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Twisted Imprisonment.

Novel By: HeartBr0ken
Gay and lesbian

Tags: Gay, Romance, Love, Gangs, Fight, School, Danger, Drugs, Boy, X, I, Stared, At, My, Crimson, Cover, Hands, Blood, Pooled, Feet, As, It, Trickled, Off, Hands., A, Low, Moan, Came, From, Me, But, Was, Suddenly, Silenced, By, Muffled, Gun, Shot, Followed, Deep, Voice. "he's, Dead., Its, Okay, Now" An, Arm, Wrapped, Around, Waist, Pulling, Back, Wards, Into, The, Warmth, Of, Muscular, Chest, That, Roses, And, Sink, Calmly., Arms, Tightened, If, Holding, Together, Looked, Up, His, Endless, Blue, Eyes, Remembered, First, Time, Saw, Them...... My, Family, Moved, Often, Because, Mom's, Job, So, We, Were, Never, In, One, Place, For, To, Long., Really, Didn't, Mind, Had, Any, Friends, Or, Girl, Friend, Unlike, Little, Sister, Bella, Would, Always, Cry, When, She, Made, Easily, Breathing, Have, No, Clue, Dated, Did, Good, Hiding, Them., Close, Even, Though, Four, Year, Age, Gap, Mom, Worked, Allot, Practically, Raised, Her., Every, Morning, Make, Her, Breakfast, Normally, Woke, Slept, In. "wake, Up!!, Come, On!, Alec!!", High, Pitched, Voice, Yelled, Me. I, Rolled, Over, Covering, Face, With, Heavy, Black, Blanket, Then, Ripped, Gasp, Leaving, Bare, Upper, Body, Exposed, Cold., Jolted, Sitting, Position, Blinked, Few, Times, Before, Noticed, Bella., Under, Mess, Brown, Curls, Sour, Look, On, Freckled, Scattered, Rage, Showed, Light, Eyes. "what?", Asked, Scratchy, Voice "what?!!?, Six!", Screamed, Rage "okay?...." School, Start, Until, 7, Not, Like, Going, Be, Late. "i, Only, An, Hour, Get, Ready!, You, Need, Dressed!" She, Said, Rushing, Out, Room, Wide, Open., Rubbed, Stretched, Slide, Onto, Fuzz, Ball, Carpet, Jumping, Un-packed, Boxes, Clothes, Left, Piles, Floor., Began, Making, Way, Huge, Mirror, Covered, Closet, Door., Stopped, Smile, Pale, Shirtless, Pair, Lose, Fit, Jeans, Drooped, Small, Figure, Tired, Green, Barely, Visible, Through, Short, Messy, Hair, Hung, Face. "ugh, Always" I, Grabbed, Skinny, Plain, White, T-shirt, Shuffling, Cluttered, Room., Swung, Right, Walked, New, Houses, Cramped, Pink, Bathroom, Everything, Title, Toilet, Tub, Painted, Frame, It., Sighed, Dumping, Counter, Took, Hot, Shower, Tried, Getting, Ready, Another, Horrid, School., After, About, Half, Against, Will, Cold, Air, Got, Go., Done, Went, Kitchen, Where, Perky, Curly, Tamed, Pony, Tail, Bought, Days, Tight, Dark, Sweater, Angry, Hollister, Shirt., Smiled "don't, Sunshine, Today", Said She, Probaly, Gets, All, Weird, Phrases. "yeah..", Mumbled Grabbing, Muffin, Tearing, Bits, Ate, Watching, Curiously, 5, Mins, Annoyed. "what?!", Asked "well, Why, Are, Wearing, That?, What, Your, Got?" "didn't, Them." She, Shook, Head, Turned, Me. "its, Go!!!", Cheerfully "great, Go, Hell, Hole" I, Myself, Door, Unknowing, Might, Reality.

Alec lives with his mother and sister Bella due to his mothers job they move around alot, he thought it would be like every other time but when he meets a blue eyed boy his life is changed forever. View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 11, 2012    Reads: 172    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I stared at my crimson cover hands blood pooled at my feet as it trickled off my hands. A low moan came from me but it was suddenly silenced by a muffled gun shot, followed by a deep voice.
"He's dead. Its okay now"
An arm wrapped around my waist pulling me back wards into the warmth of a muscular chest that roses and sink calmly. The arms tightened around me as if holding me together and I looked up into his endless blue eyes and remembered the first time I saw them......
My family moved around often because my mom's job, so we were never in one place for to long. I really didn't mind I really never had any friends or a girl friend, unlike me my little sister Bella would always cry when we moved, she made friends easily as breathing and I have no clue if she dated if she did she was good at hiding them. Bella and I were really close even though we had a four year age gap because my mom worked allot I practically raised her. Every morning I would make her breakfast I normally woke up first in the morning , but that morning I slept in.
"Wake up!! Come on! Alec!!" a high pitched voice yelled at me.
I rolled over covering my face with my heavy black blanket, then it was suddenly ripped from my gasp leaving my bare upper body exposed to the cold. I jolted into a sitting position blinked a few times before I noticed I was face to face with Bella. Under her mess of brown curls she had a sour look on her freckled scattered face and rage showed in her light blue eyes.
"What?" I asked in a scratchy voice
"WHAT?!!? ITS Six!" She screamed in rage
School didn't start until 7 so it was not like we were going to be be late.
"I only have an hour to get ready! And you need to get dressed!"
She said rushing out of my room leaving my wide open. I rubbed my eyes and stretched as I slide my bare feet onto my fuzz ball of a carpet, jumping over un-packed boxes and clothes left in piles on my floor. I began making my way to the huge mirror that covered my closet door. I stopped to smile at the pale shirtless boy with a pair of lose fit jeans that drooped on his small figure, his tired green eyes were barely visible through his short messy black hair that hung in his face.
"Ugh I look like crap, as always"
I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain white T-shirt from my closet before shuffling out of my clothes cluttered room. I swung a right and walked into my new houses cramped PINK bathroom, everything in the room was pink every title the toilet the tub, even the mirror had a pink painted frame around it. I sighed dumping my close on the pink counter and took a hot shower and tried getting ready for another horrid new school. After about half an hour I slide out against my will into the cold air and got ready to go. When I was done I went to the kitchen where the new perky Bella took her curly hair tamed into a high pony tail with her new clothes she bought with my mom a few days before a pair of tight dark jeans and a light blue sweater covering her Hollister shirt. She looked up at me and smiled
"Don't you look like a ball of sunshine today" she said
She probaly got that from mom that where she gets all her weird phrases.
"Yeah.." I mumbled
grabbing a muffin and tearing into bits as I ate it, she was watching me curiously for about 5 mins before I got annoyed.
"What?!" I asked
"Well why are you wearing that? what about your new clothes mom got?"
"Didn't like them."
She shook her head and the she turned back to me.
"Its time to go!!!" she said cheerfully
"Great time to go to another hell hole"
I said to myself as we walked out the door, unknowing that what I had said might be reality.


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