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Hate Leads to Love

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Samantha Robinson has been cheated on by her wife and left hurt and scarred after their divorce. There hasn't been another woman in her life until she meets Valerie Franklin. Valerie Franklin is a straight woman who's boyfriend convinces her and other straight people to make gays fall in love with them and then they end up setting them up so that they can get a beating as well as a broken heart. So what will happen between Samantha and Valerie, will Samantha take a chance and let Valerie into her heart, and can Valerie go on with this plan without falling in love with Samantha? View table of contents...


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I was so not ready when I heard someone knocking on my door I had just gotten out of the shower so I headed towards the door in just my towel. I had my music blaring It Must Be Love by Enrique Iglesias so I was being a bit goofy. When I opened the door I was expecting to see Sam but instead Mary was there. Mary was my best friend in the group. I don't know why she would join this group when in truth she is the sweetest person you could meet. Hell maybe that's why she joined she knows she is sweet and can make anyone like her; she's a good actress better than me so why was I chosen.

"Hey beautiful." Mary screamed as I opened the door.


"So I was walking through your neighborhood so I decided to come say hi, I see you just took a shower you planning on going out?"


"Ooo where are you going?"

"Michael is using me this time."

"Oh so you have a mission?"


"Is she cute?"


"Is she cute?"

"I don't know, I'm not into that Mary and I didn't think you were."

"I'm not."

"Uh huh I see that blush."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Why do you still do it?"

"What are you talking about Valerie?"

"Oh you can't fool me you are attracted to women."

"Yea so?"

"Why do you still hurt them?"

"Because it's wrong to feel this way, their evil words tempt me, they want to condemn me so I hurt them."

"But when you do the missions don't you fall for them?"


"And you just ignore it?"



"I just told you why."

"Doesn't it hurt when you see…" I was just saying but before I could finish I heard a knock on the door. I was freaking out that I had momentarily gotten lost in the conversation and hadn't dressed yet. I headed to the door and even though I was still in my towel I went to the door and opened it.

"Hey." I said surprised at the fact that she had five roses in her hand. I mean usually I was either give a dozen or one but never five.

"Hey um I didn't know what color was your favorite so I brought red, pink, orange, yellow, and white." Sam said as she handed them to me and put a hand behind her neck clearly uncomfortable.

"Um well I'm not changed but come in." I said as I moved back to let her in checking her out in the way, I know I should hate her but I couldn't. She was wearing a royal blue button up shirt and a black sweater vest; she had black jeans and tennis shoes. I liked that look with her short black hair she looked like a cute geeky person.

"Okay um Sam this is Mary, Mary this is Sam I'm going to go change." I said as I headed to my room and remembered that I still didn't know where we were going so I went back.

"Oh yea um what should I wear?"

"Something comfortable." Sam said smiling.

"Okay I'll be right back then."

I hurried up and put some tight jeans on and a blue tee shirt with a white blazer. Just as I was putting on my socks I looked at the mirror and noticed that I had a big smile on my face, which made me stop. I looked at myself and realized that I was actually happy and giddy almost like… almost like I actually cared about her liking me.

I finished putting my socks and tennis shoes before I started brushing my hair making sure it looked decent enough. After I was finished I went back to the living room and saw that Mary had her hand on Sam's shoulder and for some strange reason seeing that Sam had a huge smile made me jealous.

Once they saw me Mary pulled away but Sam kept on smiling. I went to the kitchen and got my keys and then joined the girls.

"Well beautiful I have to go, have fun on your date, Sam it was a great pleasure meeting you." Mary said as she gave me a hug and gave Sam a hug too but not only did she give her a hug no she kissed Sam's cheek.

"Nice meeting you too." Sam said as she returned the hug and kiss.

"Bye Mary." I said as she headed out the door.

"Bye Sam." Mary said as she gave Sam a win.

"That bitch." I said as she left.

"What?" Sam asked as she chuckled.

"Nothing." I said as we headed out the door.

Once we goy in the car I began to get anxious again and I didn't even know why.

"So were are we going?"

"You'll see.' Sam said as she turned up some music.

"Hey Sam?"


"How did you get hurt?" I asked but was met with silence. I looked over at her and saw that her jaw was clenched.

"Someone attacked me." Sam finally said just as we pulled up to Huey's.

"I hope you're hungry." Sam said as she got out and waited for me.

"I am." I said as I followed her.

