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These Ages Which Seperate Us

Novel By: EmberessElmira
Gay and lesbian

Young Ember Belli swears that she is in love with her older girlfriend, Tess Trueheart. Having no family or friends she can survive off of, Ember lives with Tess on a Monatana horse ranch, where the couple faces many challenges. Even though many years seperate them, will they be able to relaize thier love for one another? Or will their ages split them up for good? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 29, 2011    Reads: 134    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

You can never be together! She's too old for you! The memories of many people saying this about my beloved stung my heart like a hot needle. My mother had always told me that age never mattered when it came to relationships. But, Mother, dear, you don't know how wrong you actually areā€¦..

As I flipped my keys to the "off" setting on my ignition, I noticed that something didn't feel right. My heart pounded as I exited my car and scanned the ranch. The earthy smell indicated that it had rained earlier in the countryside. I looked adjacent from the small, beat-down old tool shed, to the horse paddocks. Not one of Tess' magnificent horses was out. The paddocks sat empty, one with the gate left unlatched and wide-open, swaying in the cool breeze and making a squeaking noise. The noise irked me so. I entered the house to complete silence. Tess was nowhere in sight, and rather, this frightened me, for she was always waiting for me. It was odd, being a senior in high school and having to come home to my twenty-eight year old girlfriend greeting me at the door everyday.

The difference between my and Tess' ages is what causes the most problems between us, other than that, we are completely problem-free. I can remember everything about our relationship, and I must say that I am not embarrassed to share it with anyone. I love Tess, and I would do anything for her.

I circled the bottom floor of our ranch house, only to find her in the living room. She was sleeping on the couch. It was odd because Tess almost never took afternoon naps, even if she was really exhausted. I can understand her caving into the need of sleep, for she hardly slept well at night anymore. She constantly rolled and whimpered next to me in the wooden four-poster bed we share, leaving it to me to wake her and comfort her.

But there she lay, looking more beautiful than I had ever seen her. Her face rested gently in her hand. Her flame red hair rested gently over her shoulders, which were covered by the green, soft material of her favorite satin shirt. She looked like an angel. It was hard to believe that I could get such a woman to love me, for no one had ever loved me as much as she did, not even my parents. That's the reason I ran away from home to come here- to Montana- with Tess.

I wanted to reached out and stroke her head, but in our relationship, I always let her make the first move, if she was going to make a move, anyhow. I loved it when she cuddles me, I always feel so warm inside.

Lovemaking is not a factor in our relationship. Although I would like to give myself to her, I know for a fact that I am not ready for a commitment like that. She always claims that she's not experienced with girls anyway.

"Tess," I whispered to her.

Tess made a small whimpering sound.

"Baby, wake up," I whispered.

Finally, after what seemed like forever of watching her fight sleep from her mind, she opened her big, beautiful brown eyes. She awoke and stared at me, as if to figure out who I was. She yawned loudly and looked me in the face, as if dazed.

"Ember?" she asked.

I gently ran a finger over her chin. "I'm home now, my Tess, you can wake up now." Now, I had to go to the serious matter. "There's something we need to discuss."


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