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Thy Code de Chivalry (re-newed)

Novel By: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade
Gay and lesbian

A/N- Re-doing Thy Code de Chivalry all over again. The characters and story line will not be changed. View table of contents...


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After the feast had finished and everyone satisfied their famished stomachs, all went out towards the courtyard for a good game to watch. The Laird and his brothers were there to demonstrate their high use and talent of a bow and arrow, other knights were there to joust, and the princes and princess were there to show off as well.

"There is Ewan!" Christian shouted out towards the crowd. He had grown to admire Ewan as both a father and mentor in his life. He had fallen for the Laird's greatness the moment they gamed together some time ago before they reached full view of the castle.

Terence chuckled at his friend's full excitement as the king silenced all of the roaring crowds. All seated in their spots and turned their heads to the king.

"To-day, our games will be for the newcomers of the kingdom who swore their lives to God and to the Code. We thank you all for your honest vows and may God and the kingdom bless you all. Now, let the games, begin." The king announced as the gamers below bowed low for the king and took their places.


The Laird and his brothers were up first along with their most trusted comrade. All took their place in front of each target, set ten miles away from them. For every bull's-eye, the target shall be moved another ten until hundred was reached. An impossible shot.

Alistair, the second eldest next to Ewan was up first. His target was placed ten feet in front of him and his bow was given to him. He took his position and placed his arrow on the bow before he raised it up high. He took his time to examine the target and the wind before he fired. Bull's-eye.

The crowd applauded and the next brother, twins, Cormac and Caelen, took their places. The same was done to them as Alistair but they waited no moment too soon and fired. Bull's-eye.

Dalziel, Iain, Hart, Gowan, Keir, Luthais, Nairn, Ossian, Diromid, Seumas, Wyndham, and Mac all took their places in front of targets ten feet in front of them and all fired bullseyes. Last, but not least, was Laird Ewan who took his position and fired after seconds later.

All had fired their bull's-eyes until hundred miles approached. Ewan was up first but he raised his gloved covered hand.

"Wait, there is someone amongst the people I know I would like to see his attempt at the hundred yards," Ewan said for all to hear and looked straight up at Christian and with a gesture and a smile, Christian made his way down to the Laird. "Give the young lad his bow."

A squire ran to the court to present Christian his bow. The bow given days ago by Ewan himself. He took his time to admire and felt he bow before he took position. All murmured and shouted "impossible. The boy couldn't possibly be able to succeed the in hundred yards target. None has been able to in years".

Christian raised his bow after placing the arrow in place and pulled back on the string. He examined how the wind was blowing and squinted his eyes to view the center of the target and fired after moments later.


The arrow went flying out from the bow and his hand. As it flew into the wind and towards it's target, everyone waited ever-so anxiously for where the arrow might strike.

The man over at the other side of the yard, next to the target was amazed when the arrow finally arrived at the spot. He lifted the target and ran hundred yards towards the waiting crowd.

Everyone waited for the young man to come back with the result of Christian's archery. When the man returned, he stopped for a moment to breathe before he raised the target for all to see.



"Lad, that was astonishing. Absolutely amazing och aye." Mac exclaimed as all nodded and murmured in agreement.

The jousting went on next followed by the performance of the princes and princess themselves. They danced with each other and performed the crowning of their father before they all set in back towards the castle.

Terence went up the stoned stairs and up to his room not knowing he was being followed. He continued to walk up the steps then stopped when the man behind sneezed.

"I bless you, Garet." Terence deadpanned then turned around to face his master but not in a way a servant would anymore. For he was no longer a servant, but a loyalty to the king, the kingdom, and to the Code itself.

"I beg your absolute pardon peasant but you are my servant, I expect to have a bath ready for me and my clothes laid out immediately." Garet spat but instead of the usual "yes sir" he always got in the past, Terence stepped down to face him harder.

He smirked and shook his head. "No longer am I your servant Garet but a servant to the king, kingdom, and it's Code. 'Tis a servitude I will forever bestow in my heart forever".

