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Yin and Yang Sisters

By: dlaura69

Chapter 8,

To be honest her lips tasted like honey and well lets just say that I liked it, I liked it a lot. I felt her hands through my hair before her arms went around my neck. Natalie pulled me on top of her as she fell on the pillows her sweet lips were still on mine and just as I felt her tongue teasing my lips the bell rang.

I pulled back enough to look into her eyes. Her eyes were brighter and she had a smile on her lips as she looked at me.

“That’s what I like to see.” Natalie said softly.

“What do you like to see?”

“You, smiling and your eyes bright as they look into mine.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh you’re welcomed I always knew I was a good kisser.” Natalie said as she laughed softly.

“I was actually talking about you cheering me up and caring but yea the kiss was wonderful too.” I said as I stood up and pulled her up as well realizing that we were going to be late for fifth period if we didn’t hurry up now. We gathered our stuff and headed out the library.

“So you admit I am a great kisser?” Natalie asked me as we headed into the back of the classroom.

“Hmm you’re okay.” I said as I sat next to her.

“Well you’re okay too.”

“Ha-ha okay I admit you are a pretty amazing kisser.”

“Told you so.”  Natalie said as she turned to face the teacher. The day went well just like I hoped it would with Natalie once school ended Natalie and I just headed out the door talking and laughing until we saw who was waiting against my car. Yes guys you guessed correct it was my dear sister Jennifer with two other girls.


“Um… can you give me and my friends a ride?”

“Now why would I do that?”

“Because you are my sister.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at this, so now we were sisters, “Get in the truck, I’m taking Natalie first so just be quite or I’ll drop y’all wherever we are.” I said as I walked past her pulling Natalie along with me. The girls and Jennifer got in first in the back seat and Natalie and I rode up front. I started the truck and headed out.

“So did you ask your parents?” I asked Natalie as we got close to her house.

“Yea but they said you have to ask them.”

“Hmm I can do that.”

“Ha-ha wearing that?”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“You look like a bad sexy girl not a nerd.”

“Oh, I’ll ask them some other time then.” I said a bit upset. Natalie remained silent and stared out the window for a while before turning around to look at me.

“You know what my parents are just going to accept you the way you are and if they don’t there are other ways to meet you.” Natalie said as she put her hand over mine. I smiled at her and couldn’t stop knowing that she loved me for who I am.

“Why would you like girls Natalie you are just too pretty to be gay?” I heard my sister ask breaking the silence. I saw my knuckles turned white as I gripped the steering wheel.

“Why are you straight?”

“It’s normal.”

“Isn’t love normal?”


“Well I’m in love with your sister.”

“You’ve only just met though.”

“I know, don’t you believe in love at first sight?”


“Well I didn’t either until now.”

“But why are you gay, did a guy hurt you?”

“No a guy didn’t hurt me.” Natalie said. I could here the annoyance in her voice.

“Then why…”

“Because I like pussy, I like to feel the softness of a woman’s skin, I like to know that I can share things with my loved one that I probably couldn’t share with a man.” Natalie finally said through clenched teeth.

“Okay.” Jennifer said at last as I tried not to giggle and as Natalie sat back and huffed. Finally after a few more minutes we arrived at her house. I put my jacket on before getting out the car and going around to open her door, something I started doing yesterday when I dropped her off but sadly I couldn’t do earlier because Jennifer decide to come.

“You sure you want me to go like this?”

“Yea.” Natalie said as she held my hand and walked towards her house. We walked in her house and Natalie called out.


“In the kitchen sweetheart.”

“Hey mom…”

“Okay before you say anything you remember that sweet girl you dated like a few months ago, well I saw her again and she asked about you. I told her to come eat dinner with us on Friday I hope you don’t mind but I think she really misses you and you could date her again. What do you…” Natalie’s mother turned around and stopped talking when she saw me.

“Natalie sweetheart why didn’t you tell me we had company?”

“I tried but you started taking about Jasmine.” Natalie said with a blushed face.

“Oh well please forgive me.”

“Mom this is the girl I was telling you about.”

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Parks, my name is Maxine Thompson.” I said as I extended my hand.

“Oh yes you’re that girl who is living with Robert.” Natalie’s mother said as she shook my hand.

“Yes that is me.”

“So tell me what it is that you are doing here?”

“Well miss I wanted to ask you if I could by any chance and with your full permission take Natalie out on Friday?”

“Oh my well I would say yes but as you have heard we are having a guest on Friday, maybe some other time?”

“Mom can I please go afterwards?”

“I don’t think it would be nice leaving your guest Natalie.”

“But mom she isn’t my guest she’s yours.”

“Yes but I invited her for you.”

“I know mom but…”

“Oh I know how about you join us as well on Friday for dinner Maxine?”

“I would be honored.” I said as I smiled at Mrs. Parks.

“Great so it’s settled Friday we have dinner and afterwards we could all watch a movie together.”

“Sounds great to me.” I said as I smiled and I looked and saw the horrified look on Natalie’s face.

“Great well I’ll see you on Friday.”

“Sure thing, thank you Mrs. Parks.”

“Your welcome, Natalie please show your friend out the door.”

“Sure mom.”

“Your mom seems nice.”

“She is, I can’t believe we are actually having dinner together, just what I needed my ex and my new girlfriend.”

“Oh come on it won’t be that bad.”

“How can you say that, you don’t know how possessive Jasmine is?”

“Well there’s no reason why she should be jealous, you’re no longer her girl.”

“Okay then but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Very well miss I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. I began to walk away but I felt her hand on mine pulling me around.

“Is that really a proper way to say goodbye to your girlfriend?”

“I guess not.” I said just before Natalie put her arms around my neck and kissed me softly on the lips. When she pulled away her eyes were still closed and I cherished that image. Her lips curved in a smile and her eyes closed as if my lips were the best of dreams.

“Okay buster now you can go.” Natalie said as she let go of me.

“Okay.” I said as I smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek again before walking back to the truck. Well I wasn’t exactly planning to have dinner with my girlfriend’s ex and parents at the same say but I was going to show both that my intentions are to be in Natalie’s life and to love her. I knew I had a dorky smile but I couldn’t help it, this truly was love at first sight. I was in a happy mode and not even my sister with her homophobic friends was going to ruined my day… okay maybe they ruined it just a little bit.




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