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Yin and Yang Sisters

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Maxine Thompson and Jennifer Thompson are two twin sisters who have lost their parents. They have been sticking together since birth nothing has ever come between them. Maxine is the lesbian bad girl while Jennifer is the girly girl who fits perfectly anywhere. After being moved to a foster home in Montana they begin to deal with the challenges in life, especially Maxine. So when Jennifer is accepted but Maxine isn't it will their love survive the criticism that Jennifer's friends inflict on Maxine or will Jennifer choose her friends over her sister? View table of contents...


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"You two must be the twins I'm supposed to take care of." I heard a man's voice say as Jennifer and I walked out the airport into the chilly but brightful day.

"Yes we are." Jennifer said a bit flirtatiously, I think I forgot to tell her he was gay, oh well she'll find out soon enough. Now another thing about my sister that I may add is that she likes sleeping with older men so that could have added another reason why I was concerned about the single male but it's all good since he's gay.

"Hello I'm Maxine Thompson but I go by Max and this is my sister Jennifer Thompson and she goes by Jennifer." I said as I shook his hand but he ended up pulling me in a hug as well as Jennifer, which of course made me stiffen up while Jennifer just hugged him even more.

See that's another thing about my sister and me, she is all warm and touchy while I am all like 'don't touch'. But I mean there were some exceptions with my sister but only her.

"Oh hun I always give hugs, my name is Robert Williams and I guess I'm going to be your foster dad." Robert said as he took some of our luggage and noticed my expression. I just nodded as we walked to a black Toyota pickup truck.

"Nice truck." Jennifer said as she put her bags in the back and got inside sitting in the middle.

"Oh thank you I fixed it up after it broke down, bought it from a guy for five hundred bucks it was a good deal. Ha he thought I was being stupid, bet he doesn't think that now as he sees me cruising by." Robert said with a smile causing my sister to smile and me to groan.

"So I'm sure that you heard that I am gay." Robert finally said as it started to become quiet again.

"Yup." I said as Jennifer turned to look at me giving me an evil eye.

"Great and you have no problem with it, right?"

"Hell no I mean my sis is gay too so I'm pretty much cool with gay people." Jennifer said as she hugged my arm.

"Awesome, well this is my home." Robert said as we finally arrived after what seemed like hours to a very nice looking house. I could see that it was pretty big and he had horses so that was going to be nice. We unloaded his truck and he showed us into our rooms, which were upstairs and looked like apartments. I wonder what he did for a living, I mean seriously this house was like a mansion.

"Okay girls I'm going to let y'all unpack once you two are finished come downstairs so that we can have dinner and a little chat about rules and expectation, you know all that good stuff." Robert said as he smiled and went downstairs.

Unlike my sister I always had much less crap so I finished unpacking quickly. I mean all I really had was books and movies. My clothes were all folded up and it really wasn't much. As soon as I had finished I went to check on my sister and saw that she was still on her first luggage. So, scared that she would make me help her I just leaned against the door and watched as she huffed and puffed about not knowing what to do. Luckily she hadn't noticed me so I moved backwards and went downstairs as quietly as possible. Trust me I wasn't about to get into that hot mess.

As I walked downstairs I found Robert sitting on the table drinking a beer. Once he realized I was there he finished his beer and went to get a water bottle offering me one as well.

"You drink much?" I asked as I sat down.

"No not really just when I'm nervous." Robert said as he smiled at me.

"Oh and why are you nervous?"

"I don't really know I guess because I've always wanted kids and you two are the closest thing I have to them and I don't know what I'm going to do I'm freaking out here. I mean I know that you two are basically grown but I don't want to mess up, you know what I mean?"

"Well the first thing is try not to be a drama queen and the next thing is just be there when we need someone and always be attentive, but don't worry I doubt you'll mess up.

"Oh okay that doesn't seem hard then, well maybe the drama queen, after all it's kind of who I am."

"It isn't but you don't need to worry so much we're teenagers and we kind of know what we are doing in life and as for the drama part it's cool just don't suffocate us you know."

"Okay in that case I am currently relaxing and yea I know." Robert said as I saw him take some deep breaths and let them out.

"So do you think you might like it here?"

"Yea I've always been the outdoorsy type so I can manage, as for my sister I think she can get to like it, eventually. I mean she isn't that city girl but she isn't a country girl either, you know?"

"Great and yea well hopefully with friends she'll feel more welcomed...so how come you're a lesbian?" Robert asked me suddenly.

I couldn't help but cough at his question, straight to the point huh. "I have no clue, I mean I guess I've never seen guys as attractive as most girls did back in middle school."

"Oh and have you dated girls before or you just say you like them?"

"I've dated a few never really lasted long with any of them though."

"How come?"

"I don't know, I mean I guess I haven't found the right one. That and I have always been watching over Jennifer with her crazy escapades you know but yea. What about you do you have a special man in your life?"

"I had one but he ended up choosing his job over me, so you know that pretty much ruined us. I mean I tried to be there for him but we both knew it wouldn't work out. I'm a country boy and he's a city boy."

"Sorry to hear that."

"Don't be, I mean yea it hurts but you know that's life and plus better now than later."

"I guess." I said not quite understanding what he had said.

"What is this, starting without me?" I heard my sister ask as she came down the stairs.

"Oh man we'll talk later when she's gone." Robert said as he winked at me as he chuckled.

"You two are going to make my life a living hell." Jennifer said as she went to the refrigerator to get some water.

"Well I'm glad you two feel comfortable but I do want to talk about some stuff."

"Okay." We both said at the same time as soon as Jennifer had pulled a chair next to me.

"Okay then, well first off tomorrow we are going to enroll you two at school. Second, the chores are cleaning the house and if you want to y'all can come help with the horses but that's not necessary. Third, Max I know that you are lesbian but even though there are some teenagers that are gay too they will make it hard on you since you're new here, so if you ever need help you can ask me or the teachers, they are all very kind people. Fourth, I really don't want guys or girls sneaking in after the permitted time. Fifth, I understand you two are teenagers and might be persuaded to do some bad things but please try not to get into that, any questions?"

"Um can we like go on dates?" Jennifer asked which caused us all to laugh.

"Yes you can date, I'm not that cruel." Robert said smiling.

"Awesome." Jennifer said smiling as well.

"Max do you have any questions?"

"No not really." I said as I thought how me being gay might be a challenge but I knew I could get through it as long as I had my sister.

"Well now that that's settled so how about we fry some chicken."

"Cool." Jennifer and I said as we go up to help Robert out with cooking. We had a great dinner with chicken, mashed potatoes, and cokes. When we were finished we just talked about life in the city past boyfriends and girlfriends. I couldn't be happier as I saw my sister laughing; we were going to be okay. After like two hours of nonstop talking and the clock telling us it was twelve we gave up and said it was time to sleep. It was a good day, and as far as I could tell it was going to be a good life with Robert.


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