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Hate Leads to Love

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Samantha Robinson has been cheated on by her wife and left hurt and scarred after their divorce. There hasn't been another woman in her life until she meets Valerie Franklin. Valerie Franklin is a straight woman who's boyfriend convinces her and other straight people to make gays fall in love with them and then they end up setting them up so that they can get a beating as well as a broken heart. So what will happen between Samantha and Valerie, will Samantha take a chance and let Valerie into her heart, and can Valerie go on with this plan without falling in love with Samantha? View table of contents...


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"Hey, I see y'all two are finally awake." Nana said as she walked in.

"Nana Valerie said she wants to be my mommy too." Timmy said without much of a warning.

"No I didn't." I protested because I really hadn't but Timmy turned to look at me with the saddest look that he just about cried.

"I mean yes I did." I said as I nodded and watched as Timmy gave me a smile and turned to look at Nana who had a raised eyebrow. I just looked at her and shrugged until Sam came back in with Mary.

"Hey baby girl, how you feeling?" Mary asked me as she sat next to me.

"I'm doing good, can we go now?"

"Yea, you can go ahead and dress." Mary said ass she handed me some clothes. I went to the restroom, it wasn't until I got close to the door that I just about fell had it not been for Sam who was standing there. I looked up at Sam but all she did was hold me up and then let go of me, I guess this was going to be harder than I thought.

I went and took a shower, and then I changed into some sweatpants and a hoodie. I put my socks on as well as my teenage shoes and went outside only to find Timmy and Sam arguing.

"But I want her to come." Timmy was saying as he crossed his hands.

"Tim, I don't think that'd be a good idea."

"But mommy I cant be happy unless she is there."

"Tim, please understand that…" Sam was saying but before she could finish Timmy ran to me crying and hugging my legs. I kneeled down in front of him and looked in his eyes.

"Hey little man what's wrong."

"I want you to go to my party tomorrow but mommy said that it isn't a good idea." Timmy said as I looked up at Sam noticing that she didn't look in my eyes all she did was look down.

"Hey little man, how about you and me go somewhere next week, that way it'll just be you and me."

"But I wanted…"

"Timmy tomorrow is for your friends you should have some fun, you don't want an old person being there do you?"

"But Nana is going to be there." Timmy said and I couldn't help but laugh as Sam looked at Nana apologetically.

"Lets just hang out on Sunday okay?"


"Good, but you still have to ask your mommy if you can go."

"Mommy can I go?" Timmy asked as he looked at his mom expectantly. Sam looked over at me and shook her head signifying that yes he could go. Timmy jumped up laughing and clapping before hugging me.

"Okay now that we have that established, lets go." Sam said as she pulled Timmy towards the door nodding at me and Mary and the doc. Nana followed along as they left but not before giving me a hug.

"Take care child."

"Thanks Nana."

"You're welcome and have fun on Sunday I am going on a vacation for three months after Timmy's party."

"Oh I hope you have fun."

"Oh I will child I will."

"Ha-ha okay well take care Nana."

"Thank you child." Nana said as she walked out.

"Okay so you are set to go, I want you to please be careful Valerie, please?"

"Of course doc I'm all good."

"Good." The doc said before he left leaving me with Mary. We got my stuff signed out and went to the car. Mary didn't say anything and neither did I. I was thinking of Sam too much and what we I was going to do with Timmy on Sunday.

Once we got home we walked in and just lay in the couch. Mary had her eyes closed but I couldn't even think about sleeping I was just too thoughtful. But I was also curious so I finally asked Mary what she and Sam talked about.

"Hey Mary?"


"What did you and Sam talk about?"

"Um just about stuff?"

"What kind of stuff?"


"Oh, um what about?"

"What you've been doing since you two broke up."

"Oh, um did you tell her about the drinking and cutting?"

"Yea, I told her everything."

"Mary you had no right…"

"Stop Val just stop, she had to know the pain she put you threw."

"No she didn't I didn't want to hurt her, now she's never going to want to be with me because she's going to be afraid of hurting me."


"Stop Mary it was my business not hers, damn it."


"You know maybe now she might think I'm crazy or sick in the head or something."

"Valerie!" Mary screamed at me.


"Sam has a girlfriend, so tell me how much she cares for you and how much she doesn't deserve to be hurt." Mary said as she went to her room and slammed the door leaving me stunned in the living room.


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