We had to wait just a little bit but we ended up sitting close to the window. I didn't know how I felt about this date I mean one second I felt happy, then I felt confused, and then angry. I mean I had so many emotions in my head that I wasn't sure why I hadn't blown up. We ordered our drinks and just stared at each other a bit awkwardly until I asked her a question.

"So how did you say you ended up getting cut?" I asked as we waited for our food.

"Someone attacked me."


"Because I was helping someone out."

"You aren't going to tell me exactly what happened are you?"

"I don't know you well enough."

"Well what if you do know me?"

"I still wouldn't know whether or not I could tell you."


"Just because I don't know you that well."

"Oh well then, anyways I come from a mother that left me at birth my father abused me as a child and when he realized I he was going to jail he killed himself." I said being truthful about my past.

Sam looked at me and I might have imagined it but she seemed mad for a second before she returned to showing almost no emotion.

"How did the police find out?" Sam suddenly asked me.

"I um… I told my teacher and she told child services."

"Ah, I'm sorry that I'm not sorry that he died but I'm sorry that you had to go through that as well as your mother leaving you."

"It's okay, it helped me grow out to be who I am now."

"No wonder you're so crazy." Sam said I think intending to be a joke but not realizing that I was actually a bit saddened by it.

"Yea." I said as I drank some of my soda.

I think Sam realized she had messed up or something because she turned to look out side before turning back to looked at me.

"I'm sorry." Sam finally said.

"It's okay." I said smiling lightly at her.

"Um I help out women and children who get abused." Sam finally said after the waiter had come, delivered our food and left.


"I got cut when the husband of a woman I was helping saw me with her and he thought something was happening."

"What do you mean?"

"When I talk to women who are being abused I make it seem as if I'm flirting with them and the husband wasn't happy so he attacked me."

"Oh, and were you flirting?" I asked a bit jealous.

"Naw, I just act but I don't actually flirt."

"Why do you help them?"

"Because I had a friend in high school who was abused and I knew about it but I never did anything I stayed quiet not caring about him." Sam said as she looked away again.

"It isn't your fault if you didn't do anything."

"Ha-ha that's where you're wrong, I was afraid of who I was I would let him get teased about being gay about being different when I too was the same but I let him go through it alone. He came up to me asking for help, I knew things at his house were bad and now at school, I could have helped…but I dint. I knew he was going to kill himself but I chose to ignore it and because f it he decided to take his life… I could have stopped him but no I was too afraid to speak up." Sam said as I saw a tear slide down before she wiped it away and took a deep breath before looking back at me.


"Shall we eat?" Sam asked and I knew I should just be quite so I stayed quite. We ate and made jokes, once we blew our toothpicks well lets just say mine accidently poked someone. We were done and I thought we were finished but I was wrong.

"I hope you like golfing." Sam said as we pulled into Putt Putt's parking lot. I really wasn't a big fan but I just nodded knowing that it had been Timmy's idea, Sam just didn't seem like the type to come here.

"Um I don't usually come here but Tim said girls enjoyed it." Sam said as she rubbed her neck again.

"Hmm and how would Timmy know that?"

"I think he saw it on TV or something." Sam said as she blushed.

"Well now I know not to go on any more dates with you." I said teasingly as Sam paid for our wristbands.

We went to play golf and yes it was the kid kind. The first few times I would put the ball in but after a while I got so mad that I didn't score almost perfectly like Sam had. I mean for crying out loud she is six feet and I'm five feet four inches and this is golf for kids, I mean come on shouldn't I have the advantage.

"You know I can teach how to score correctly."

"No I can do it." I said as I took my turn but ended hitting the ball too hard.

"Okay fine." I said and Sam came behind me just like in the movies. She put her hands over mind and we held the golf stick but she told me too loosen my grip, so I did and afterward she told look carefully at all the angles and then to gently hit the ball.

So I did and surprisingly I made it in that one time I hit it. I turned around and jumped up into her arms. I had to admit she had a hard body and yet it was soft as well. I looked up at her noticing how hot her arms felt on my back and her eyes seemed to be smiling. Just as I was standing on my tiptoes and Sam was leaning downwards to kiss me I heard a bunch of voices that I wish I hadn't heard at that moment.

"Valerie." I heard Michael and Mary call my name along with a few other friends and by friends I mean the guys and girls from the group. I pulled away form Sam and looked at them walking our way, I didn't know what was happening but I saw that mad look in Michael's eyes as he came close. I really didn't know what he was thinking in calling me out but I could also see how Sam became tense and she came up behind me clearly ready to protect me. I didn't think I would need protection from Michael, I think she would need it later on, but for now we had to survive an afternoon with Michael.


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