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Accidents Lead to Love cont.

Novel By: ggluvj1
Gay and lesbian

(Completed)Naru has done it now. He had recently became the assistant manager, temporarily replacing the famous band, Diamond’s manager, Fuji Hayashi, who had gotten into a little accident not too long ago. With the cold-hearted Sakurai Aido, Naru has broken Sakurai’s guitar. Now, Sakurai can’t play! View table of contents...


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Chapter 15: I'm sorry

A/N: sorry guys! short chapter here! School is in session so i don't have time to write more than i should. Once i find out how i'm going to continue from here, i'll you guys know! ;P

Warning: boyxboy scenes throughout the whole novel. if you don't like it, dont even start reading!!

Through the hallway. Up the stairs. Opening doors to classrooms on the second level. What class did Naru belong? What hall? Huffing and puffing deeply, bag by his side, he opens the door to class 3-B. No one. Nothing but desk and chalk. His shoulders sagged and his heart almost dropped when he heard sobbing. He walked into the class and spotted him. Naru had his chest up to his chest, arms tightly bounded around his legs, and his face buried in his knees. Sakurai approached him, only making enough shuffling to make Naru look up and scoot away.
"Go away." Naru said.
"Baka." Sakurai replied, inching his way towards his love.
"No." Naru shook his head, scooting away more and more.
"Listen to me. What I said earlier-"
Naru covered his ears and continuously shook his head. Tears streamed down his face and dripped down his chin onto the floor. Sakurai grabbed his hands away from his ears, forcing Naru to look at him.
"No!" Naru screamed, eyes closed and head shaking vigorously.
No choice, Sakurai placed both hands to steady Naru's face and kissed him. As hard as he could, Naru tried to push away but was no use. His body grew weak and his lips were itching to return the kiss. Sakurai pulled away slightly to look at his love. Naru still refused to look at him directly in the eyes. Wanting none other than Naru's attention, Sakurai pulls Naru into a hug, repeatedly saying the three words that made Naru blush a darker pink each time.
Naru's face was buried in Sakurai's shoulder, hiding his blush and red puffy eyes. Sakurai, knowing that he's finally caught Naru, repeated the words once more.
"S-stop, Aido san!" Naru pulled away, hands on Sakurai's chest, arms putting space between them.
"Why?" Sakurai asked. Naru stayed silent.
"Why are you always running away?" Sakurai asked, giving up and dropping his head.
"I…I had no choice. I'm suspended from work and had no where to stay. Where else would I go?" Naru answered.
"You could have said something to me."
"What would that do? You'd just give me the cold look and say 'whatever' or 'it's better if he's gone anyways.' right?"
"That's because…"
"Because what?"
Then Sakurai felt his shirt tighten by his sides. Naru clenched his fist hard as his hand was touching Sakurai's shirt. Sakurai smiled and looked up, meeting Naru's eyes. Naru's eyes refilled with tears and starts spilling.
"Am I just service to you?"
Sakurai reached out and wiped them away. Naru averts his eyes somewhere else. His eyes searched for somewhere to look at. Somewhere that didn't make him look at Sakurai's searching eyes. Then they landed on Sakurai's lips. Warm, soft, and when they connected to his, it made him want to melt. The thought made Naru blush again.
Naru's eyes briefly met Sakurai's before their lips actually connected. Gentle, slow, and sweet. Both craved for more, but doubt the other wanted that. Then Naru made the first move. He pulled Sakurai for a deeper kiss, surprising him. Sakurai respond more aggressively, pushing Naru back, his hands roaming freely across Naru's chest. Naru moaned in the kiss, giving Sakurai the chance to explore inside with his tongue.
"Aido san…" Naru let out a yelp as Sakurai struck a sensitive spot. He reached out to Sakurai. "We're still…at school….."
"Don't worry, the doors are closed." Sakurai replied quickly before taking over Naru's lips once more.
Unable to think, he returned the kiss. His hands gripped more of the shirt before pulling it off Sakurai and feeling the hard stomach. As soon as he had Sakurai's shirt off, his was off as well, feeling the cold wall against his bare back. Then his lover's hands traveled further down and felt his belt unbuckled.
"W-wait Aido san!" Naru's hand fumbled to pull Sakurai's hands away. Sakurai stopped and looked at him. Blushing madly from the look of Sakurai's upper body, Naru looks away. "We shouldn't be doing this…"
"Why not?" Sakurai said in a gruff voice.
"Was it how I treated you?"
"Eh? N-no!" Naru shook his head and looked at him. Their face were close to one another, Sakurai having a grim look.
"It is isn't it?"
Naru, unable to answer, swallowed. Something inside hurted so much as Sakurai gave him that look. Sakurai, giving up, grabbed his shirt and stood up.
"I'm sorry." and he left without another word.


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