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Falling In Love With The Sister's

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Talia is staying in her best friend's Britney house for the summer. Everything seems cool, besides the point that Britney likes Talia but would never admit it. Oh but not only that, Britney has a lesbian younger sister ,Emilia, who is seventeen and begins to fall for Talia just like Talia begins to fall for Emilia. So what will happen to Britney's and Talia's friendship? Will Britney tell Talia about her feelings or just watch as Talia falls in love with Emilia. View table of contents...


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***Author's Note- I do hope you enjoy this story and i would love it if you left your comment on your thoughts, thank you :)

"I can't believe your parents don't care if I stay in your place for a while." I said as I smiled at my best friend.

"Dude I told you they aren't the caring type, hell they let us do anything and everything." Britney said as she ate her pop tart.

"Did you tell them?"

"Tell them what TJ?" Britney asked innocently.

"You know what Britz."

"I do?"

"Yes you moron." I said as I glanced at her.

"Yea I told them."

"And they were cool with it?"

"Yea, I mean my sister's gay too, remember?"

"Oh yea." I said remembering about her sister who was four years younger than Britz.

"Don't be hitting on her okay?" Britz said jokingly.

"Hell naw she's your sis and plus she's just a kid." I said as I looked over at her.

"She's might be younger but that doesn't mean that she's a kid." Britney said as she smiled.

"Dude, come on how old is she?"

"She's seventeen."

"Yea which is exactly why I could never hook up with her."

"Oh come on seventeen isn't that young."

"Okay it isn't but still."

"What?" Britz asked jokingly.

"Nothing I mean come on didn't you also say she's like gothic or something like that?"

"Yea, so?"

"So I don't go for girls like that, they tend to be too crazy for my taste." I said as I turned into the highway.

"Ooo you're discriminating."

"Shut up." I said as I tossed a balled up napkin at her.

"Ow, what was that for?"

"I don't know I just wanted to throw it." I said as I smiled at her.

"Seriously though, do you really not like metal chicks?"

"I mean I don't mind them, I've just never met a girl that likes metal and that makes me want to be with them."

"Well maybe my sister is the one." Britz said as she elbowed me.

"What is up with you trying to hook me up with your little sister you should be telling me to back away or something."

"Ha-ha wow."


"Nothing, you want me to drive?"

"Britney don't change the subject."

"You know you sound like my mom when you say my whole name."

"Ugh I can't get anywhere with you." I said as I drove a bit faster.

"Yes you can."


"Now, you're driving to my house."

"That's not what I meant."

"I know." Britney said as she cranked the radio up so that she could relax and stop talking, that was fine with me since I had to think about some stuff too. For example, what I was going to do about her sister. One reason she is a concern is because she is a teenager and she might be very curious, I don't really know but I hoped that she wasn't the type that went after you just because you're another lesbian.

It wasn't until a few more hours that we finally got to her house. It looked pretty big and it had a good front yard. When I parked the car in the drive way I pinched Britz on the side, which made her jump and scream.

"Ow, what the hell?"

"We're here bruh." I said as I got out of the car after she did. We walked to the door but before Britz had a chance to open it a woman was standing there pulling Britz into a hug while I just stood there awkwardly.

"Oh my baby's home from college." I heard her mom say as she squeezed Britz even more.



"You're embarrassing me." Britz said as she pulled away.

"Oh Britney stop being so cynical, I'm Lauren and you are?"

"My name's Talia Jamison but all my friends call me TJ." I said as I shook her hand but she decided to pull me into a hug as well.

"Mom seriously what happened to you?" Britz asked as she looked at her mom strangely.

"I grew up Britney, now I imagine you two are famished I've made some hamburgers and I hope that you will enjoy them. However, first thing is first Britney show your friend into Emilia's room until your father moves his junk from the guest room." Lauren said as she headed to the kitchen, I assumed since that's where the smoke was coming from.

"Where is Emilia going to sleep?" Britz asked as she went after her mom and I followed along. Yes I was shy when it came to parents I don't know why maybe it was because my parents disowned when I was seven for telling them I was gay. So I went to live with my godmother, who was never really a parent but she was a good woman who accepted me for me. My parents, though they will never admit it, gave my godmother a few million to give to me when I turned twenty-one and guess what guys, I turned twenty-one three months ago so I was officially a millionaire.

