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Yin and Yang Sisters

Novel By: dlaura69
Gay and lesbian

Maxine Thompson and Jennifer Thompson are two twin sisters who have lost their parents. They have been sticking together since birth nothing has ever come between them. Maxine is the lesbian bad girl while Jennifer is the girly girl who fits perfectly anywhere. After being moved to a foster home in Montana they begin to deal with the challenges in life, especially Maxine. So when Jennifer is accepted but Maxine isn't it will their love survive the criticism that Jennifer's friends inflict on Maxine or will Jennifer choose her friends over her sister? View table of contents...


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The weekend went pretty well, we bought school supplies and I bought a blue pick up truck. Of course my sister wanted something more sports themed. Anyways besides the shopping Robert took us into the woods hiking which was a really awesome experience. As for the horses well we helped brush them and we ended up getting lessons as to how to properly ride them and saddle them.

So today is Monday and we have to go to school, honestly I really didn't want to go but I guess we had to. I was really hoping I was going to see Natalie that was going to be fun. My sister was excited to become a cheerleader and she made me promise to go to every single one of her games. I didn't know if I was going to enjoy it but hey I promised and I do keep my promises.

"Hey are you two ready for school?" I heard Robert ask.

"Yes." We both said as we headed downstairs.

"Wow you two look great."

"We do?" I asked because I was going with a hoodie and blue jeans and Jennifer was wearing a miniskirt and a yellow tee shirt with her leather jacket. I could see why she was wearing a leather jacket but come on it was cold out side and she wants to wear a miniskirt. At least Robert agreed with me about the miniskirt.

"Jennifer can you please go put something else on?"

"I don't want to."

"Jennifer." I said with a stern voice.

"Fine." She said as she walked upstairs to go change, she came back wearing some tight black jeans. I mean really what was up with this girl she wanted to look like something I know not what it was but you know.

"Well at least that's better." Robert said.

"I agree that way the guys will have a harder time getting to her goodies." I said as I slapped her ass and laughed, Robert was laughing too but his face was red almost like Jennifer's.

"I hate you."

"I love you too baby sis." I said as I went to get my keys.

"Okay girls you two have fun and if y'all have any sort of trouble do call."

"Yes sir." We said and saluted as we walked out the door.

"Couldn't you wear something nicer than a hoodie and jeans?"

"No." I said as I began to drive to school.

"I think you should have dressed better."

"Yea I think you could have dressed better too." I said as a little bit hurt that she wanted me to change I mean she never has had a problem so why start now?


"What's your problem Jennifer?"

"I just want to make a good impression and you're dressing like a hobo."

"What the hell since when does it matter how I dress?"

"Since now this is a ne place I want to be popular."

"Okay and what does me dressing like this have to do with your popularity?"

"You are my sister, people will laugh at you."

"So what, it isn't like I give a fuck about what they think."

"But I do!" Jennifer screamed.

"Well it's a good thing I'm not part of your crowd." I said silently and just drove faster to school. We didn't say anything else not even when we got to school, she went her way and I went my way.

We didn't have lockers appointed to us yet so I carried my backpack and headed to my homeroom. There was no one there except for the teacher.

"Hello you must be Max I believe?"

"Yes mam."

"Well I'm Mrs. Johns."

"Nice to meet you."

"It's nice meeting you too, have a seat anywhere you want, and as soon as everyone gets here I'll give out the schedules."

"Yes mam." I said as I went to sit in the back. I had my hood on so I put on my headphones on and listened to some music as I waited for everyone to get here. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts about how Jennifer was acting because someone was poking me. I took my headphones out and realized that everyone was here and Mrs. Johns was talking about the school rules. I still hadn't turned to see who had poked me but as I did I saw Natalie looking straight at me with a smile.

"Hey crazy."


Natalie only laughed lightly as she turned around and looked at Mrs. Johns. Great I just embarrassed myself even more. As I looked at Mrs. Johns I realized that I hadn't heard a word she said but it was too late to ask for a repetition she was already passing out the schedules. As soon as she gave me hers Natalie took it out of my hands. I just looked at her and she smiled at me.

"Well guess what buster?"


"We have all the same classes." Natalie said as she gave me back my paper. I really couldn't stop the smile on my face no matter how hard I tried.

"What are you smiling about?"

"Oh nothing just you know, I get to spend my time with an angel."

"Can I ask you something?" Natalie asked as she laughed.


"Does you flattering girls usually work?"

"Come again."

"Yea I mean clearly you like me but do you usually flatter your crush all the time."

"What makes you think I'm into girls?"

"Well for one thing you really don't dress like a girl that wants guys attention, you keep complimenting me, and you can't stop staring at me."

"You know not all girls that want to date a guy dress all slutty."

"Okay maybe you're right but that doesn't change the fact that you are attracted to me."

