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An extraordinary love

Novel By: brokenangel1297
Gay and lesbian

Tags: Gay, Romance, Love

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Submitted:Mar 15, 2010    Reads: 551    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I am Corbin and I am 21 years old. Live in a small house that was left for me after my parents died. The doorbell was ringing and nobody was answering the damn door because no one was home so I was the one who had to get up. Oh! And by no one I meant my house maid. The doorbell kept on ringing and ringing and it pissed me off. Whoever it was better get ready to run because once I opened that door I was going to kill them.
"I am coming." I muttered as I went downstairs. Still the doorbell kept on ringing.
"I am coming." I yelled this time as I neared the door. I opened the door ready to yell at the person but froze. There he stood with that smallest of small smile I loved so much. He pushed past me, his arm brushing with mine and causing me to shiver. I loved how he had this affect on me. I stood there as if waiting for someone else to come in.
"Are you going to close that thing." he asked from behind me. I blinked before quickly closing the door. I went up to him ready to ask him where he have been this who week but I couldn't cuz the bastard pulled me into his arms and kissed me on the lips. He pulled back and smiled.
"You think it's funny?" I asked him angrily. "You have been gone this whole week and you didn't even tell me where." I was beyond mad now. I have been waiting for a week for him to come back from God knows where. I was so fucking worried and here he was smiling as if nothing had happened.
"I came back! Didn't I?" he asked me innocently, his coal black eyes begging me to forgive him and there was a bit of fear in his eyes too. Ha! He was afraid that I would break up with him. Well DAMN! I wouldn't do that, I loved him too much.
"Where the hell have you been?" Oh but I was so not buying his innocence, He just left me all alone for a whole fucking week. I was so miserable without him, When he saw I wasn't really going to leave this subject, he sighed. He wrapped his arms around my waist and buried his face in my neck. His soft hair tickling my face. He had a natural Lavender smell to him which was teasing my senses.
"My aunt sent me to my Uncle's house for no fucking reason." he finally told me and my neck tickled from his breath. "My stupid uncle wouldn't let me use anything. No phone, no computer and I tried to sneak out of the house so I could tell you where I was but the bastard caught me and took away my cell phone." He explained. I sighed in relief. He was okay, he was okay. I kept on repeating to myself.
"Xavier don't ever leave without telling me. You have no idea how worried I was." I told him, hugging him tightly to my chest and resting my cheek on his soft head. We stood in each other's arms as if there was not tomorrow and I held him so tight I thought he was having trouble breathing but he didn't say anything. Finally Xavier pulled back and smiled at me revealing cute sets of dimples on his cheeks.
"I missed you so much." he told me kissing me lightly on my lips. I smiled back. Resting my forehead against his head I told him.
"I missed you too." Then I kissed him softly. His lips, I remembered were still softer then a baby's skin even after all these years. He opened his mouth quickly letting my tongue in and mixing with his. He moaned lightly. I pulled away breathing hard.
"Lets...Go....to... our.. Room." I said gasping in between. I grabbed Xavier's hand and we both ran upstairs to our room. I closed the door behind me and slammed Xavier against the wall. I placed my leg between his and felt his hard cock through his jeans against my leg. He shuddered and I forced my mouth on his, I licked his bottom lip, savoring every taste of him. He opened his mouth and brought his tongue out. I couldn't even explain the pain in my crotch, my cock was steel hard. I sucked his tongue. We rolled our tongues, licking each other's lips. Breaking my lips from his I trailed them down his neck, sucking on it, making figure 8 with my tounge.He moaned, exposing his whole neck for me. I bit on his neck hard enough to leave a hickey.
I marked him because he was mine and mine only. I went back to his face kissing him furiously. I had lost all the control. My hands roamed down his body. He was grinding his cock against my leg slowly moaning and groaning. I touched his cock through his jeans and he gasped.
