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Unstoppable Love ch 3

Gay and lesbian

(Please comment cause i have no idea if it good)
He loves me not, He loves me. View table of contents...



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watching Sam do that to himself scared me but even worse

i felt disgust in myself as Sam called out my name and i didn't

save him. I watched as Sam stared at the masteroom in awe,

watching him like that makes me want to touch him and kiss him

and other sexual werid things. I want to own him and protect him

and be the only one to touch him, but hey that could just be

selfish of me, almost like the first time we met.


Ben mom called go help your father. I was helping my dad

when a boy came down the street he had black hair that bounced

and green eye's that could shatter a mirror for trying to copy them.

The younge boy looked at me he came over and my heart raced

every inch of me wanted him. So your the new neighbors he said

i live right next door he finished. He placed his hand out and said

my name is Sam yours he asks? I grab his hand, b...Ben i said stumbling

nice to meet you. He finished with a smile at my name nice to meet you Ben.


I noticed Ben looking at me he was thinking alot so i was able to get close to him

i cupped my hands around his face and kissed him sweetly, Ben noticed right away

and pulled his hands around my waist. you shouldn't do that he said between a gasp i

just might attack you. I grinned is that so i said. with his hands around my waist he picked me

off my feet, i might never let go he said. I laughed i see that i said. He started to movie towards

the bed, wait Ben not now i still want to swim today. He layed on the bed with me underneath him

Sam he said i won' t let anyone else touch you. you promies i asked? I promise he said seriously

good cause i wanna go swiming. Hey Sam remember the first time we met. I laughed yes Ben i remember

you stumbled at your name when i asked you i grinned. yeah he said but you were just to stunning.

I felt my face go hot i couldn't look at Ben when he said that. The pool was awesome until Ben pushed me in

before i was ready. I'll make dinner i said, i got out of the pool and changed. when Ben came in I was almost done

with dinner. He came over and leaned over my shoulder, looks good he said. Ben liked the dinner i made and i

went to take a shower i guess Ben couldn't stand waiting anymore, the bathroom door opened and Ben came in naked.

Ben i said what are you doing? He opened the shower door and stepped inside he then wrapped his arms around my

shoulders and pulled me to his body. His skin felt soft as we touched, Gosh Ben you must be at your limit. I am he

said. I turned around and said i know Ben i know how it feels. He couldn't even wait for me to be done, he started to

touch me as my body felt hot. my body then went weak and i leaned against the wall. Ben penetrated me deep and full like

he couldn't go any deeper but it didn't stop Ben. I moaned as he thrust into me again grippng the wall. hah B..Ben

i said your really deep. after a few moments he turned the shower off and with him stil in me picked me up and

moved torwards the bed. He put me on top as i looked down i winced some cause it made him go deeper he

grabed my waist i pushed down making my body slide down into him, i shuddered as he went deeper and found

a new sensitive spot, hnn i moaned i gasped and said B..Ben. I can't hold on anymore i said he thrust again as

i moaned. while doing so i felt somthing tie around mine, it felt awful. I looked to see string tied around it,

B..Ben i said slowly untie it please i asked whimpering. Lets come together he said as he thrust into

me "ah hnn" i felt liquidy as he pushed my waist down again he untied the string and i felt himself

seep deep into me. He finally pulled out as i gasped. again we curled up together as he wrapped

himself around me all that sex made me tired and i fell to sleep faster then him.


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