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Loving The Korean Baller

Novel By: catchinglisa
Gay and lesbian

"Here" I said as I held out my jacket. He looked at me as he shook his head with a smile.

"I can't take it, it's supposed to be the other way around now"

"Who says?" As he was about to say something I interrupted him "im your friend and I always have been. All because my body has changed it doesn't mean our relationship has to.

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First Day

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

Like my father's come to pass
Seven years has gone so fast
Wake me up when September ends

-Green Day- Wake Me Up When September Ends


"Hello?" I said as I walked up to the secretaries desk. She looked up at me in shock from the appearance of my dark skin.

"Hello how can I help you?" I took out a pile of forms from my bag.

"I'm a new student from America" she nodded as she looked at the papers I gave her. She stood up from her seat and bowed with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Welcome to Hiroshima high school" she shook my hand as I also bowed. "Lucas-"

"Its Lisa" I said with a straight face.

"Oh I'm sorry" she said as she bowed again "My English might not be that great. Here is your schedule and please feel free to contact the office if you have any problems." I nodded and I made my way to my first class which was mathematics. I waved my student card over the sensor. The door slid the door open and I stood next to the podium. It looked like class hadn't started since the students were rowdy. I unfortunately was able to grab the attention of a male student.

"Why are you here foreigner, did you get lost on your way to Africa?" Him and his two stupid friends laughed as everyone else went back to studying.

"Hm that's very funny"

"Oh look the monkey can speak Korean." I rolled my eyes as the teacher walked in. This bully pretended to be nice as he dusted my shoulders and bowed before taking his seat. As the teacher took a seat at his desk I walked over.

"Hello I'm Lisa "

"Hm" my male teacher said as he fixed his glasses. "That's a weird. I swear foreigners had last names too." The whole class chuckled as I tapped my foot.

"My full name is Lisa Vincent. Which is pretty hard for your little mind to pronounce" he furrowed his brow as he looked at me with anger.

"Well take a seat and try to follow along"

"Trust me" I said as I took a seat next to a window "that'll be no problem at all" as he started his lesson I easily followed along and even raised my hand a few times. obviously since I was being ignored I decided to kick the habit.

When the bell rang I packed up my A.C.S.C (,Advanced Compact Social Computer) as my IBuddy hopped onto my shoulder." Hey there Cyr"

"Hello master. Is there anything I can help you with this fine morning?" I pet his head as he purred. See, the IBuddy was the last greatest invention that apple had made. IBuddy is basically a cute and brilliant animal who has the mind of a genius computer who could also talk. I just happened to buy a cat version . My IBuddy Cyr was black cat who would constantly be by my side to keep me company.

"Maybe you can just stay silent for a bit. I'm not in the mood to talk" I said as I got sucked into the ocean of overworked teenagers who walked in order. This seemed very odd to me. Usually in America I would get pushed out of the way at least ten times a day.

Since it was lunch I wondered the halls looking for a quite place. While I was walking I came across a poster for basketball tryouts "today afterschool" I read back to myself. "I guess I'll just have to try out in my school uniform" I shrugged as I sat in the hallway and ate my food in sweet silence.


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