"What do you want?" I growled in his ear and he whimpered. "What do you want?" I asked again rubbing my hand in circles on his cock. "Tell me what you want and I will give it to you." I told him.
"I want you to put my....." and then he trailed off.
"Put your what, tell me baby, say it all." My cock was throbbing so hard.
"I want you to put my cock in your mouth." He gasped hoarsely.
"That's my boy." I told him. I unbuttoned his pants and slid down the zipper before taking his pants off of him. He wasn't wearing and boxers and his cock was going commando. I dropped on my knees and took Xavier's 7 inch cock in my mouth. His taste was addictive. I licked his cock first from bottom to tip and then swallowed it whole in my mouth. Xavier cried out and grabbed my hair. I knew the most sensitive area on his cock and it was the underside of his cock's head. So I rubbed my tongue under that sensitive spot and Xavier shouted. I smiled against his cock. I started sucking him slow, taking him to the back of my throat. I tasted a bit of his pre-cum and knew he was close to coming, so I started sucking him harder and faster. The faster I sucked the more swollen his cock became.
"I..I am coming Corbin." He said and right after saying that he exploded. His seed rushing down my throat. He tasted sweet and salty and I loved it all. I sucked him dry then cleaned the rest with my tongue. I guess his legs gave out because he slid down to the floor, eyes closed, breathing hard. I kissed the top of his head.
"Let's get you to bed so I can have my wicked way with you." I told him and then picked him up off of the floor and then went to my room. I took him straight to my king size bed and layer him down. God he looked so beautiful laying there in my bed all flushed. He looked like a satisfied lover. MY satisfied lover, but I still wasn't satisfied. I took the edges of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He opened his eyes and grinned at me. I smiled back and kissed him again.
Trailing my lips down, I kissed his neck and went down further. His chest was smooth, soft and warm. Still trailing down my kissed I went to his nipple. My mouth attacked it like a greedy person. I licked his nipple and he arched his back. I twirled my tongue around it and finally bit it. Tugging on it with my teeth, I sucked the little bud in my mouth making Xavier cry out again and again. I did the same thing to his other nipple.
"Corbin, Corbin, Corbin." he chanted my name as if it was a prayer. I kissed his six packs and went further down south. His cock was fully erect again. "Corbin. Take off your clothes. I want to touch you too." Xavier said a bit desperately. I looked up at him and smiled.
"Not yet baby, I still need to have my wicked ways with you." I told him. Before he could even blink I flipped him over and braced my legs around his hips. Bending down I licked at his neck then bit it hard, but not to the point of drawing blood. Xavier groaned. He liked it when I bit him. I think he still had some of my teeth mark from a week ago. I brought my lips to his ear.
"Xavier, baby lay here and just feel the pleasure I am going to give you." I whispered in his ear. He purred. He actually purred like a cat. I groaned out because my cock was on the verge of exploding. "Hell" I said and licked my way down his spine to his butt cheeks. They were the cutest butt cheeks I had ever seen. Round and delicious. But that wasn't the reason my mouth watering. No the reason my mouth was watering was because of what layed between these sexy butt cheeks. I got off of Xavier, took him by the waist and pulled his back portion up so his ass was exposed to me. I separated the cheeks and took a delicious lick
Xavier's body jerked. This was the first time I was doing this to him. It was for his pleasure and his pleasure was my pleasure. I took another lick and then another and then another. His asshole was tight and puckered. I got on top of Xavier, pulled back his hair from his forehead and told him to suck my index finger, which he did so erotically that I came right then and there. I went back to his ass-hole and brought out the same finger he had sucked and penetrated him with it.
Xavier screamed.
"Corbin, shit." he panted. His asshole was so tight. It gripped my finger. He had never lessened up even after all this time I had fucked him. No! He had stayed as tight as possible. I moved my finger in and out slowly letting him get used to it. Once he did I started moving my finger faster and faster.
