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Yin and Yang Sisters

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Maxine Thompson and Jennifer Thompson are two twin sisters who have lost their parents. They have been sticking together since birth nothing has ever come between them. Maxine is the lesbian bad girl while Jennifer is the girly girl who fits perfectly anywhere. After being moved to a foster home in Montana they begin to deal with the challenges in life, especially Maxine. So when Jennifer is accepted but Maxine isn't it will their love survive the criticism that Jennifer's friends inflict on Maxine or will Jennifer choose her friends over her sister? View table of contents...


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I woke up and found that the doctor was waking me up and checking on me. I stood up slowly with the help of the nurse and drank some water.

"Um where is…"

"Your friend she's in the waiting room."

"How long have I've been passed out?"

"Just like a minute or two."

"Really cause I feel like I've been sleeping for a long time."

"No ma'am just for a little while."

"Thank you for helping me."

"Your welcome, you can go with your friend now."

"Thanks." I said as I walked to the waiting room expecting to find Jennifer in tears like me but she wasn't. Jennifer was staring at the plant that sat on the table. Even as I passed by her she didn't flinch, there was no reaction…nothing at all."

"Jennifer are…"

"Did you know that she promised she would always be with me?"

"Jennifer I…"

"No Natalie she swore to me that she would never hurt me and that she would always be with me, she promised she wouldn't leave me." Jennifer whispered with a lost look in her eyes.

"Jennifer, please you…"

"She promised me and yet she chose dead over me, why?"

"I have…"

"I'll tell you why Natalie, she chose to love you and carry you in her heart over me. I bet she didn't even think about me, she left me." Jennifer whispered again but this time she turned to look at me with her lost look, she reminded me of a lonely puppy looking for warmth and love, it broke my heart and yet in a way she was right it was my fault that Max had taken her life.

I know that Jennifer didn't blame me out loud but I knew that her words held that meaning behind them. I held onto her hands as I thought about her words.

"Jennifer I…"

"She loved you more than me Natalie, more than her sister." Jennifer said as she began to silently cry.

"She loved you too Jennifer she loved you more than me. Max fought for you and no I don't mean physically, well she did, but I mean that she didn't give up when you went missing. She continued to search for you and she wouldn't have given up, not ever until you were saved. Jennifer, Max fought to be by your side again but for me she gave up and died." I said as I began to cry.

"Shh Natalie you're right about her loving me but she didn't give up, she couldn't live without you. Natalie you are… were her soul mate and she felt torn. She loved you, she loved me." Jennifer said as she pulled me into a hug where we both began to sob.

"Jennif…" I began to say something but at that moment there was a big scream and a big commotion. The doctor was running towards Max's room and as we got close another nurse came rushing by and went into the room. Jennifer and I finally got to the door and looked in.

The doctor had the defibrillator in his hands ready to shock Max. I wasn't sure what was happening but they were clearly surprised and trying to bring Max back I think. What ever it was it didn't matter because at that moment Jennifer's hand tightened on mine and I saw that the there was a pulse.

I think I may have just been about to faint because Jennifer was behind me pushing me upward.



"What the hell is happening?" I asked confused, scared, happy.

"She's fighting for you Natalie."

"No Jennifer, she's fighting for us."


Something held me back almost dragging me back into the darkness. After I heard someone calling me I tried to open my eyes yet I couldn't and instead was sent even deeper in the darkness where there was nothing. There was no noise, nothing but darkness. It wasn't like the movies cause I didn't see any white light in a tunnel. I just felt someone or something pulling me deeper from my goal. I couldn't move, it felt like a prison. At first I gave up but then I began to think.

I thought about my sister and Natalie. I couldn't leave them, yes Natalie might have been married but there was always a chance for her to get a divorce. My sister, I had made her a promise and I had broken it. I needed to go back, I needed to ask for her forgiveness and show her that I'm really not going anywhere.

So I began to fight again. I fought against whatever was trying to keep me there, I fought and even when I was sucked back in I fought and thought about the girls that natter in my life. Finally after a while I opened my eyes but almost immediately I sucked back in.

I kept fighting and this time there was something bright coming, and no it wasn't the light in the tunnel, it seemed like lightning. It came and went but it helped, it helped until I finally opened and could see many faces around, astonished faces. Yet, the two faces I was looking for weren't there until I turned and saw my sister holding Natalie as she cried and looked at me.

I saw her love; it was burning deep in her eyes as she looked at me. She looked beautiful. Then I saw my sister crying as well with love in her eyes and I saw that she looked like she was in pain and yet she was happy. I had wrong to try and leave them. I was glad though that I was back. I turned my head back up and stared at the light above me, no it wasn't that white light in the tunnel but it was that white light in my life. That's all I wanted, the light in my life not in the tunnel or in the darkness, no I wanted the one here on this earth and I was going to keep it that way, I thought as I turned again and gave Natalie and Jennifer a smile even though I knew it was small I knew it held my love for them.


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