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Yin and Yang Sisters

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Maxine Thompson and Jennifer Thompson are two twin sisters who have lost their parents. They have been sticking together since birth nothing has ever come between them. Maxine is the lesbian bad girl while Jennifer is the girly girl who fits perfectly anywhere. After being moved to a foster home in Montana they begin to deal with the challenges in life, especially Maxine. So when Jennifer is accepted but Maxine isn't it will their love survive the criticism that Jennifer's friends inflict on Maxine or will Jennifer choose her friends over her sister? View table of contents...


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This is just an introduction to the lives of Maxine and Jennifer.

"I don't want to move again!" I heard my sister scream to me as she ran up the stairs to her room.

I didn't want to move either but it wasn't my fault I mean we were about to get separated if we didn't move soon. Our parents had both died and my uncle was supposed to be here taking care of us but each time the government came to check on us he was missing. I mean why couldn't we just stay together we only had two years left of high school but of course we had to be separated. Maybe if I talked to the people we could come to an agreement.

"I mean why can't we just live by ourselves Maxine?" I heard Jennifer ask as she barged back in the living room.

"Because we are both sixteen not adults yet and I told you to call me Max." I said as I sat on the couch turning on the TV.

"But we're so alike, plus we're twins we can't be separated!" Jennifer said as she sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck as she laid her head on my chest.

"Yea I know and I'm going to talk to them and see if I can come up with a deal."

"Ugh I hope you can keep us together, sis you're the only family I have left besides uncle George."

"I know and I'm going to try and keep us together legally but if we can't we're running." I said as I held my sister almost like if I was holding a baby. I know we were going to have some problems but a good friend of my mom's had made some fake IDs, birth certificates, passports, etc. and well my family was pretty wealthy, so if worse came to worse we would run. Yea, there is that fact that the government could stop our accounts or trace is which is why I made sure I had transferred the money to other accounts again with the help of my mom's friend.

I could feel my sister's tears and I gently held her as she cried. I hated when my sister cried or was afraid, I know I sound really protective and hey I was. She might be older than me by a few minutes but she was still my baby sis. I don't really know how much time had passed but my sister had finally calmed down. So I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom where I gently laid her on the bed. As I moved back I looked at my sister and promised myself that she was not going to lose me like she had lost everyone else.

I walked downstairs and was just about to read a book when phone began to ring. As I looked at the number I realized it was the government.Sighing I took a deep breath afraid of what they were going to tell me.


"Ms. Thompson?"

"Yes, how may I help you?" I said as I felt sweet fall down my face.

"I was just calling to inform you about a man who is willing to take your sister and you both."

"Really?" I asked a bit uneasy about a man willing to let us live with him but at the same time hopeful.

"Yes, now I know that you may be concerned about him being a single man but he is a homosexual man so…"

"Oh um well I'll talk to my sister tomorrow since she is asleep but I think it would be a good idea." I said with relief knowing that we would be together and that there would be no danger about us being abused, at least sexually, I still didn't know what kind of man our new "dad" would be.

"I'm sorry if you don't think it's a good idea, but he is the only one who would accept you both as teenagers, twins, and one being gay and the other straight. I hope you two may accept this because there is no one else and you know what that means."

"I know it must have been hard finding him and don't worry I accept and I know my sister will as well but could you tell me the location?"

"Oh yes it's in Montana in a small town, we will send you the accurate location by email now that you have accepted this new location. Oh and I don't know if you want to know but your uncle is in jail."

"Yea I accept and I kind of figured but thank you for confirming it and thank you for helping us." I said knowing that my sister would be ecstatic.

"Very well, I will send you the address and would you like us to take you or would you rather go yourself?"

"We'll go ourselves, when do we leave though?"

"I think the sooner the better."

"Very well, we can leave by tomorrow."

"Okay I will inform him and I will talk to you when you arrive."

"Thank you." I said before hanging up. I was happy that we would be able to live together without running.

I mean even though I was the strong one, I still wanted a place to call home and to just be sure that I would always be safe. I wanted my sister to be safe and finally there was a chance of that happening. Smiling I closed my eyes and soon enough fell asleep.

I must have been so tired that instead of waking up like I usually did whenever I felt anyone near me, I stayed asleep until I finally felt something get on top of me and if I hadn't been awake by then I woke up immediately when I saw Jennifer over me with a marker in her hand.

"Oh hell no, tell me you didn't write on me." I said as I sat up and she went flying to the ground, which she didn't care because she was laughing too hard. I ran towards the restroom but saw that I didn't have a single thing on me, that little brat only scared me.

"Oh my gosh you should have seen your face." I heard Jennifer say as she kept on laughing.

"Yea yea whatever." I said as I moved to the kitchen to make some coffee.

"So what you plan on doing?"

"Well the lady called last night."

"Oh my gosh what did she say?"

"What do you think Jennifer, I'm fretting over here and you're playing games.." I said acting like if I was upset.

"We have to go then!" Jennifer screamed clearly freaking out.

"We can't, don't you understand if we could I would have woken you last night but we can't...there's a car outside waiting."

"No! This can't be happening! You promised we wouldn't be separated, you...you asshole!" Jennifer screamed.

I couldn't hold it in any longer and ended up laughing, which of course led her to realize that I was messing with her.

"OMG I hate you so much!" Jennifer screamed as she ran towards me and punched me on the chest.

"Ouch you brat." I said as I held her wrists and pushed her against the table making her cry out but she ended up getting my hands and flipping me on the ground.

"Damn, I knew I shouldn't have showed you how to defend yourself against me."

"Ha-ha yea you shouldn't have because now I can kick your ass."

"Yea whatever come on we need to hurry up, I told them we'd be leaving today so go get all your shit packed before I have to beat that ass."

"Yes mother, would you like me to do the laundry and wash the bathroom as well."

"Brat." I said as I laughed.

We cleaned our mess and washed our clothes and finally packed our stuff. Once we were finished we began to carry all the stuff that was ours and left what was our uncle's. Smiling I looked at Jennifer who was leaning against my shoulder and was looking at the house.

"I'm going to miss this place and Uncle George."

"I know." I said as I smiled at Jennifer.

"Anyways are you ready?" Jennifer asked.

"Yea, come on we have to get to the airport on time." I said as I pulled her.

"Well here we go, on another adventure." Jennifer said as she smiled and got in the car.

"Indeed, another adventure." I said as I smiled at her.

"The good thing is that we are stuck together."

"Yea, that is true, we have always been and we will always be stuck together." I said as I smiled at her and started the ride to our new lives.


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