"Oh, oh, oh." Xavier repeated again and again. "God, Corbin right there, yes right there." He told me and I moved my finger to where he was telling me to. And in couple of minutes I made him come again. He slumped back in bed exhausted. I quickly took off my clothes because I just couldn't wait anymore. Like him I wasn't wearing boxers wither. Once I was fully naked I went to get the lotion from the side drawer. I quickly opened the bottle cap, poured some on my hand and rubbed it all over my steel hard cock. Closing the bottle I tossed it aside and got on top of Xavier. Pulling his back portion up again.
"Xavier read." I asked him. He gave me a small nod. I took my cock in my hand and slowly worked it in his ass-hole. I gritted my teeth. He..was..so..fucking…tight. I had to pull my cock out a bit then enter him again. It took me a few tried and finally I was buried to the hilt. I hissed out. I bended over Xavier so my hands were braced at the side of his face.
"Fuck Xavier, baby you are so tight." I told him as I started to move ever so slowly, pumping my hips in and out. Xavier cried out. I was fucking him slowly, afraid I would hurt him but he had other plans.
"Corbin, faster, fuck me faster and harder." He told me. His voice all muffled. I took hold of his hips. I almost took all of my cock out from his ass-hole before ramming it back inside. Xavier shouted and I lost all of my control. I pumped my hips furiously in and out. My one hand found its way to his hair and I yanked his head back.
"Yeah, baby fuck scream my name just like that." I told him as I jack-hammered in his hole. "Yes, you like that don't you." My other hand found his cock and I moved my hand up and down all the while I was fucking him harder and faster.
"Corbin." Xavier yelled as he came. All his seed oozing on my hand. His scream made me lost all control and I released my see in his ass-hole. I grunted. I don't think I have ever came this hard.
I collapsed on top of Xavier. My cock still buried in his tight hole, gripping it. We were both breathing hard. Finally when I got my breath back to almost normal I kissed the back of his neck, tasting the salty sweat on my lips.
"Baby, I am going to pull out okay." I told Xavier.
"Mmm." Was all he said. I got up on my shaky hands and knees and slowly pulled my cock out of his asshole, bringing out a moan from both of us. Xavier turned over on his back and looked up at me. I smiled and leaned down to kiss him. He ran his hands through my hair. I pulled back and rested my back against the bed-head. Xavier got up and sat in front of me, so his back was to my chest and my arms automatically went around him.
"God, I missed you so much and I missed fucking you." I finally told him after a moment of silence. Xavier leaned back and I lightly kissed his shoulder.
"I know I missed everything too." He told me, snuggling even closer to me if that was even possible. I thought now was the best time to ask him what I have wanted to ask for the past two months.
"Xav, if I asked you something, would you say yes?" I asked him.
"Of course I will." He told me without even thinking about it, I smiled, leaned over to the bed where my side drawers were. I quickly opened it and took out the small box that was sitting in there for the past two moths. Leaning back to my position I brought the tiny box in front of us.
"Xavier, baby will you marry me?" I asked him. My heart racing, no, not racing but pounding in my chest. I was scared and my palms were sweating. For a long time Xavier didn't say anything. My smile turned into a frown. He… didn't…wanted…to.
"Oh so that's how it is." I said but I wasn't giving up. "Baby I know this is a bit awkward. I mean two guys getting married could be a bit weird but Xavier I swear I would give you all the happiness in the world and I wouldn't let anyone including myself hurt you." I talked quickly and desperately. I wanted him to be mine forever and I would do anything to make him say yes. I opened my mouth to say something else but before I could say anything Xavier turned around and hugged me tightly to him. His face was buried in my neck.
"Yes, god, yes, yes, yes." He said and repeated it again and again. I exhaled and kissed the top of his head. I took his face in between my hands and kissed him furiously.
"I love you, I love you so much." I finally told him those words after all these years.
"I love you too." He whispered back those three beautiful words. I took the ring out of the box and put it on his ring finger. He looked at it with awe.