"Oh no that's true I find you very beautiful."

"How about you stop complimenting me so much and ask me out?" Natalie asked just as the bell rang which left me with an open mouth and her heading out the door. I really was stunned; I mean is that an invitation to her and me dating or a joke? I was really confused and I headed out the door intended in looking for my sister. I did find her in the end and when I tried smiling at her she turned around and went back to talking to her friends.

I can't deny the fact that my heart really hurt at that moment, I don't think she has ever ignored me much less ditch me like that. I mean I've always been there for her but now she's treating me like crap. I wasn't about to dwell on it though; I looked at the schedule and saw my locker number so I went to find it. I must have looked sad because I didn't even realize my locker was next to Natalie's until she put her hand on my arm.

"Hey are you okay?"

"Hmm yea."

"You sure?"

"Yea I mean why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know but you haven't complimented me." Natalie said as she smiled at me sweetly.

"Hey I just noticed you wear glasses." I said as I became fixated on her. It was cute as she took them of and tried acting like I hadn't seen.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"I'm sure you don't, you should keep them on." I said as she and I headed to our next class, which sadly was biology.

"I look horrible in them."

"No you don't you have that cute secretary or librarian look going on." I said as I smiled at her. She was shorter than me, I was six feet and she appeared to be five feet nine inches.

"Now you're just plain out lying."

"I'm serious you really do look good in them." I said as we sat down together in one of the stations. I guess we were going to be partners.


"Yes, you really do."

"Okay I'll wear them." She said as she put them back on. She really did look good; she had her hair down, blue jeans, cowgirl boots, and a lumberjack shirt, I mean how much sexier could you get.

The rest of the day went well, I sat next to Natalie in every single class. As for lunch I had a big suspicion that Jennifer was going to be sitting next to her new popular crowd so I decided to go with Natalie to the library.

"Don't you get hungry?" I asked her as she sat down and began to read.

"Hmm I did the first few days but after a while I got accustomed to eating after school."

"Damn I don't think I can survive." I said as I sat down next to her. We were actually leaning against some pillows, I wondered what the librarian things happens back here.

"So doesn't the librarian think people fool around back here?"

"No because no one comes here except me and every other nerd and well lets just say that they aren't the type to be fooling around."

"So you're calling me a nerd?"

"Yea I am."

"Please I'm not a nerd." I said as I just laid back and relaxed.

" I think you are."

"I'm not." I said as I took her book. I pulled back as she tried to get it from me.

"Come on give me my book back." Natalie said as she jumped on top of me but I stretched my hand farther away, as she tried to reach for it. By now her face was right across from mine.

"Will you go on a date with me?"

"I don't think I can."

"Why not?"

"My parents are really strict."

"They don't accept you?"

"They do they just don't want me out on the streets."

"Tell them I'm a nerd."

"They won't believe you."

"Why not?"

Natalie blushed as she began to answer, "You're too cute to be a nerd."

"Well that makes two of us."

"Okay lets go out Friday, I'll make sure I look like a nerd."

"How are you going to do that?"

"You'll see Friday if you go out with me." I said as I gave her back her book but we were still laying down with her over me.

"Fine I'll ask my parents."

"Awesome." I said as I kissed her on the cheek, which only caused her to turn red.

"Come on lets go before we get in trouble." Natalie said as she began to walk out the library. Well it's easy to say that I was happy for the rest of the day. It wasn't until school ended that I became mad and upset again. I was leaning against the truck waiting for Jennifer, almost everyone had gone and I was just standing like a foolish person until Natalie came out and walked towards me.

"Aw don't tell me you're waiting for me." Natalie said teasingly I knew she was joking so I couldn't help but smile.

"No actually I was waiting for my sister."

"Um you do know she left like as soon a the bell rang."


"Yea I saw her going with the jocks and cheerleaders."

"Nice just fucking nice." I said as I turned around and crossed my hands before setting them on the truck and leaned my head against them.

"Are you okay?"

"Not really but I will be."

"You want to talk about it?"

"I don't know, what do you have planned this afternoon?"

"Nothing really just homework."

"Oh well will you ask if you can date a nerd?" I asked as I turned back around to look at her.

"I guess I will, I'll see you tomorrow though I have a long way to go."

"You don't have a car?"


"How come your mom doesn't pick you up?"

"My father has the only car and he's at work."

"Well how about I give you a ride?"

"I don't know my mom told me not to get rides from strangers." Natalie said as she smiled sweetly at me.

"Well some times a ride with strangers can be good." I said as I saw her climb in my truck.

"Yea and most times they end up badly."

"True, but I promise this will be a good ride." I said as I started the car and headed to her house. I knew that I was going to have trouble in this town, with my sister, and maybe the school. However as I looked at Natalie I figured something good might come out of this mess.


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