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Love Me; A New Start

Novel By: GraphicParamedic
Gay and lesbian

Comfort starts work at a new ambulance station. Her and her boss, Dixie, don't see eye to eye straight away. Finding out that Dixie is gay, like her, Comfort automatically likes her, even though they don't get on. But when Dixie finds out what Comfort puts up with, she soon takes a shine to her and decides to help her out. Throughout the weeks, Comfort and Dixie soon start getting closer, much to the disapproval of their head boss. When events take a turn for the worse, Comfort soon realises how much she actually loves Dixie.

Authors note; do not be put off by the first couple of chapters, Comfort and Dixie soon start seeing eye to eye. And also don't expect this too be mushy, it won't be. Also if you do read any chapters, it would be rather nice if you could comment. View table of contents...


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Pulling up in Asda carpark I get out of my car. Checking my watch I smile a bit, still got time. Don't want to be late on my first day at work. I'm not in any particular rush. All I'm doing is swapping stations and shifts. Anyway I need some lunch. Can't shout at me for that. Walking into Asda grabbing a basket I walk round grabbing some lunch. Ignoring the stares I walk up to the self service. Let's see how much hassle I have with these. Humming to myself a little scanning everything, it works. Paying I walk out, leaving all the people behind that are having issues. I must look a right smug so and so. Climbing back in my car putting the shopping on the floor of the passenger side, I put my belt on and drive off. Music time. Connecting my iPhone up to the stereo I blast out my music. Singing away to Nicki Minaj and whatever other rap song comes on I make my way towards work.

Ten minutes later I pull up still singing to my music. Waiting till the song finishes before I turn the engine off, I grab my lunch and put it in my bag before turning the engine off. Unhooking my phone, I step out of my Bugatti Veyron. Flipping my sunglasses down from being on the top of my head, the sun has appeared. Today should be a good day. Picking my bag up, hooking it over my arm, I close my car door, before locking it. Looking round I see two people stood watching me. One a male. And one a women. This must be my welcome party. Putting a smile upon my makeup clad face, I make my way over to them. Stopping as I let someone pass smiling to them, before starting my walk again. Looking round slightly, taking in my surroundings, seems a pretty simple layout. Ambulances over there, cleaning stuff there. Licking my lips a little I walk over to the women and male, that are both staring at me. Walking up to them before standing in front of them I smile. Going to open my mouth I get cut off.

"You must be the new paramedic then?"

Pushing my sunglasses up onto my head I smile to them both. Extending my hand out to them both, the male takes it first shaking it. I then hold it out to the women who is questioning me.

"I am." I smile. I think my smile looks too much like a grin though, tone it down. Seeing she isn't going to take my hand I put it back down.

"You're late."

"Am I? Oh my watch must be slow. Still says I have five minutes..." I get cut off again. This is going well.

"Well your watch it wrong."

"Obviously so." I smile. My smile must look sarcastic, cos I get the most death glares of glares from her.

"I take it you're my new boss then. I'm Comfort but I assume you already know that. Been as you are my boss you're meant to know this." I smile to her then look towards the male.

"She didn't know. She expects me to know." The male speaks. "Names Jeff."

"Why hello Jeff." I smile to him. Looking at them both. Jeff is about the same height as me. He works out as well. Not much but he's got some toned arms. He's got the chav look going on with his hair all shaved. He got some really white teeth as well, and people say mine are white! He's not bad looking to be honest.

"Shut up Jeff."

"Not nice in front of Comfort now is it." He smirks towards my boss. I still don't know her name.

"Well she's late."

"Lateness doesn't count for rudeness.." I smile towards her, raising my eyebrows a little. "So boss, what's you name I can't go round calling you Boss."

"Her names Kathleen." Jeff speaks, smirking towards her.

"Call me Kathleen I most definitely will move you onto night shift. My names Dixie."

"I was going to say, Kathleen seems a bit posh for you... No offence." I don't think I'm making a good impression. I can see Dixie glaring at me. Which gives me a chance to check her out. She's a little bit shorter then me, not much, but if I'm wearing heels I'd be a sky scraper to her. She's got really gorgeous blue eyes. Icy blue eyes in fact. That icy she's sort of frozen me. She's got short blonde peroxide hair. Pretty fit in fact. Her three diamonds on her paramedic uniform on her epaulettes signalling she's management.

"Yes well. Better to be posh then.. Late" she gives me a sarcastic smile before walking off.

I raise one of my perfectly waxed eyebrows to her as she walks off, before the turning my attention to Jeff.

"I'll show her round then.." Jeff throws his arms up at Dixie who has walked off.

"Obviously so." I smile, my pearly white teeth on show. I can see him staring, he's probably seen my gold tooth I have as well. I'll be waiting for questions about it soon.