"I love it and I love you." He said and there were tears in his eyes. I grinned.
"Of course you do, cuz no one else like you. And so I guess this means I am stuck with you for the rest of my life."I teased and he punched my on the shoulder. He turned over once again snuggling close to me.
"Oh remember high school Corbin." He asked and I know what he was talking about.
"Of course I do baby, those were the best moments of my life." I told him and all those wonderful and horrific memories of what happened came flooding thought my mind before I could stop them.
It was September 3rd and the schools had started. I was in grade 12, big deal. I was in the foyer with my friend Nick who was super excited about grade 12. Ha! He was such a nerd. I had all the easy subjects this semester and I was happy about that.
""let's go." I told him and we made our way to our classes. First days of school are always tiring. I mean after waking up at umm, lets say at 1:00 'clock in the afternoon and then suddenly waking up at 6:30 in the morning ain't a good thing.
Anyways my first class I checked is fucking math. Math! Just fucking great. I said bye to Nick and made my way to my math class. It was the only class I hated with so much passion because well I sucked at it. I would rather jump off of a train then do math. Ha! Not really I wouldn't do that. Anyways as I made my way to the back of the class and I noticed there was a kid sitting there. And by there I meant he was sitting in my seat. I went up to him and stopped right in front of him. Oh and did I mentioned with my mouth hanging open.
The guy was just simply gorgeous. Yup, I said it right. He wasn't hot or sexy just simply gorgeous. He had jet black hair that fell on his forehead, NOT in an emo type way though. His eyes were just as black as his hair and I m pretty sure I was seeing my own reflection. I don't know how long I stood there staring at him and I am pretty sure that he was annoyed because he was like.
"What are you staring at?" I blushed bright red.
"Nothing,uh, y..you are s..sitting at my seat." I told him stuttering. What the hell was wrong with me? Why am I stuttering like a girl? I wasn't gay or anything.
"Where does it s ay that?" the beautiful guy asked me sarcastically. I just got pissed. Who the hell does he think he is?
"It doesn't, I just sit at the back of every class." I guess he wasn't interested in talking or in this case arguing cuz he was like "Whatever dude" and moved over to the next chair. Whatever! If he didn't wanted to talk then who was I to say anything cuz I wasn't in the mood to listen either. So I threw my backpack on the ground and sat on the chair. It was kind of warm maybe because the new guy sat there. I waited for the class to start and well I tried my best to keep my eyes to myself.
The new guy smelled like lavender and I think at that time I fell in love with that smell. The teacher finally came in and introduced himself as Mr. Kepelky and then started handing us math sheets. This was another reason I hated math. Right on the first day the teacher would give you at least 20 worksheets and it always tended to piss me off even more.
The new guy beside me kept his mouth shut the whole class. He didn't say one single word. I couldn't even hear him breathing, so I decided to take a quick sneak peak of his profile again. I turned my head slightly and looked at him, god he was fascinating. His face didn't held one single emotion and I started wondering what he was thinking. Was he thinking about his girlfriend? Did he even have a girlfriend? Where does he live? What is he like when he is not in the school? All these questions ran through my mind like an express train. Before I could stop myself I told him my name.
"I am Corbin." I said and when I didn't get any answer back I frowned. What was his problem? He just stared straight ahead with a blank expression. I frowned again. And then I shook my head. Why do I care? I didn't even like him (I think). I mentally shrugged before getting back to my work.
Finally after what seemed like eternity the bell rang. I stuffed al my stuff in my back pack and then looked up. The new guy was gone just like that. He was a typical bad guy with lovely looks. I shrugged on my back-pack then left the class. Luckily the great things about older grades were you can have a spare and that was exactly what I had. So I decided to just go to gym since no one was there, but I was wrong. As I made my way up the little stage where there were all the rows I noticed someone else was sitting and as I got closer to the person I saw who it was.
"What are you doing here?" I demanded looking at his beautiful features. My heart actually did a little flip when he looked up.