Terence left a confused and angry Garet with a silly grin on his face as he continued on his way up his room for a good, pleasing rest before first day of duty with the Knights of Chivalry and every other seniors of the castles.


Terence felt proud of himself, never felt any better after he talked back to his mas-former master. He threw himself on his bed and stared up at the ceiling with a huge grin on his face until his eyes gave up on him and he drifted off to a peaceful sleep, the best sleep he's had in years.

While in his dreams, the sound of the horn woke up from his slumber and his comforting bed. Terence groaned and rubbed the back of his neck before giving it a loud pop.

He got up and washed his face and hands before he joined in with the others walking down the stone steps of the castle. Dinner was about to be served.

Murmurs from others were being spread about the boy who hit the impossible hundred yards target, Terence couldn't help but smile in full praise for his beloved friend but soon his smile turned into a frown. Now with Christian as famous as a knight of chivalry, he wondered if their friendship will still be bonded.

He saw Christian amongst the group of Laird Ewan and his brothers along with two boys and two girls. Sons and daughters of three different brothers. Cameron was Seumas' son and Iver was Laird Ewan's son as well as Mairin, his daughter. The last boy was Mackenzie, son of Corma.

All boys were seated by their fathers and mothers patiently waiting for the food to arrive at their place. All boys and girls of the McIntosh clan all sat tall and with pride just like the elder, senior men. Terence had never seen so much pride such as a Scot's.


When dinner had finally been served, the king announced the duties of the newcomers will began at first sunrise. All would be expect to be up and ready for their duty and not a minute late. All bowed in respect of the king, queen, and his family before they all retire to their homes and beds. \

Terence laid down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling before he was interrupted by a loud banging noise. He groaned and slid himself off the warm bed before he opened the door, to his surprise, Christian jumped him.

"Terence! I'm rooming in with you. Oh and this is Rohan, son of a duke overseas from here. Travelled long and hard to get here. His father is the best weapons master, makes a lot of swords even though he is the duke himself!" Christian exclaimed gesturing to the dark haired boy who had a grim look settled upon his face.

Something about Rohan stirred Terence, he didn't know why or how but he knew to keep his guard up. He straightened his back and bowed in respect of Rohan who bowed back, saying but not one word before he claimed his bed by placing his bags on it.

"I like him." Christian said, not realizing someone had been listening, watching.


Paul heard all, seen all and didn't liked it one bit. He huffed and turned his heel towards his room. Garet had requested that he and Paul should be the ones rooming together. Valmont was also in with them. Paul hated Valmont but must pretend to admire him for Garet admired him.

He opened his door to reveal Valmont undressing from his tunic into comfort bed-wear for a good night's rest. The older, taller boy grinned and bowed his head in one quick motion Paul thought for sure he could catch a bit of sickness doing so so fast.

Paul did the same as the older did and climbed into his bed and closed his eyes, hoping he would fall asleep. It has been true, he had some troublesome with sleep. Medicines were took and visits from Priests but none worked. Something was missing in his life and he's out to get it.


Morning sunrise appeared and everyone in the castle scrambled up to get ready for breaking of fast before their first duty of Chivalry. All were both nervous and excited for the event that was about to happen in just moment's time.

Terence noticed Christian come towards him through the crowd until he caught up to him. Christian wrapped his arm over Terence's shoulder and grinned widely, his yellow teeth showing.

"Can you believe your eyes Terence? We're going to be soon, Knights of Chivalry just like Sir Kayden and Sir Lucas. I cannot wait till. 'Tis a good thing Laird Ewan has got me back otherwise, oh. No matter, good luck with your side of ye training. I'm off for food." Christian said making Terence laugh.

Ever since they had arrived, Christian had thought of nothing but the food served for him. It was nothing like they had before. Stale bread, water, and leftover meat from the plates of their lord and master. This was indeed a great time for them both.


