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Prince's Embrace.

Novel By: DarkLoverz
Gay and lesbian

Alec was a normal high school boy until a run in with a prince from a far away land, changes his life forever. He fights forbiden feelings for this prince. View table of contents...



Submitted:Sep 1, 2012    Reads: 328    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

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Chapter 1: The meeting.



Editor: DarkShadow66.

My body jolted awake as icy water poured onto my tattered body, which lied in a heap in the dirty cell enclosed on each side by rigid solid rock walls. I shrived in my soaking clothes that were ripped and covered in chunks of dried mud and my own blood. My eyes searched furiously for what caused my sudden awakening and I found it, a small window hung above me with metal bars at the top. An empty bucket lay against the bars.... It must have fallen, on me. I froze, where was I?! My arms wrapped tighter around myself as I remembered. I was attacked when I was on my way back from being brutally punished by my teacher and unfairly forced to clean, the teacher had caught me sleeping in class 'again'. I was only a block away from my house when a black van screeched onto my path blocking me. I fought back with all my might, I know I got a few hits in, but they over whelmed me; there were so many of them... I don't know who they were or why I am here but I bet it has something to do with that prince guy I meet a few days ago, I remember one of the bigger men who attacked me he had a crest on his jacket, a panther. It was that prince's crest... But I don't know why he would do something like this. I hadn't done anything wrong had I? I concentrated on our meeting a few days back.

I was running late that day because I over slept, I was up since early morning on the computer, in truth I had found this really sick game... well I guess that doesn't matter. So I was running full speed to make it to school. I had already missed too many days and I wanted to pass so I could not miss another one. I was just crossing Maple Street when *BAM* I was suddenly flying in the air. I remember as I was falling through the air, there was a flurry of white as my papers had scattered all around me. Through all of the paper, I saw green eyes. I landed hard, it hurt like hell but I just lied there for a second as I wonder if I would or should be able to get up. But before I could decide a large hand with thin fingers and pale white skin was out reaching for me, I hesitated for a second before I took the hand shaking. As I was pulled to my feet my eyes locked with the man's green eyes. The rest of him wasn't too bad either; he had light hair that almost looked silver but at the same time blue... and his body was killer, he must work out allot...

"Are you okay?" came a sweet voice.

His voiced made me feel calm and safe as if in another world, I could barely reply.

"Y-yes" I said, barely audible as I stared into his deep green eyes for a long amount of time

Then I realized, SCHOOL!

"Um... I'm so sorry, but I have to go!" I said rushing to pick up my papers.

The man joined me and after we collected them all he held them out for me and I grabbed them from him, brushing his hand. I really do hope my face wasn't beat red.

"Uh... Thanks..." I said to the handsome man which was standing in front of me.

"My name is Jagger." He smiled with a row of perfectly white teeth.

"Thanks Jagger... But I really do have to go" I said, realising the time.

I grasped my papers tightly as I turned and ran, not waiting for him to respond. It wasn't until later when I had seen him on the news did I learn that man was no ordinary person, he is a prince, even so I felt drawn to him, everything about him invited my curiosity. I searched everything I could about him... I know stalker-ish, but otherwise I wouldn't know what his crest had looked like.

I sighed as I slid against the rock wall propping my head so it faced the door. I didn't know why, I didn't really care why I was here, as long as I could see him again. The Prince, Jagger.


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