He sighed and said. "Is this your seat too?" For a second I was confused. Then I remembered the math class.
"Uh..No "I said completely embarrassed. I sat down next to him.
"So how come you are skipping at your first day of new school." I asked him ignoring the stupid fluttering in my belly. This seriously is so stupid I mean like I said before I am not gay. So how come I was getting all bubbly over this guy. I mean he is a GUY.
Sot the new guy sighed again. It was as if he was really old. "I am not skipping, this is my spare." He told me flatly.
"Oh, okay." Not sure what else to say I asked him his name. "Mind telling me your name since I don't know."
"Yes, I do mind." He said in an irritated voice. I kept my mouth shut this time and got up to leave but he suddenly took hold of my hand and pushed me back down.
"Just stay okay." He said avoiding my eyes. O-KAY! What the hell. I nodded warily and sat there looking in the space. This was really awkward. We sat there in silence and then I heard him say
"Xavier" I looked at him. Who's Xavier??? He must have seen the confused look on my face. He gave me the smallest of small smile, just a little tilt of the sides of his mouth.
"My name is Xavier." He told me looking straight in the space.
"Xavier." I repeated his name. okay if I wasn't so sure I thought I felt him shudder a bit but I wasn't so sure so I didn't know. I liked his name. It was different. "I like it." I told him and then mentally slapped myself for being so stupid. So what if I liked his name.
"Thanks" he said and then silence again. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat
"Soo where do you live?" I asked him trying to make little conversation.
"101 Crown Street." He told me. And I was surprised because he lived right across from my street.
"Really, then your are practically my neighbor." I told him smiling. Xavier just shrugged. Well there goes my attempt for making a small talk. He looked at me and his hair fell on the forehead. I clenched my hands, resisting the urge to swipe them away.
"Corbin." Xavier said and I looked at him. Suddenly he was so close to me that I felt his warm breath on my lips.
"W-what is it?" I asked him. Did I mention to you before that his eyes were coal black? They sucked me in and before I knew what was happening he settled his lips on mine. Oh my lord my eyes actually rolled back. His lips were softer then a baby's skin. I couldn't help it anymore and brought my tongue out at the same time he opened his lips for me to enter his mouth. My tongue found his and I licked it. He made a small sound at the back of his throat that sounded a lot like a groan. He sucked on my tongue as if it was a lollipop.
I gasped and pulled back so quickly my head swam. What the hell was I doing kissing a guy. He must have seen the horror on my face because instantly his face became hard as rock. Before I could say anything he got up and left without saying a word. Me? I just sat there completely frozen. I could still feel him on my lips. I could still taste him. I got up when I could finally breathe again and got out of the gym too. The first thing my eyes looked for was Xavier. I even looked around the whole school but I couldn't find him. Where the hell did he go? So for the rest of the school day I couldn't find him and it pissed me off so much. I was even rude to my friend Nick who just looked at me as if I had gone crazy. And yeah I had gone crazy. I wanted to find Xavier and ask him for an explanation. I wanted to find Xavier and… and what. I don't know what I wanted.
I was fuming all the way back to my house, after school how dare he kiss me? I opened the door to my house and went straight to my room. As usual my parents weren't home and I was actually happy cuz I got so used to not being with them. I went straight to my computer and went on facebook. I don't even know why I go there since there is noting on it but I still kind of love it. I logged out. Finally after changing and eating my lunch I went to bed. I was tired from today's day. I sighed as I layed on my bed staring at the ceiling. Before I knew it I was asleep.
I was walking down this place where there was nothing but walls around me. I was walking wherever my feet were taking me.
"Hello is anyone there?" I asked out loud but no response came except for the echo of my own voice. I was practically sweating now. I had no idea where the fuck I was and this was so weird. Suddenly out of nowhere a door opened and bright light came from the door. I moved towards the door slowly. When I reached it I slowly pushed the door farther open. I couldn't really see anything because of the bright light. So I went inside to see if there was anyone there. Suddenly the bright light was gone and I saw a figure of a person.
