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Dick in a Dress

Novel By: AmbyRose
Gay and lesbian

Nick Jones is a boy who rathers where girls clothes, though he has no interest in being a girl. The story goes though his struggle with trying to be himself. The story will also follow Kenny Jones, the perfect child, Nicks older brother. (relationships in later chapters) View table of contents...


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(please read) I did it yay! If you read my news you know why this is late (but i don't know if anyone reads that) Sorry about it by the way but I worked hard to finish this and get it up, but it feels a bit rushed at the end but I guess it'll just have to do. Anyway I was thinking cause I like to draw my characters for my stories and I want to show you guys so you can see the characters, i thought that maybe I could start a blog (either on tumblr or blogspot) where you can see my drawings and even ask questions or leave feedback on my stories. But I don't know if I'll have enough people interested for that...So I want to ask you guys what you think? Yeah or nay, leave a comment and tell me please cause I'd really like to do it. Okay have a wonderful week and weekend I love each and everyone of you readers and I hope you enjoy this chapter and futher chapaters!


I can't accept it

The words we both feared to hear had just escaped dad's lips. I slowly turned my head to look at Kenny who looked to have just been stabbed. His eyes were wide and his bottom lip was shaking and he wasn't breathing. He suddenly took in a sharp shaky breath and brought his hand up to run through his hair.

"Okay…Okay yeah…yep-shit!" Kenny's hand was now covering his face; he was probably holding back tears. Yeah it was hard, I knew it would be. I wish they had accepted Kenny and not accepted me. I want Kenny to be happy not to have to worry about our parents acceptance (or should I say unacceptance) on his sexuality.

I brought my own hand up to rest on his shoulder. "don't…"


"I said don't!" He hit my hand of his shoulder and walked closer to wear my dad was sitting and leaned closed to his face. "You know what dad? Fuck respecting you anymore! Yeah you're my dad and you may work to keep me-us living but that means nothing to me when you're a fucking asshole! So father I'm going to keep on being gay because that's who I am and you can either accept that or I'm moving out to the Michelson's house and I'll get my own job to pay for my living expenses, understand?"

Dad seemed to be shocked and he nodded slowly. Would they really risk losing the son that could bring in so much money with his athletic ability and academic ability? Of course not.

"Good. I'm going up to my room now." Kenny stood up straight and turned on his heel towards the stairs and to his bedroom.

"I-I'm going to." I said and ran up the stairs to catch up to Kenny. "Yo Ken! What about Lucy?

"I don't have to worry about her…"

"Huh? Why? You have to tell her you're dating her brother and break it off with her you know?"

"She knows and we've never been dating, it was to get you jealous."

"Oh okay…wait what?!" We were in Kenny's room now and I had stopped in the door way at hearing the explanation of why he was dating Lucy Mitchelson, the bitch.

"She likes you…" He looked back at me with a raised eyebrow, "I thought it was pretty obvious?"

"She fucking hates me! She's always been so mean to me."

"Girls. They have the weirdest ways to get guys attention am I right?"

"Yeah they do. Shit…how do I tell her it's never going to happen?" I shook my head as I walked into Kenny's room and sat on his bed.

"Why can't it? You like girl's right? Unless there someone you already like hmmm?" I looked away and felt my cheeks warm up a little. "Oh my god! There is someone you like who is it? Tell me, tell me!" Kenny sounded like a girl who wanted to hear the new gossip.

"Uh well her names Daisy…she's really cute and shy and pretty and, and uh beautiful…" I trailed off with a whole lot of compliments about her.

"Sounds like you really like her then, go ask her out and show Lucy that it'll never happen." Kenny lied back on his bed and closed his eyes.

"I can't do that! The twins would probably kill me if I even dared to lay a finger on her." I exclaimed. I knew that I'd be hard just to be able to get alone with Daisy to ask her out. Also I could never get enough courage to ask her out. Oh and what about my thing? What would she say about me wearing girl's clothing huh?

"Then don't…Your going to have to work all these relationship problems out yourself. I'm only here for comfort." Kenny shuffled on the bed until he was lying in the bed properly, "Now, little bro, can ya get out so I can rest for a bit? I have a horrible headache."

I sighed and got up. I knew Kenny wasn't in a good mood because of what just happened moments ago. I wasn't going to complain about how I needed his help because that's what a big brother is meant to do, help out their younger siblings.

I walked out the room and down the hall into my bedroom and flopped on my bed and laid there for a moment before turning on my side and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I had a lot of messages, one from Leon, one from Ben and like ten million from Mike.

Leon: Yo! How'd it go with the parents? Is everything alright?

I texted back: Kinda…Mum was alright with it all but Dad not so much…

Then I went to the next message:

Ben: Hey Nick howd u go I hope everything went down ok I dont wanna see u upset

I smiled at the text from Ben. He was so sweet, how did I never notice how nice he was.

Hi~ don't worry everything is alright and I'm not upset. Kenny on the other hand though…But I think everything will be alright.

And then I went on to Mikes messages:

Mike: Hello Nick~! How are you? Are your parents accepting of you and your brother? Please answer back soon Nicky~!


Yo Nick you there? Are you going to answer me?

I'm starting to worry. Please don't be dead!

