mrs.Holler said you where in collage"Mace snapped

"Was i gradated last year but wonted to go in a new profession so know I'm going back...if your wondering yes I'm 17 but i was a child prodigy"Mr.tayion turned back to Mace"You may call me Akil"

ALSRS notes

Yes i know short chap but i need to get some other stuff on here so there is no time for a longer chap sorry!!!! leave a comment to tell me what you think


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