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Hate Leads to Love

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Samantha Robinson has been cheated on by her wife and left hurt and scarred after their divorce. There hasn't been another woman in her life until she meets Valerie Franklin. Valerie Franklin is a straight woman who's boyfriend convinces her and other straight people to make gays fall in love with them and then they end up setting them up so that they can get a beating as well as a broken heart. So what will happen between Samantha and Valerie, will Samantha take a chance and let Valerie into her heart, and can Valerie go on with this plan without falling in love with Samantha? View table of contents...


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It wasn't until two weeks later that I saw Samantha again. I was walking alone thinking about what it is I was going to do about trying to make her fall in love with me when a car almost ran me over. I mean even thought the car didn't run me over the fright of it made me fall down on my ass.

After sitting there the owner of the car had still not gotten out so I stood up and went to the driver's side. I banged on the window but the window didn't role down and the door stayed shut. Now I was really getting mad so I pulled on the handle and surprisingly the door opened. When I looked inside I saw the driver was leaning against the wheel.

Now I was really surprised, I mean it's not like the car hit me or anything so why would the driver be leaning against the wheel as if it was a big impact. I moved my hand and shook the driver's shoulder but nothing happened so I moved them a bit backwards and saw that it was Sam.

"Hey Sam…hey." I said as I began to shake her a bit roughly. She wouldn't move though and that's when I noticed that she had a white bloodied shirt not a red shirt. I slapped her and still she wouldn't wake but she did groan. I pushed her over and got in the car, just as I was about to begin driving I felt her hand on mine, which scared the living daylights out of me.

"What the…"

"No hospital." Sam said before again fainting I guess you could say. Now I really had no clue as what to do, I mean clearly she needed to go the hospital but she just said no so what should I do. I was going crazy and then I remembered Nana and I began to drive to her house.

I was speeding I mean yes in the end I was going to hurt her but I couldn't afford to lose her just yet she needed to fall in love and then pay not die. So I drove quickly until I got to her house. I got out the car not taking time to shut the door and pulled Sam out making sure she leaned against me. I was just about to knock on the door but before I could the door opened and Nana was standing right there.

"Take her to the couch." Nana said as she left upstairs and came back down after a while.

I sat there watching as Nana worked in Sam. Nana took Sam's shirt off and I noticed that she had a cut on her side; it wasn't that bad but she really had lost a lot of blood, which is probably why she fainted. I kept on looking as Nana began to stitch her and I cringed every time I saw the need le go in the skin and come back out. I looked up at Nan's face and noticed that she looked normal.

Once Nana had finished stitching the cut she made me help her carry Sam to he restroom where we turned on the cold water and put Sam under the shower making sure she woke up and sadly Nana pushed me in the shower without warning, looked at me and told me to wash Sam. I just looked at her in disbelieve before she went out the restroom leaving Sam with me. Well I didn't plan on having Sam in the shower like this but oh well.

I took her clothes off and pushed them in a pile on the corner of the shower and watched as the blood just slid down her body before I put some shampoo in her hair. I began to wash her hair and I must have been so lost in washing her hair because I jumped when I heard her voice.

"You have really pretty green eyes."

"Um thanks." I said after a while not really knowing what to say. I looked down and noticed that she had a tattoo. Clearly it was Celtic and again I must have been mesmerized because she looked at me slowly before giving me a goofy smile.

"I don't mind."


"If you look… I don't mind."

"I'm not looking." I said as I began to wash her hair a bit harder.

"You know if you kept this up you're going to end up in my bed."

"Your delirious."

"Maybe I am but I know what I'm talking about."

"Of course you do."

"I do."

"No thanks."

"I thought you were interested."

"I am." I said remembering the plan.

"So when do you want to go out?"

"You know I didn't think you were the talking type."

"I'm not." Sam said before she stood up and pulled away. Great I just made this even more uncomfortable now how was I going to seduce her and make her fall for me.

"You know I'm supposed to be helping you."

"I can manage."

"Seriously Sam I need to help you." I said as I pulled on her arm. I must have either been too weak or inattentive but next thing I knew I was being pulled in the shower against Sam's body. I looked up into her dark brown eyes and I don't know why but I could feel I was getting lost in them. I pulled a bit backwards but she tightened her grip on my wrist pulling me closer and just as she was about to kiss my lips the door burst open.

"Child you must hide and you Samantha, you must change for the witch is here." Nana said as she came in and began to clean. I was too stunned as I looked at Nana hurrying and Sam running out the restroom.

