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Hate Leads to Love

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Samantha Robinson has been cheated on by her wife and left hurt and scarred after their divorce. There hasn't been another woman in her life until she meets Valerie Franklin. Valerie Franklin is a straight woman who's boyfriend convinces her and other straight people to make gays fall in love with them and then they end up setting them up so that they can get a beating as well as a broken heart. So what will happen between Samantha and Valerie, will Samantha take a chance and let Valerie into her heart, and can Valerie go on with this plan without falling in love with Samantha? View table of contents...


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"What the hell." Sam screamed in anger as two guys pulled her up. I screamed and felt the tears rushing from my eyes because I knew what was about to happen but this time I tried to stop it.

"Mary what the fuck are you doing here?" I screamed at her as I stood up and put the cover around me trying to get to Sam but before I could Michael came out of the closet and intercepted me.

"I called her…well actually texted her but it's the same difference either way she is here."


"Shh love, you did your job you can get dressed now." Michael said as he kissed me and gave me a robe from the closet. I pulled back quickly from the kiss but took the robe and turned to face Sam about to explain but before I could Sam interfered.

"Valerie what is he talking about and why was he in the closet?" Sam asked me as I saw the confusion and understanding in her eyes. I didn't understand why she asked me I could see it in her face that she already knew I had betrayed her.

"Sam I…" I began to explain but again Michael interfered.

"You see here you dyke, Valerie is my girlfriend and before you came knocking we were getting it on but she knew she had a job to be responsible for so she opened the door for you and did her job. That job was for her to make you fall in love only to break your heart." Michael said as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him.

Sam only looked at me and it felt as if though I could hear her heart breaking. I could see the pain in her eyes but before she could cry I saw as her eyes became lost and cold. It seemed almost like when frost just begins taking over nature, that's how she looked. Slowly second by second I saw raw pain, heartbreak, realization, and anger pass through her eyes until she settled in with her anger.

"Sam…" I began to say as I pulled away from Michael but at that moment Michael gave the go sign and I watched…I watched as Sam was getting bit up.

The two guys were holding her down on the ground as Mary and the rest of the girls began to kick her. Sam just laid there though, the tears running silently down her face as she looked at me. She didn't flinch or cry out she just cried silently and watched my eyes.

I began to move to her but Mary came to help Michael as he held me. I moved and tried to fight but in the end I couldn't I fell to my knees and watched as inch by inch her body turned yellow and I knew that she would have bruises in the end. Her body began to turn almost red from all the blood as if a red cloak was covering her. I cried and felt broken as if my heart was being ripped out and in a way it was. Sam looked in my eyes and the last tear came out of her sad dark eyes as she looked at me before turning her head upward and closing her eyes.

Michael finally decided to join them as I fell on my stomach. I saw from my almost closed eyes as Michael went to her and began to punch her in the face. I heard something breaking a sickening sound to be honest.

"Michael, leave her alone!" I screamed not knowing where that had come from. Michael and everyone else looked at me as if I had suddenly grown two heads. Michael then began to chuckle and I stood up not caring that they might hit me too.

"Well guess what guys Valerie has decided to cross over." Michael said as he stood up and I could see Mary shaking her head trying to tell me to shut up.

"Michael, get the fuck out." I said through gritted teeth not caring that my robe had come undone.

"Look here Valerie…"

"You all get out or I will call the cops."

"Call them your just as much part of this as everyone else."

"Michael maybe we should go." Mary said as she touched his shoulder and I could see that the others were agreeing.

"I care about this group and therefore I will leave but if I were you I'd watch my back." Michael said as he walked to me and kissed me forcefully before walking away. The rest of the group followed and I followed making sure the door was locked.

I ran back to where Sam was laying but she had already gotten up and was putting on her pants as well as her shirt not caring that it hurt her. I went to her and was just about to touch her but she spoke before I could.

"Don't." is all she said yet that single word held all her sadness and anger that made me back away a little.

"Sam I…"

"You know I actually thought it was a sign having met you at the bar and then in the street but I guess it was all part of the plan, huh?"

"Sam it's not like that…I mean yes it began that way but…"

"How many times have you done this?" Sam said as she turned around and looked at me. When I saw her face I reached forward but she pulled her head away and I pulled my hand back to my side. I could see that she was hurting hell her body was basically screaming it but she didn't care.

"I…this is my first time in the field but Michael and the others have done it many more times."

"And you had nothing to do with the others right." Sam said as she laughed in a disbelieving way.


"Ah you know you had me fooled."

"What do you mean?" I asked as I looked at her but she turned to look out the window before looking back at me.

"I actually believed you cared for me but I see that I was nothing more than a job." Sam said as she moved and winced, I moved forward to help her but again she stopped me.

"Don't touch me."

"I do care Sam…in the beginning I didn't but I do, I really do."

"I have to go." Sam said as she looked at me with sad eyes there was no more anger just sadness.

"You can't go out there like this." I said as I moved towards her.

"I wouldn't be like this had I not believed in love again." Sam said as she moved past me.

"But I do love you Sam, I didn't lie about that." I said as I moved behind her and touched her shoulder but she ended up falling to her knees. Sam just kneeled there crying before pushing back up and I heard as some of her bones seemed to pop.

"I have to go." Sam said as she opened the door. She stood there for a while before turning to me and looked at me with those sad brown eyes. I walked up to her and I expected her to turn me away again but she let me get close to her before looking down at me. She moved her head down and kissed me lightly on the lips before pulling back. She stood there a little longer and then said the words that broke me.

"I hate you, you have torn my heart out and ripped it piece by piece, time will come slowly as I try to forget your love, I will stop thinking about your betrayal but I will never stop remembering your love for you have engraved it in my soul. I love you and hate you Valerie but even though I will cry as time passes and eventually forgive you, I can no longer be part of your life." Sam said as a single tear escaped from her and she walked away from me. I was frozen and uncaring as I fell to my knees and let darkness consume me, after all I had just lost Sam, the woman I love and yet betrayed.


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