Missed call (3)

Nick you better answer me soon or I swear to god!

Tristan said that Kenny wasn't answering him either, is something bad going on?

Did your parents lock you up so you could never touch women's clothes again?

Holy shit I'm calling the police!

Okay maybe that's a bit too far…

I'm coming over.

I'm about 5 mins away

Wait I don't know where your house is…



Sometimes I swear this kid was dropped on his head as a baby. I took a few minutes contemplating whether or not I should text back to this idiot.

Jesus fucking Christ Mike! Just 'cause I didn't answer back straight away doesn't mean something bad happened. I just finished talking with my parents, everything's alright for now. Tell Tristan that Kenny is sleeping; I think he's really stressed out.

And then I went to one other text that I'd just got. It was from a number that I didn't know.

Unknown Person: Hello Nick? Ah this is Daisy, how are you? I heard you were sick and went home early; I just wanted to make sure you're feeling well. Uh sorry if I'm bothering you! I got this number off of Mike; I hope that it's okay.

I froze in place. D-Daisy? It was Daisy that had just texted me…was I dreaming? I read over the text a few times trying to make myself believe that this was real and that Daisy, my crush, had just texted me asking if I was feeling well. Oh my god, I needed to answer back before she thinks I'm ignoring her.

Hey~! I'm alright I was just feeling a little unwell but I'm fine now. I was really surprised to get a text from you but it's nice to be able to talk to you without the twins interrupting. Its okay but you know you could have just asked me for the number haha!

I rolled back on to my back and sighed loudly. Did I sound like an idiot? Well it was a little too late to worry about that isn't it? I looked at the white roof and thought about nothing for a few seconds before rolling back on my side to my phone and checking the time. It hadn't even been a minute but I felt like it was taking forever for her to text back.

I rolled onto my stomach, not caring that I was on top of my phone, and stuffed my face into my pillow and breathed out and just laid there for a moment. Then I felt my chest vibrate…that's weird, chests don't normally vibrate do they? And then it hit me that it was phone, Daisy?

I got of my phone and checked the message excitedly. I had a large smile but it dropped when I read the name. Mike…

Mike: Oh thank the lord that everything's alright. Can I come over? I want proof you're alright! Tell me your address Nicky~!

No I wasn't going to give him my address, he'd just tell the others and they'd be over all the time. I need some time to myself for god sakes!

23 Peninsula Ct, Lakeville.

Wait why the fuck did I do that? I just said I wasn't going to Jesus Christ hands did you not understand!

Ding~ my phone went off again, probably Mike just saying something stupid. I picked my phone up again and looked at the message. It wasn't Mike! It was Daisy!

Daisy: Oh my glad that you're feeling alright now ´~! If you want to talk without my friends why don't we go out somewhere together? We don't have to if you don't want to! I would have asked but I couldn't find the right time to haha~.

Did she ask me out on a date? Is this for real or am I just reading what I want to hear? I read over the text a couple more times. Holy shit no she was defiantly asking me out on a date!

That'd be cool! We can go out for lunch this weekend? Or if you want to do something else we can, it was just a suggestion haha. Anytime would have been fine, we're friends aren't we? You should feel comfortable to talk to me you know?

Just as I sent the text my door flung open and there was Mike standing in the doorway one moment and the next he was on top of me hugging me.

"Ah Nick~ I'm so glad that you're alright!" His voice is muffled because his head in buried into my neck.

"Get off of me Mike!" I pushed him off to the other side of my bed, "What do you plan on doing here anyway?"

"Seeing you Nicky! I just like to look at you~"

"Are you sure you're not gay?"

"Don't say that."

"Jeez Mike it's a joke. What would it matter if you were anyway huh?"

Then my phone dinged before Mike answered my question.

"Who's it from~?" Mike asked leaning over me to look at the text, that was from Daisy by the way.

Okay~ I'm free Saturday, so let's meet at Ricky's at 11:30 okay? I'm excited now! Yes we are friends and I'll try to be more comfortable around you haha! I have to go now to dinner, I'll see you at school tomorrow yeah? Bye Bye~!

"Ooo~ Nick has a date with Daisy~ Can I come?"

"A date doesn't involve three people idiot." I answered Mikes question and went back to my phone to text Daisy back.

Okay let's do that then! I'm also excited. See you at school tomorrow, bye.

"I still want to come." Mike pouted, which I defiantly didn't think was cute, defiantly not!

"Well you can't!" I hit Mike off of me again because he was still leaning over me from when he was reading the message.

"You're so mean to me~" Mike cried out.

"Shut up." I said and got out of bed and walked out the door, "Come on, I'll play with you for a little while. Just don't annoy me."

"Yay!" Mike got up and ran to my side. "Thank you Nick~! I love youuu" Mike grabbed onto my arm and rubbed his head into it, the action reminded me of what a cat could do but against your leg. The only difference was Mike wasn't cute like a cat.

"I said don't annoy me." I pushed Mike off my arm and he just pouted again. Know I had to put up with this guy.

We went outside for a walk and Mike started talking to me about what happened on the bus the other day, I just nodded when I saw fit. I wasn't really concentrating on him; my only thoughts were about my date on Saturday with Daisy.


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