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Hate Leads to Love

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Samantha Robinson has been cheated on by her wife and left hurt and scarred after their divorce. There hasn't been another woman in her life until she meets Valerie Franklin. Valerie Franklin is a straight woman who's boyfriend convinces her and other straight people to make gays fall in love with them and then they end up setting them up so that they can get a beating as well as a broken heart. So what will happen between Samantha and Valerie, will Samantha take a chance and let Valerie into her heart, and can Valerie go on with this plan without falling in love with Samantha? View table of contents...


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After eating pizza and hanging out with Nana, Sam, and Timmy I went home and was surprised to find Michael there. I was expecting to go home and take a long shower so that I could clear my head but I guess that wasn't going to happen.

"Hey." I said as I saw Michael sitting on my couch looking at the TV.

"Where were you?"

"Where do you think?"

"How's it coming along?"

"It's difficult." I said as I sat next to him and enjoyed the feeling of him near me. This right here was right there wasn't anything wrong about this unlike what I was beginning to feel about Sam.

"Difficult you've been at this for over two weeks." Michael said as he looked at me.

"I know but she's hard to get into."

"What's so hard about it?"

"She's different Michael she isn't the type to let anyone in." I said as I stood up and headed to the kitchen to get a beer.

"So now you now her so well?"

"Isn't it my job to know her?" I said a bit hotly.

"Yes it is but so far you have nothing at all."

"I have a date."




"I have no idea it's a surprise according to Timmy." I said.

I smiled remembering how he put his little hands on Sam's mouth when she was about to tell me where we were going to go. He was cute as he whispered something in Sam's ear and then pulled back smiling just as Sam nodded and smiled as well.

I had looked at both of them curiously with both my hands on my hips before asking, "What's going on?"

"It's a secret Miss Valerie." Timmy had said as he smiled and gave me a hug.

"Uh huh." I had said smiling as I hugged Timmy too.

I really must have gotten lost because when I looked at Michael he wasn't smiling at me, to be honest he looked pissed.

"What?" I asked confused as to why he looked pissed.

"Who's Timmy, and why are you smiling."

"What can't I smile now?"

"You can but I don't understand why it is you are smiling and you still haven't answered my question about who Timmy is."

"Timmy is Sam's son."

"She has a child?"


"I wasn't informed about that."

"Yea well now you know."

"Why do you seem to be so happy?"

"I just am okay jeez you act like I can't be happy or something."

"I'm just curios, I don't want to lose you to that dyke."

"You won't Michael the only one you should be worried about is her son." I said s I smiled again.

"What why?"

"He's really cute." I said as I headed to my room."

"Yea well he can't please my woman like I can." Michael said as he came towards me and kissed me as he pushed on me on the bed. Don't get me wrong I really like Michael even loved him but sometimes he just didn't do it for me.


"I can't believe you did that." I said as I tucked Tim in his bead.

"Did what mommy?"

"You know what I'm talking about you rascal." I said as I began to attack him with tickles, which only caused him to get off the bed.

"Mommy?" Tim asked as he moved back on the bed cautiously.


"I like Valerie mommy I don't want to go back with mother."

"Why don't you want to back to your mother Tim?" I asked as I lay down on the bed and pulled him towards me so that his head was lying on my arm.

"She's mean and she hits me… she hits me a lot." Tim said as he began to cry, which only made me hurt as well and want to kill that bitch of my ex. I held my son not knowing what he went through with Beatriz but I was going to make sure he never returned with her.

"Don't worry, you aren't going back to her." I said as I kissed his forehead.

"Thank you mommy." Tim said as he snuggled closer to me.

"Your welcome baby."

"Eww mommy why do you call me baby."

"Because you are my baby boy." I said as I laughed a little.

"Well okay but don't do that in public." Tim said as he smiled up at me.

"I can do anything I want." I said as I kissed his cheek and sat up.

"Mommy do you like Valerie?"

"She's interesting." I said as I tucked him in bed again.

"You know the plan right mommy?"

"Yes." I said as I gave him a kiss on the forehead again before pulling up to leave.

"Night mommy I love you."

"I love you too Tim." I said as I turned off the lights and headed downstairs to clean but found that it was already clean.

"Is he asleep?" Nana asked me as she walked out the kitchen.

"Yes Nana." I said as I hugged her.

"I need sleep child, I will take care of Tim and tomorrow you will go on your date."

"Nana it's just for Tim's benefit."

"I don't know child but give her a chance you never know you might just like her." Nana said as she headed up stairs to her room.

I went to my room and changed into some sweat pants and a muscle shirt noticing how it hugged my muscles. Yes I know most people don't like seeing a muscular woman, well I wasn't really that muscular I mean I didn't have bulging muscles but I had some noticeable muscles, anyways even though most people didn't like my figure I did. I was never the type to enjoy being all girly and feminine, I liked being big and for a while I was fat but now I am toned which is what I liked.

Anyways after checking myself out I headed downstairs to my office. I sat on my chair and logged into my computer where I connected to the TVs on my wall. Each one showed me the rooms in my house that were vacant, and Tim's. I rewind the tape so that I could see the video of when Beatriz had threatened Tim. I really didn't want to take her rights as a mother but I wasn't about to lose custody, I was just gathering the proof I needed for when she decided to take me to court… there was no way in hell I was going empty handed.

When I finished gathering my proof I laid back on the chair and began to think. Tomorrow I had a date and I had no clue what to do or how Valerie would respond to Tim's idea of a date. I would find out tomorrow though so I guess I would find out. I mean I think Valerie was nice but I really had no clue who she was and whether or not I could trust her with me. I think I must have been thinking too much either way I was going to give tomorrow a chance.


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