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Billy was kidnapped as a baby and raised as the yakuza's little spy. He is smart and strong but when he is sent on a mission to seduce a wealthy mans son and eliminate the father, well, things sort of get sticky.
Not only is the boy, Zack Hathaway, a bully, but he's also mighty strong, evil, paranoid, possessive... Oh! And good looking!
This is a really childish book of mine but please read, rate or comment :) View table of contents...


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My name is Billy, just Billy, god knows what my surname is.
I was abandoned at birth you see, left outside an orphanage that didn't want me, sold to the Yakuza (a sort of Japanese Mafia) who expressed a strange interest in me. I was born training to be their little spy and I wasn't the strongest kid so I was often punished with a couple of lashes on my back by the skeleton looking guy Okage - money, I knew no ones name and I was neither interested nor nosy. My business was my business and if I were to even so much as peak at their room with out permission I was sure to get lashings.
I was currently on a mission, it was my first mission, if I failed they would kill me and... Well I suppose that's what they call motivation.
I was going to be exchanged with a couple of their captive underlings to the M.E.G, an English secret group that dealed with big gang fights and such. As I was given to them as the poor victimised baby hostage that I supposed I was. An underling of the Yakuza who had infiltrated the group was too organise my "safety" giving me therapy sessions and sending me to a high school. Not just any high school but Brentons High school.
A man named Michael Hathaway had made a deal to the Yakuza, only to suddenly pull out and, being the president of Goru, his safety was well payed for and all most impenetrable.
But the Yakuza had found out about his son, a 15 year old boy (like me) with a bad reputation. He went to Brentons High School and I was supposed to befriend him but not just befriend him, since that would be partially impossible with him, Zack Hathaway, being as paranoid as he was. No I was supposed to get on his good side, his really good side, yes I was supposed to seduce him, the gay way. Sigh, why did it always take me so long to get to the point?
Anyways, the plan had taken place fast and it had gone perfectly.
Today was my first day at Brentons and I had to make sure that I didn't stand out too much, better be isolated than in a crowd. I had my hair died black and I put on a thin layer of eyeliner on my eyes, my skin was already a ghostly white, no need to change that. I was the typical emo.
I came on time to class and the teacher introduced me to the class.
"This is Billy Driver everyone..." He began, writing my name on the board.
I interrupted "Uh... Rover actually" I said, watching as his ears went pink.
"Yes of course, of course" he mumbled as he leaned towards the board to correct my "name".
The class erupted in bails of laughter as a mass of preprepared paper airplanes and scraps of paper went flying at the teacher. The teacher was clearly used to the daily harassment because he didn't even twitch as he wrote down his own name on the board in his scribbly hand writing. Mr Kensin.
Someone, a muscly red head boy with freckles popping up in the awkwardest parts of his face, made the bad mistake of trying to take on the new guy. He reached into an orange and blue striped plastic bag and pulled out a metal spoon. After some muttering and laughter everyone watched as he aimed for me. He threw the spoon at medium force and it almost took my eye out but, being as annoyed as I was being treated like this on my first day, I snatched the spoon and crushed it as hard as I could before chucking it back at him which cut his cheek. The class fell silent not knowing quite what happened as it was all too much of a 2 second blur. The ginger boy with freckles turned beetroot and looked at me confused.
The rest of the day passed soundly and I didn't meet any Zack Hathaway. During my last period I peered behind me at the emty seet directly behind and I asked a boy named Jordan about it. He explained to me that the seat belonged to Zack Hathaway and he was a bad influence on every one so he likes to bunk school and go out clubbing or what ever delinquents do.
"Some people say that once in his primary school he beat up a girl for spilling ribena on his shoes. Jeez I swear that kid must have mental issues!" Jordan laughed. Well it was nice to know who I was dealing with, I shivered.
I was strong, stronger than a bunch of weaklings who stay at school every day, but he still may be stronger. I wanted to take no chances.


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