"Yeah. Right then come on. I'll show you round. Oh and don't mind Dixie. She'll be alright with you in about an hour." He grins to me. I look to him as I let out a little chuckle. Following him around the depot, and the hospital grounds, I get shown to the locker room and allocated my locker. Thanking him I sort myself out, spraying some perfume on, I tie my hair up into a bun. Although most of my curls fall out, I hate being mixed race sometimes.

After sorting myself out in the locker room I walk out into the staffroom of the ambulance depot. Looking round I look where the essentials are aka the fridge for my lunch. Walking over to the fridge I open it. First job sort the fridge out. Looking round, no one is in here so I make it my job to sort the fridge out. Putting a headphone in, I turn my music on, on my iPhone. Humming along a little, doing a little dance as I chuck out mouldy food, I don't even realise somebody has walked in.

"I'm glad somebody has finally emptied that fridge. I keep telling them."

I jump a little as I hear the familiar Mancunian accent of Dixie. Standing up I turn round as I chuck some moudly oranges in the bin. Turning round to see Dixie behind me, leaning on the counter.

"Its pretty disgusting..."

"Anyone would think we live in a barn."

"Yeah like pigs." I oink a little. I see Dixie cracking a little slight smile. "Although pigs are cute. And small, like you." I grin rather cheesily, before turning back round to chuck the last bits out.

"Thanks... Do you want a drink? I'm making them for the little crew."

"Oh no thanks. I'm OK at the moment. Offer me one later and I might take you up on that offer." I stand up properly, putting my lunch in the fridge before closing it.

"You can help me carry them out then... I'll introduce you to everyone else. The blokes are playing football. Us girls just stand watching."

"I like football.. I'm quite good at it." I smirk a little as I stand there. Watching her make the tea and coffee. Waiting til she's finished I pick some off the cups up, before following her out to where everyone is.

"Everyone this is the new paramedic. Comfort."

"Call me CJ...please. I don't like being called Comfort." I smile as I hand out the cups.

Everyone smiles and says hello.

"Arw you as useless as this lot playing football then?cos most girls are useless." Jeff asks me as he stands there with a smug smile on his face

I look to him raising my eyebrow as I folding my arms. "Oh really. Well bro, you don't know this girl. Bring it." I take off my green shirt, revealing my white paramedic shirt underneath.

I get put onto a team. Standing there as I get to start to game off. Looking before kicking the ball before running off. Tackling everyone that gets the ball and goes to shoot in our goal. You're not going to win when I'm playing.

About two hours later the game finishes, and our team won.

"Why can't you guys play football!" Jeff shouts to the other women. Laughing I stand there as I sip some water that Dixie brought out for me.

"I've been brought up and around lads, so I play all this sort of stuff." I smile as I thank Dixie for the water. Fanning myself off a little as I stand there.

"You need to teach this lot." Jeff looks to me as he stands beside me, sipping his now cold coffee. "Hey I think to welcome Comf to the crew we should all go out tonight."

"Look if you're trying to come onto me it ain't gonna work." I smile to him as I hold my glass, before walking off smirking slightly.

"You got owned Jeff." Dixie laughs as she stands there.

"But that means, she must swing your way Dix..." Jeff smirks to Dixie. Dixie looks to Jeff shaking her head.

"Who says she does. " Dixie replies to Jeff, as she pokes her tongue out before collecting the cups up.

Stood in the locker room changing my shirt as I have a load of mud over it. Wiping my makeup off as I reapply it, ending up stabbing myself in the eye. "Owww you bastard!" Wafting my hand in front of my face.

"Oh shit sorry."

Looking round I see Dixie stood at the door.

"I'll come back."

"No no come in. Its alright. I don't mind people staring."

"Really? Most people mind..."

"I don't. I'm used to it. Not always been a paramedic so.." I smile as I stand there, wiping my eye again. Looking to Dixie as she walks over to where I'm stood opening her locker.

"So my bosses locker is next to mine." I smirk slightly as I stand there. Glancing to what's on her locker door as she opens it.

"Yeah. Jeff's is the other side. Lucky you."

I laugh as I stand there. Sorting my makeup out, still stood with just my bra on my top half. Looking in my mirror on my locker door I can see Dixie staring at me. Looking to her in the mirror.

"Having a good stare there.." I smirk a little.

"I was just...just looking at your tattoos. " Dixie stutters. I can see her blushing, and turning red. Smirking as I stand there, finding it rather funny.

"Yeah course... They all have a meaning to them. But I won't bore you." I sort my makeup out before finding another top out of my bag.

"So who am I actually working with?"

"Oh you'll be working with me for a while. I have to decide whether to keep you or if you're total shit."

I laugh as I stand there. "Well if its any constellation, I was a deputy boss at my last work." Pulling my shirt on, I pull my green shirt on over the top.

"Right so we can go on a shout now." I look to Dixie as a shout comes through.

"That's our cue to go on one actually. Come on."

I look to Dixie as I close my locker, before following her out. Let the fun commence!


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