"Um who's the witch?" I finally asked as Nana pulled me out the shower and took me to a room where she gave me a towel and a shirt as well as some shorts and put me inside a closet.

"The ex wife, now be silent child and do not come out." Nana said as she left the room. I was really confused now I mean why did I have to hide, why couldn't the ex wife see me. I was wondering all of this when I heard screaming and crashing from the living room I know I should have stayed in the closet but I was curious.

I walked around and saw that a beautiful blonde woman was standing in Sam's face she was wearing a white dress and high heels. You could see that she clearly was made of money based on her clothing, hair and jewelry. I really wanted to meat her but I stayed hidden.

I watched as Sam got red on the cheek and realized that the ex had probably slapped her. When I looked over at the entrance I saw that a little boy was hiding behind the couch. He looked over at me and gave me a small smile but he was crying and he suddenly put his finger on his lips telling me to be quite.

"I swear if you ever disrespect me again in my own home I will sue your ass Beatriz." Sam said through clenched teeth.

"How do you plan on doing that lover when you have nothing on me."

"That's what you think."

"I don't even understand why I let you see my son, I should take him with me."

"Mother… I um… I want to stay with…" The little boy whispered as he poked his head above the couch.

"Timothy did I not ask you to stay in the car."

"Yes but…"

"Timothy, when I tell you to do something you obey, do you understand?"

"Yes mother."

"Good now go to the car."

"But I thought I was going to…"

"Timothy did I just not tell you to obey my words?"

"Yes but…"

"When I tell you to do something you will do it." Beatriz said as she walked towards Timothy with an evil look on her face and her hand raised I think intending to slap him or something like that.

"If you touch him I will make sure you never see him again Beatriz." Sam said as she rushed towards timothy and pulled him behind her. Timothy just held on to her hand clearly afraid.

"Fine you take care of him I don't even want your child!" Beatriz screamed as she left and slammed the door. Now I expected her to come back but she didn't and I also expected Timothy to keep on holding onto Sam but he surprised me by running towards me and hugging me.

"Um hi." I said a bit awkwardly as I hugged him back, being five feet four inches didn't make me that tall but it felt nice holding a kid.

"Are you my new mommy?" timothy asked me as he looked up and again he surprised me with his question.

"Um I…"

"Timothy this is my friend." Sam said as she came close to me and smiled at me. She was wearing a blue jean button up shirt and some black jeans. I really didn't know what the hell was happening to me. I felt warm as Sam's son hugged me and she herself wasn't standing that far from me. It almost felt as if we were a family even though we really didn't know each other.

"I know she is your friend mommy but is she my new mommy?"

"No she is just a friend." Sam said as she looked at me apologetically.

"Oh, well you can be my mommy if you want, then I would have two mommies but you two would be nice and not mean."

"I don't know Timmy, I hope you don't mind the nickname, but your mom isn't the social type." I said as I smiled at Sam realizing that if I were going to get to her heart, Timothy would have to be the key.

"Mommy can you please let her be my mommy?"

"Um I don't really know her that well." Sam said as she pulled Timmy up and held him in her arms I noticed how she flinched just as she held him, shows how much she loved him.

"But you can know her if you took her out mommy."

"Tim I don't know if she really wants that." Sam said as she sat down on the couch.

"But mommy how can you know if you don't ask." Timmy asked and I saw that Sam got red in the face. It was cute seeing her this way with her son.

"How about this, do you want to eat pizza, because Nana already went to buy some?"

"Yes mommy but I want you to date your friend."

"Again I don't really know her Tim."

"Ugh um I don't know her name." Timmy whispered into Sam's ear and I chuckled.


"Oh well Valerie can you please please please go on a date with my mommy so that you can be my mommy too?"

"Um I don't know your mommy has to ask me." I said jokingly.

"Mommy can you please ask her out?" Timmy turned around and asked Sam. I looked at her as she looked at me and I gave her a smile while she shook her head in disbelief before agreeing.

"Fine." Sam said as she looked at me with a smile, and I don't know what was the cutest thing the fact that she had a dimple or the fact that she looked normal and attractive while she held Tim in her arms. I looked away from her smiling while in my head I was going through a little fight… could I possibly be falling for Sam after only a day in a half of actually knowing her. Did I not hate who she is and if so why was I falling for her and liking whom she really is. What was happening to me, why did I feel like a teenager with her first crush? I asked all this questions in my head as I hid my smile and my eyes from her deep brown eyes.


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