"Hello." I called out. The person slowly turned around. My eyes got so wide when I realized who it was. It was HIM.
I woke up with a jolt. Holly shit what kind of dream was that. I was sweating from head to toe. And my breathing was so hard. I stumbled out of my bed and went straight to my bathroom. I turned the water tap to icy cold and washed my face. That really was a crazy dream. Turning of the water tap I cleaned my face with a towel.
I went downstairs in the living room. I turned on the TV. But nothing was on so I turned it off and went to the kitchen to get something to eat again. My house bell rang and I wondered who it was. I went to open the door and my parents were standing there. I blinked at them they are never home this early. I mentally shrugged and went back.
"Baby, we are going to Paris for this huge project." My mom said as she went straight to her room. My dad right behind her. THIS was my parents. No hi's, no asking if I am alright or not, they were all about work and money. We were practically rich. We had so much money that sometimes it made me sick.
"Whatever" I muttered. So after half and hour my mom tossed me 200 bucks and was out of the door just like that. I looked at the money, and then tossed it on the sofa, I looked at the clock it was 7:30, I didn't have any homework today, and I had finished it all at school. And I wouldn't be able to sleep because I just woke up and I was wide awake and I didn't know what else to do. So I just decided to go back to bed since I didn't had anything to do.
That night sleep came to me really easily and I slept soundlessly forgetting about the kiss, uh not really and about my parents. Life sometimes was really hard.
Like always I rushed to school because no one was home to wake me up. It only took me fifteen minutes to walk and I walked really fast. By the time I reached there almost everyone was going to their classes. Some people were skipping and some were walking lazily so they can be late for class on purpose. Me? I was neither hurrying nor walking slow. I went to my locker, opened it and threw the things I didn't needed in it, before slamming it shut and hurrying to my math class.
The final bell rang just as I entered the class and automatically my eyes went to where Xavier was sitting. I blushed bright red as I remembered the kiss from yesterday. Taking a deep breath I went to where my seat was. I realized Xavier was sitting behind me this time not beside me. I frowned. What was this guy's problem? I looked at him. He was staring straight ahead as if he didn't even notice I was there. I mean I was 6 inches away from him how he could NOT notice me. His face was hard as a rock showing no emotions. I threw my back pack on the floor and sat in the chair. Half of the class went really boring and the other half I was having a battle. My brain kept telling me not to look back at Xavier but my heart kept urging me to take a look at him. In the end I just sat there like a zombie trying my best not to fell asleep. Finally the bell rang and I quickly grabbed my stuff and stuffed it into my pack. Pulling the pack on my shoulder I noticed Xavier was gone. Again! I quickly got out of the class and went straight to gym. But to my great disappointment he wasn't there.
Where the hell was he? I thought frustrated. I got out of the gym since there was no point of sitting in there alone. I sighed and went outside. It was a nice sunny day and it was kind of hot. I looked around. Not many kids were around. Some boys smoking in the corner and some slutty girls checking them out. I walked for a bit and then went behind the school where the track field was. There was a person sitting on one of the benches. I slowly made my way there and when I reached the person I gasped quietly. He was sitting here all alone by himself. He didn't notice me again. I climbed on the stairs and sat right beside him, making sure my arm was touching his lightly. This really wasn't a good idea because it sent a shiver down my spine. Xavier finally turned his face towards mine, and I was struck by his beautiful face.
"What do you want?" he asked me. Fuck even his voice didn't held any emotions.
"I am just sitting here." I told him irritated at his question.
"Whatever." He said and looked straight again. I looked where he was looking and I found nothing. What was he always staring at? It was a bit weird.
"So how was math?" I asked him trying to sound cool as if two friends were having a conversation Xavier's only answer was a shrug. I sighed again running a hand through my hair.