"Alright, I am Sir Kayden as you all may know well. This is defense class where we learn not to strike our enemy but to defend," Sir Kayden said, walking up and down the line full of young boys who stood tall and proud, ready for anything. The seniors soon came and stood opposite of all of us. Once we were assembled, Sir Kayden nodded then walked across the yard going up and down as he spoke again. "Your first task, is to disarm your opponent in front of you, they will go easy, as you progress, it will become harder. You may begin when after, you shake the hands of your opponent."

I walked over to my partner and extended my hand out to him for a solid handshake. The older did not take my hand but bowed to the waist then took my hand in his for the shake before he took his position. From the corner of my eye, I saw Garet scoff in amusement of my poor structure as he bowed then shook his opponent's hand.

I quickly bowed back before I draw my wooden sword just like the others did and waited in position for Sir Kayden to say "go".

Sir Kayden strolled through the yard and examined our footing position. Like always the second years position were excellent including the richer like Garet and Paul. I, Paul, and another were the only one's whose footing was off balance.

He repositioned all our footings and gave us advice that by staying in a position such as that in a duel we would be struck down in one blow and have no time to dodge or put in a counter attack.

The knight held his right hand up for a moment; it was a signal to get yourself ready, to brace your self before we start the training.

"Go!" He shouted as we all charged against each other. Each and every one of us did our best to unarm our opponent as we proceed to progress into harder stages.


They all sat down on the grass either next to their friend or opponent. Terence sat in-between his friend and opponent who gave him pointers during the training duel. Only one from each side remained. The opponent who was more brawn than brain no doubt and a much much smaller knight in training.

"Better quit now while you're at it," The opponent, whose name was Badrick, taunted the younger receiving whistles and shouts of agreement. The short knight in training shook his head for an answer and braced himself, his sword above his head in a thrust position. "Suit yourself."

As Badrick raised his sword and charged at the younger the boy stood perfectly still like the stone walls of the Keep before...he dodged the swing, went down on one knee and cut near the ankle of Badrick's left leg causing him to stumble. That gave the mysterious younger time to disarm his opponent, he took a mighty swing making the sword fly from Badrick but quickly he regained his balance and went after his sword. The two continue to duel until it ended with the small knight in training's sword at the base of Badrick's neck.

All were shocked; the most buff opponent has been defeated by a much smaller knight in training! Who was this boy? All went in closer to see who it was. The smaller knight gave back the sword to it's owner before he placed his sword back into it's hilt and took off his helmet...


"Princess! My apologizes, I have been unchivalrous to you and to your honorable blood. I hope you can forgive my foolishness." Badrick bowed low when he realized it was Zoe he was fighting against during the training.

Whispers and murmurs settled all around. Everyone was all taken aback but Sir Kayden was the only one not taken aback and in awe like the rest, instead his face was red with anger and embarrassment. He strolled down to the two, glaring at the princess.

"What were you thinking? Have you any idea of what could have happened? You could have been injured, killed. God I should have called off when I had the chance," Sir Kayden scold both the princess and himself. He rubbed his temples, a headache forming inside.

As soon as he called he turned to them. "Go wash up, you all smell like filthy pigs. As soon as each of you are well cleaned, noon meal will be hosted then archery will commence."


Christian was more than excited with the archery training and Terence knew and Roland knew that Christian had the keenest eye in the kingdom. Terence knew he was the first to shoot a bull's-eye from one-hundred yards away.

During lunch, gossips were being spread about Zoe and Badrick. All stated that Badrick went easy for Zoe, others were saying he got his arse kicked by Zoe and Terence knew the truth of it all.

"Terence isn't it?" Terence looked up to meet face to face with his opponent. He was still a bit wet from washing but dried enough. He had a smile on his face, his hair was golden brown and his eyes were like gold coins with a bit of coal. I nodded in response, food stuffed in my cheeks. "I'm Lander."

Terence swallowed my food and motioned for him to sit with them. "This is Roland and my friend Christian". Lander nodded and congratulated Christian on the hundred yard shoot and asked Roland how his father was. Terence felt alone once again, all these people were now so recognized and well known even though they have not been knighted yet.