"Oh she went to some camp for a week, she just left yesterday." Lauren said as she walked back to us and then went back to the kitchen as if she had forgotten something.

"Okay well we're going to put our stuff up mom."

"Okay just hurry before the burgers get cold."

"Yes ma'am." Britz said as she headed back outside with me following.

"Your mom seems cool." I said as I got my bags out.

"That is not my mother." Britz said as she laughed to her self

"Why do you say that?"

"Because she has never been like this, she's always been dull and not cheerful but now she's here like…like a real mother." Britz said.

"Maybe she did change." I said as I looked at her.

"Please you actually believe that?"

"Yea I mean anyone can change." I said as I followed her back to the house.

"You know what, I think she's been kidnapped by aliens." Britz said as she showed me her room. I left my bags in her room because I really didn't want to invade her sister's.

"Come on cant you just accept the fact that your mom is a changed woman?"

"No I can't."


"I don't know, anyways let me show you Emilia's room." Britz said as she headed down the hall, showing me the restroom and guest room; which were in between her room and her sister's. When Britz showed me her sister's room I about had a heart attack. I mean don't get me wrong but this room was basically a porn room, and I'm not telling you a lie it seriously looked like a porn room.

There were pictures of naked playboy models and some videos with a sign signaling it as porn. There were also some very pornographic drawings on the desk that was in the corner of the room next to a mirror. Not only that but there were even more magazines on porn and such on her bed.

"Um Britz?"

"Yea I see it too."

"So um do I still have to stay in here?" I asked as I walked out of the room with Britz right behind me.

"Yea, well I don't know I'll ask my mom but I think you do."

"Please don't make me do that I would rather sleep in your floor."

"Ha-ha don't worry I got your back."

"Thanks." I said as we walked into the kitchen where Lauren had already placed the table.

"Okay girls have a seat, all the stuff is on the table, and do you want wine or soda?"

"Um, soda." We both said together but we were surprised. I mean yea we were both twenty-one but still it comes to a surprise when your friend's mother asks if you want to drink alcohol.

"Okay girls here you go now tell me about college." Lauren said as she sat down and we did tell her. We told her all about it until it was like eight at night and at that moment a man walked in which I assumed was Britney's father.

"Hey daddy." Britz said as she got up and hugged him. We all made our introductions and I found out that his name was Roger. He was clearly a kind man and chubby and even though he had brown hair he reminded me of Santa Clause. By the time we were finished telling about college again it was almost nine.

"Okay girls I believe it is time for you two to rest y'all must be tired" Lauren said as she stood up and began cleaning the table while roger left to the living room. Britney and I helped Lauren out and at that moment we asked her about my sleeping status.

"Um mom?"


"About where TJ was going to sleep?"

"Yes what about it?"

"Um, well the room is a bit um freaky…"

"Oh my did Emilia not take down her stuff and clean it up?"

"Um no." I said as I smiled lightly at Britz's red face, which I'm sure, matched mine.

"Oh dear, well I'm sure you can sleep in the couch or I know what we should do, Britney you sleep in the couch and TJ can sleep in your bed.

"Actually I would feel better in the couch."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." I said as I smiled at her.

"Well okay then, I'll get the couch ready."

"Thanks mom."

"No problem." Lauren said as she went back to cleaning while we headed upstairs.

"Well that went well." I said as I sat on her bed.

"Yea, see this is what I mean though. My mom knew that Emilia had the stuff in her room and yet she seemed cool with it."

"Yea, that was a bit strange."

"Right, ugh whatever though, you want to take a shower first?"

"Yea." I said and Britz showed me where everything was so that I could take a shower. I didn't take a long one just made sure I was clean but did it hurriedly.

"Its all yours." I said as I came back in her room and no I wasn't naked or in a towel I was wearing some sweat pants and a tee shirt.

"Okay my mom set the stuff for you, she's in her room already as well as my dad. They have the room downstairs and we have ours upstairs, they also have a restroom there in case you need to use it."

"Wow, thanks girl."

"Don't worry about it, you all set?"


"Okay well goodnight." Britz said as she headed to the restroom and I downstairs. I saw the pillow and blankets and decided that I really was tired so I basically crashed on the couch and slept soundlessly until Britney's sister rudely awaked me in the middle of the night along with her friend.


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