"What is your problem Xavier?" I asked him. Finally losing my patience.
"You" he simply answered and I stared at him .dumbfounded. Me! I was his problem?
"How am I your problem?" I asked him wanting to know why he hated me so much.
"Because you are irritating as hell." He told me flatly. Irritating and me? I was the funniest kid in the whole fucking universe (not really).
"I didn't do anything irritating; you are the one who is irritating." I said to him. He sighed and grabbed his pack and left the bench. I turned around.
"Hey where are you going?" I yelled after him. I cannot believe this kid. He was so damn annoying.
"I am going to hell, want to join me?" he asked dryly and kept on walking. I quickly got off the bench and ran after him. He was already across the other side.
"Wait for me." I told him and finally caught up with him. "Where are you going?' I demanded. But he didn't answer me and kept on walking and soon I realized we were back inside the school. Xavier kept on walking around the school and me right behind him. Finally after 20 something rounds of school he went back outside. O-Kay this guy was crazy.
"Where are you going?" I asked him again. He was going back to the back of the school and like an idiot I followed him. He finally stopped and I almost bumped into him. Xavier turned around and looked me in the eye and once again I got lost in those coal black eyes.
"W-what?" I stuttered unable to look away from him.
"Why are you following me?" he asked me coldly. Yes! Why was I following him? I asked myself the same question. And the answer was I DON"T KNOW. I just stared at him unable to give him any answer because I didn't have one.
"I..Uh.." I looked away. I what? What could I tell him? That the only reason I was following him was because I wanted to be with him. Even though I wasn't gay Xavier made me feel things that I have never felt inside me. Like whenever he looked at me my heart skipped a beat or like whenever I am with him my skin feels tingly and my cock starts to throb. I couldn't tell him any of these things.
"Whatever, I was just trying to be nice." I muttered.
"Well then go find someone else." He told me sharply, turned around and walked away. I felt like as if someone had slapped me. Why was this guy always so rude? I was just trying to be nice to him that was all. I blew out my breath, turned around and also left. I looked back and Xavier was gone. I shook my head and went straight to the public library since I didn't felt like going to the classes. I took out my phone and checked my text, there was one from my friend nick.
"Where are you?" he had texted.
"Public library." I texted back. I got his text a few seconds later.
"Why?" I thought about if I should tell him about what happened since he was my friend but then decided against it.
"Don't want to go to classes. Peace." I told him. I didn't felt like doing anything. To tell the truth, I just wanted to be with Xavier. Well hell, something was definitely wrong with me, I was lusting after a damn guy. A guy who didn't give a shit about me. I sighed and spent the rest of the school day in the library.
I went home that afternoon with all these weird feeling. I so wasn't' attracted to Xavier. He was just a rude guy who was so cold. But then why did I feel so happy whenever I see him. Why did my heart starts pounding whenever I am with him. No this was all crazy. I mean I am a guy and guys don't like guys. Especially the wrong one. Right! Ugh this was really annoying. I reached my house, opened the door and after closing it went to my room. I did the same old things. Checked my facebook and email and I didn't found anything so I went to lie on my bed. I think it was almost 8:00 at night when my house phone rang. I picked it up without checking the caller id.
"Yo." I said in the phone, guessing it was one of my friends.
"Is this Corbin somerhalder?" it was a man's voice.
"Uh, yes, why?" I asked
"Well I am Davy and I just wanted to tell you that your parents died in a plane crash. I am very sorry." My world broke right there. I don't know how I got to the bathroom and started throwing up. I didn't even remember going downstairs and meeting the police. And I didn't even remember listening to them when they told me that there bodies was burned and the police had already buried them somewhere deep in the ground. I don't remember closing the door and going straight to my room and falling asleep. All I remember is that it was already morning and it was my time to go to school. I didn't felt anything. No emotions, no feelings as I took a shower and got dressed. I was a zombie as I made my way to school. I didn't even go to my locker just went straight to my math class. I walked in feeling numb. Xavier was sitting behind me again and I didn't care. I didn't felt irritated or mad because he wasn't sitting beside me. I just went to my seat and sat in the chair. Like always Xavier hadn't glance at me but I didn't care. The rest of the period I sat there, but I did feel my heart pound because Xavier's breath was tickling my neck. The bell rang. I threw all my stuff in my back-pack. Like always Xavier was gone from the class. I got out of the class. This time I didn't go to gym, no I went outside, behind my school. Where me and Xavier were sitting yesterday.
