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Talk About a Love Triangle

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Peyton Clayton is straight and Jacquelyn William is lesbian, both girls have been friends since Jacky moved into the town and they've always been friends no matter what. The school they go to is open to all no matter what. Peyton and Jacky have been close without any attraction between them but what happens when Peyton begins to fall in love with Jacky after seeing her with the new girl Maribel Gonzale. Will Peyton try to ignore her feelings for Jacky or will she pursue them but with someone else and will Peyton tell Jacky the truth or will she just act like nothing is going on and will their friendship survive through all the drama? View table of contents...


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"So how do you think today is going to go?" I asked my best friend Peyton as we began to change into our clothes. Today was the first day of school and we were going to enjoy it after all today was all about making friends and representing who you are.

"As always we're going to rule." Peyton said as she laughed and changed bras, I have no idea why but she went through a million bras each morning just to see which one looks the best on her.

"Of course, you know I've never liked any school until this one." I said as I put my tee shirt on.

"Really why?"

"You know why Peyton." I said as I put my jeans on.

"Oh yea because it's so accepting and you have found your best friend like forever and forever."

"Ha-ha yea you're right." I said as I put a forest green button up shirt on but only buttoned the first three buttons. I looked over at Peyton and noticed that she had on tight jeans and tight t-shirt.

"Hey Jacky?"


"Don't you ever get turned on when you see my sexy body?" Peyton asked me as we got our books and headed to my car. It was the first day of our junior year and trusts me we were going like hotties. In case you didn't just figure it out I'm lesbian and Peyton is straight but I've never been attracted to her and she knows it.

"No I do not Peyton I mean I know I'm irresistible and all but just because I'm lesbian doesn't mean you are in my to do list." I said as I we got in my car and drove to school. It only took about ten minutes for us to get there.

"You know I don't know what hurts the most, the fact that you have a to do list or the fact that I'm not in it."

"I just smiled at her and parked near the entrance, I mean you know how in the movies the seniors are the ones that rule the school and everything like that, well here it's different. Our school was open to different cultures and sexualities among other stuff and the juniors were the ones who ruled the seniors were to busy with parties and getting there life messed up since it's their last year of high school. Truth be told though senior year is just like pre college, well at least it is here.

Once we went inside I could feel the eyes on us both, I mean I was the lesbian with a four pack and had hair like Shane from the L word while Peyton had auburn curly hair like…I forgot the girls' name, I think her name was Hermione in Harry Potter, anyways Peyton had a sexy hourglass body. So I guess you could say that most would call us perfect.

We headed towards the cafeteria where we were going to have orientation. We sat down in the back and soon enough people began to come in as well. Don't get me wrong by now some people might think I'm full of myself but I'm not and neither is Peyton we just rolled with what we had. Oh and also my to do list was actually a list of girls I want to date but am too afraid to ask don't ask me why, I mean I know I could probably get them to date me but I was just timid.

"So I heard that there was a cute lesbian." Peyton said to me as we waited.

"Really who?"

"I have no idea I heard some of the guys talking as we walked by, they were saying that she was dream girl but that she's clearly lesbian."

"Really, do they know that for sure?"

"I don't think they do but I don't know."

I was just about to ask what she looked like when I happened to glance upwards in time to see a girl walking by to the front. She had caramel looking skin and seemed to be five feet and seven inches just like Peyton. She had long straight black hair and was clearly built like a swimmer oh and she had an amazing ass in her white jeans and her waist was showing with that crop shirt.

I really must have staring because Peyton suddenly started bursting out and was pointing at me. I looked down and saw that I had a bit of saliva on the corner of my mouth. I sat up straight and wiped it off before glaring at Peyton.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing ha-ha… it's just that…it's just that I've never seen you like that."

"Like how?"

"Like that, you know salivating for another girl."

"Whatever Peyton." I said as I blushed and looked at Peyton as she continued to laugh."

"What's wrong with you?" I heard our friend Jessie ask as he came up behind us.

"Um…um Jacky was salivating over that new lesbian." Peyton said as she continued to laugh.

"OMG you two actually believe that rumor?"

"What rumor?"

"The one about that girl being lesbian."

"Yea… isn't she?" I asked curious about my chance to be with her.

"No she isn't, she just refused to give Jonathan a kiss and he started that rumor."


"Yea, but man it was worth it." Peyton said as she finally calmed down.

"Hey guys did you see that new girl?" Mac Kayla our other geeky friend said as she sat down.

"Yes." I said sadly.

"Hey what's wrong with you?" Mac Kayla asked as she rubbed my back.

"She's not gay." Jessie said as he began to read his book.

"Aw sweetheart there are more fish in the sea."

"Yea but…" I was about to complain but that's when I heard the sweetest voice, smooth, soft, and timid.

"Hello…um do you mind if I sit here?" I heard the angelic voice ask and looked up coming face to face with the most beautiful and only grey eyes I've ever seen.


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