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I Summoned Thee; I Do it for Love

Novel By: angelv666
Gay and lesbian

They have trouble in the village they live in.
They must do something about it.

While Darius warned his sister not to summon a great Demon Lord, she doesn’t anyway –for the sake of the village.

Julia summons a demon and she doesn’t know what she’s getting into –or what she’s getting his brother into…

It’s a tale of love between a Demon Lord and a human.

Has she just doomed her brother to an endless pit of sins? Or will her brother not see it the way he thought things were meant to be?

No, not all things stay the same.

Darius is about to find that out… View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 28, 2009    Reads: 286    Comments: 13    Likes: 2   


Love making scene!!!


Demon Lord

The night has come to the human realm. The moon shine bright above me and the star twinkle like diamonds. I sit on the tree beside the house of the human who summoned me.

Why she called me to do was nothing but stupidity. How could this people not get rid of a few pests like those men? They were nothing. I thought that any human would have been able to get rid of trash like them. There must be more to this then what happened today. I think there are more of those men then just two. Maybe my bargain is not over, but if it's not, then why did Julia make it seem like it was?

I won't think of it now. I have the night in the human world, I will think…think about what? Think about whom?

Who? What none sense is this? I do not think of no one. No one…

Julia's brother, Darius…

I smile to myself, the boy, so very handsome, so… attractive, gorgeous, striking, and beautiful. How could he be human and have the looks of an angel? Darius beauty strike me like a blow of desire and lust. I have never wanted someone this much, I have never yearn for a man or women before in this way. It is something that has never come to mind. The boy, he can be eighteen or nineteen…or so but he looks too innocent, so… pure, and childlike.

Darius is in his room inside this house. I can easily get to him if I wish but would I be making a mistake?

I will not doubt what I am feeling right but I cannot understand it or pretend to when I really do not know anything of it.

I teleport myself into his room, not so far from where I stand, he sleeps peacefully in his bed.

Slowly without touching the floor, I move towers him. Already the feeling the fire inside me starts to burn more than it had already been.

Must I hunger for a human this way? Why have such emotions come to pass?

I can I really take him? Can I touch him and so as I wish? He is asleep and I can take advantage of this moment. Do I even dare?

I look down at the innocent face of his. I could see him as the light of the moon reaches to touch him too. Such beauty, he has never been spoiled. He is virgin. I know it and I can feel the cleanness coming from within him.

Do I dare tainted him?

I cannot resist him. I have seen those beautiful green eyes, his wavy light brown hair, and his thin white body, so delicate, so fragile, and attractive. Oh, how I could run my hands on his body, to push my fingers through his hair, and to taste him most of all. Oh how it could be if we both were naked together in this bed at this moment. It would be my wish to come true.

I reach down to him and touch his smooth cheek.

He groans as if feeling me in consciousness. I run my index finger down to his neck, down until I push down the blanket that covers him. I push it down to see his half naked body. I can now see his white slim chest, his smooth yummy upper body.

I cannot resist…

I lean down and kiss his nipple. I lick it with my tongue, running it across to his other one.

I know now that I will not be able to stop.

I climb the bed, slowly so I wouldn't wake him so fast to scare him off. I roam over him and start to kiss his neck. I hear him moan softly, I feel him whimper below me.


"Hush," I whisper in his ear, and then lick it playfully.

"Who…what's going on?" he groans.

I am on him and I kiss his jaw, trailing kisses down to his chest again. He whimper and sighs some more, not able to resist, or so I hope.

I reach for his trousers and start to pull them off.

"Aaahh!" he sighs.

I move upward and cover his mouth with mine. I kiss him hard and passionate. Pushing my tongue deep into his and feasting on to his sweet taste. I give a vicious kiss of hunger, and with my hand I rip his trouser off from him.

I pull back and move down to kiss his nipples again. I move even more down and kiss his stomach. I reach his bellybutton and I kiss it and push my tongue into it, making him whimper and making his body shake violently.

I smile, pleased with myself for seeing that I can pleased him.

I sit up; his legs are spread as I knell in front of him. I can see his face as he looks up at me with classy eyes. I take off my shirt and unbutton the front of my pants.

Virgin, I have to remember that his virgin.

I lean down and kiss his stomach, running my left hand up and down his leg and waist. He shudders under me, moans escaping his mouth, gasp of pleasure letting me know that I'm doing the right thing to make him feel good.

I move a bit to the side as I kiss his hip, leaving my mark there. I reach down on him, spreading his legs more, and I look for his buttocks, pushing one of my fingers between both cheeks. He gasps and tries to pull away. I hold him in place and push myself in.

He groans too loudly that he could wake the family. Not wanting that to happen, I teleport us to my chamber, on my bed, with candles lighting the place up.

I caress him with passions, taking my time so that he gets use to only one till I decide to enter another one.

He wiggles and jumps softly as I stroke him. I look down to see his stiff. His crotch is hard and ready to let lose. I move down on him and take him into my mouth as I enter another finger into him.


I don't stop as I feel his body tremble below me. I will give him no mercy on this. I will have him no matter what. This will be what I want, and so this will be my payment for helping the humans in their time of need.

Is this fare? He was not the one who made the call, he had nothing to do with this, yet, I'm making him pay.

I kiss his scrotum, taking one at a time into my mouth, sucking at them as much as I can.

He lets out more cries of pleasure, quivering under me, giving me the sigh the he was soon to come. I suck on him harder, now using my other hand on him, wanting already to make him come.

"Aaahh… Mmn…"

I smile, licking up and down with my tongue and swirling my tongue in his tip. He troves and then comes. I don't move away as I drink him up. I keep sucking on him, drinking his sweet semen and graving for more.

When he is finish giving me what I wanted, I let him go and move upward. He's eyes are close and I could see tears down the side of his face. I lick them away and kiss his eyes one at a time. He opens them and looks up at me. He's eyes shimmer with water and he blinks them away.

I smile, "You're stunning," I whisper, "lovely as no human I have ever seen."

He licks his lower lip and I knew I needed to take him now. I lift his lower part of his body up, rubbing myself, I direct myself into him.

"Aaahh!" he moans, "uh… Mmn…!"

Slowly I push myself into him, holding his both his leg so I could keep him in place. I lean forward, half way into his precious body.

I groan, finally starting to pleased myself and my needs.

When I enter him completely, I lean down and reach his mouth, kissing him. He lets me, bird kissing him a few times and I start to rock him back and forward. I kiss his jaw as I increase the speed. He moans into my mouth and I drink it up. I move faster now, making him cry out louder and fearful.

So much passion and satisfaction to every stroke that it makes me push harder and faster on to him.

I could feel myself soon to come, and I can feel as I almost arrive to my climax. I keep going, rubbing one of my pawls on to his stomach, pinching his nipples one at a time.

"You're so good," I whisper in his ear, "I'm going to come inside you."

I lick his cheek and I give no clemency.


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