I looked up and lost my breath. Xavier was there but he wasn't alone. There was a guy sitting beside him, and I have to say the guy was hot. But I just felt disgusting as I thought about that guy. I didn't really feel excited or bubbly over this guy. So this means I wasn't really gay. Pshhh! What did I mean by really/ I wasn't gay at all. Xavier looked at me briefly and then dismissed me just as fast, I couldn't believe what happened after. Xavier turned around to the new guy and kissed him. He KISSED him. My mouth dropped to the ground. The new guy's hands found there way into Xavier's hair. It pissed me off so much I thought I was going to go on fire. I climbed on the bench, grabbed Xavier's hand and yanked him off of the new guy.
"Don't ever touch him." I told the new guy through my clenched teeth. I got off of the bench dragging Xavier behind me. First my parents died and now I had to see something like this. My day wasn't gong really well. I don't remember ever being this jealous. How dare the new guy kiss Xavier? Xavier was mine and mine only. At that time I didn't even think about that what I doing and thinking. Xavier yanked his hand back.
"what the fuck do you think you are doing?" he asked me furiously. I turned and looked at him.
"How dare that guy kiss you?" I spat.
"For your fucking information, he wasn't kissing me, I was the one who kissed him." Xavier hissed. I looked at him.
"Why?" I asked him, trying to calm myself down.
"because I wanted to." He told me. Because he WANTED to.
"What does that mean?"I asked him staring in his eyes looking for some kind of emotions but I couldn't find anything. They were empty.
"Listen Corbin, just leave me fucking alone." He told me. He turned around and was about to leave that I grabbed his arm and turned him around to face me.
"What did that suppose to mean Xavier?" I asked him again. He looked frustrated.
"It doesn't mean fuck okay, now just get the fuck out of my sight." He told me harshly. I looked at him.
"You want me to leave?" I asked him, he nodded. "Fine I'll Fucking leave but not like this." And then I did it. I grabbed his face and kissed him. I kissed him hard, pouring all my frustration into the kiss. Xavier on the other hand stood there for a sec and then pushed me away from him.
"What the fuck do you think you are doing? He roared.
"I was kissing you." I threw back. He threw his head back and laughed. It wasn't a funny laugh. It was more of a bitter laugh.
"God you are so pathetic. Now fuck off and stop wasting my time." Before I could move away from me again I threw myself at him and kissed him again. This time he didn't push me away, nor did he kiss me either. No, his left arm came around my waist and held me tightly to him and his right threaded itself in my hair. He pulled my head back so hard it hurted really bad but I didn't let him know that.
"What the fuck do you want from me?" he growled. "Did you not hear me when I told you to leave me alone?" He said and clenched his hand in my hair, which hurted a lot.
"I don't know what I want." I told him honestly.
"Then leave me alone and find someone else." He said and just like that released me. He turned around and started walking away.
"I want you dammit" I shouted after him. He abruptly stopped and turned around. He smirked at me and I was stunned. It was the first time he gave me some kind of proper smile.
"Fuck off Corbin. You don't want me, on one fucking wants me." He told me and then left. He left me standing there all alone. I watched him grab the other guy's hand who was still sitting on the bench looking at us. I watched him kiss that boy again. I watched him leave me all alone. My shoulders slumped and a tear ran down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away. I wasn't going to cry for no one. Not my parents and definitely not for him.


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