Terence was not rich or of some royal bloodline like Roland, Garet, and Paul, he was not a archer like Christian, and certainly not the cousin of one of the knights like Lander was. No, he was nothing so far but he'll be something soon... Hopefully.


Archery was taught by Laird Ewan and his brother, Alistair. Christian was in total awe with the two Scots brothers but there was more to the brothers than what meets the eye. Ewan instructed us on what we shall be doing and we mimicked the position Alistair demonstrated with his bow.

Terence positioned his arm just like Alistair's and waited for the two brothers to gaze at our arm structure. He nodded in approval and he let his arms fall. Terence looked over at Christian who shook his head towards Paul who scowled.

"Paul, shoot an arrow like that and the only thing you'll snap, is your arm," Christian said repositioning Paul's arms from behind. "There, how does that feel? Better right?"

Paul said nothing but scoffed and let his arms fall. His face was red. His impression read, how dare you. Terence watches Paul stalk off from the court-yard and mentally shook my head.

"Alright lads, pick up an arrow and have at it with ye." Ewan shouted as we rushed to grab an arrow. They soon all came to realize, it neither was not easy pulling the string back with the arrow than alone nor is hitting the target on first try but we all soon managed to pass.


After archery ended, we all went back inside the castle for philosophy, mathematical, medicine, and other things that doesn't require much physical but more mental. It was boring, mathematical and philosophy, medical was fair and thrilling. But, what set off above the rest was Chivalrous learning skills. Bowing to different classes' men and women, dancing, challenging duels and what to do if challenged.

Never, has he ever, bowed so much in one evening morn. Terence felt like a crippled old man in need of a staff in order for him to straighten his back up.

"I hope to never bow again for the day." Christian complained, as Roland, Lander, and Terence nodded in agreement as they followed him out to the King's stables. It was off limits but since we had a senior, Lander gave us leave but without escort, punishment must be held.

When we made to the stables, one of the horses was going berserk. Two men who worked the stables were doing their best to restrain the horse from hurting anyone or anything but to of no avail, they failed and the horse managed the flee from their tight grip.

Christian was the first to react. Lander, Roland and the two men shouted out their protest for my friend to stop. Roland glanced over at Terence to see a smile form, from the corner of Terence's eye, Roland's impression must have thought he has gone mad.

"Whoa! Easy there boy, er, girl," Christian stood in front of the mare, waving his arms to catch the reins. He finally caught it and jerked it down towards him so the mare's head was bearing down on him. "Easy there girl. My you have a big tummy....oh..."


"So the Queen's mare is birthing? At this hour?" Mavis, one of the caretakers of the beasts asked, feeding the other horses while Silas, his partner, and Christian tended the Queen's mare.

"Aye, this beauty of a beast's going to give fine strong horses...well after strength develops on them." Christian explained stroking the mare's nose.

The rest of tem watched in awe as his friend worked his magic touch with the horses. Terence explained to Roland and Lander that there hasn't been a horse in the world that is not affected by his friend's stern look, courage, determination, and kind gentle movements.

"Alright! Let's get to birthing the beast!" Christian shouted out in sheer excitement. Everyone all laughed as they crowded around to help in any way we can.


Prince Phyllis had been watching...watching their every movement and where ever they went. his cold eyes matching his coldness of his heart. His arms were crossed over his chest as he waited for a few companions to join him.

"You summoned us milord?" A young man with gold hair asked with a bow. Two others joined in standing on either side of him. One had black hair the other light almost nectar hair color.

The prince eyed them before he turned his full attention to the three with a grin on his face as he walked towards him and placed a hand on the taller man's shoulder.

"Yes, I need you to keep an eye on the boy, Terence. There's something about him that sets him off above the rest. Reminds me of someone I once learned, heard about. See what you can find out about. Go. And be sure you are not seen." Prince Phyllis announced, waving his hand to let them take leave.

The three bowed then made their way out of the castle to spy and learn everything they could about the boy. Terence.


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