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Love can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially for those who fall in love young. Ryan has finally gotten together with the guy he has always dreamed of being with, but is the reality as good as his fantasies? When things begin to take a turn for the worst, how much pain is worth going through to keep the one you love close, and when is it just too much? (Revised Version) View table of contents...


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"Are you okay?" The stranger asked, as he examined me to make sure I wasn't hurt. "What were you doing standing in the middle of the road like that?"

Perhaps it was the shock of just realizing I had almost gotten hit by a car that kept me from answering him, that and the numbness that had come over me after everything else that had happened before.

"Do you live close by? Do you need a ride home?"


That's all I really wanted right now, to go home, so without really thinking about it, I took his offer. He walked me over towards his car, parked right beside me, and opened the door for me and everything. Without hesitating, I climbed in, soaking wet, and waited for him to make his way around to the driver seat.

When he got inside the car, I got a better look at him. He was young, probably around my age, and even looked familiar. Most likely, I had seen him in school before, though I couldn't be sure of it. We were still pretty close to the school, despite all the running I had done, so odds were he was a student.

As he started his car, he looked back at me and tried to smile politely. It didn't help that I showed no emotion, and kept my face blank the entire time.

"Um… so where would you like me to drop you off?"

I gave him my address, and said nothing else.

The five minute drive would be long and awkward, I just knew it. The silence between us gave me time to think though, and I began to realize how rude I was being. This guy had just saved me, and was now driving my dripping-wet self home. The least I could do was say something.

"My name is Joe, by the way." He glanced over towards me, trying to get a conversation going between the two of us. "Yup, Joe, but most of my friends call me Joey."

I should have responded, told him my name, maybe even have thanked him for all he was doing for me, but I just sat there, silently. I was better off just staying quiet and forgetting all about this after I got home though. I was sure he would just figure out that I wasn't going to really talk, at some point. However, that didn't seem to stop him from talking himself.

"You know," he stared chuckling, hoping to lighten the mood, "I think we're in the same English class, third period with Mrs. Bethany, right?"

I immediately glanced back at him. So that was how he seemed familiar. No wonder why I hadn't been able to figure that out earlier, I thought to myself. That was the only class I had with Alexis. I never had time to get to know other people in there. Maybe now I could get to know some of my other classmates, some decent people… like Joe.

At last, we reached my house, and I couldn't have been more relived and grateful.

"Take care." Joe told me in a thoughtful voice, as I stepped out of his car.

"Thank you."


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