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Unstoppable Love ch 4

Gay and lesbian

Can love surpass all this crazy conflict? View table of contents...


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Monday came to fast for me not including my life has gotten crazier than before,

my brother Tom came down from washington state which Ben and Tom don't

see eye to eye but even so i 'm happy to see him again. school got worse,

Dale came back and now has a group of friends who follow him everywhere

not including how every time Ben or Jessica isn't with me he always seems

to be their i also started getting creepy notes in my locker and Jessica has

them too. When i got home Ben and Tom were yelling at each other they

finally noticed me when the door shut behind me. i sighed you guys already

getting into fights. I put my bag on the ground when Tom gave me a solid

hug. Tom i said glad you could make it. glad that my brother is doing real

good Tom said but he glared at Ben you know Ben i said my boyfriend.

Yes Tom said how could i ever forget. so what are we arguing about i ask?

Tom wants you to sleep in his room Ben said unhappily. Tom caught his tone

and shot back with I will not stand for my brother sleeping with you while i am

here. That night i slept in my brothers room, we looked at each other and finally

Tom said i heard what happend with that guy dale. My body shivered and my heart

trembled at the words. Tom noticed i had shivered he pulled my arms and gripped my hands,

why didn't you tell me he asked. I looked into his eyes knowing i had hurt him by not telling, I

don't want to relive that moment i told Tom it hurts me every time i think about it i whispered

but you know what hurt me more i whispered to Tom when i let another man touch me and it

wasn't Ben a tear dripped down and Tom wiped it away sorry he said. Thank you for comeing

i said i drifted to sleep when i had said this and everything vanished. That morning Tom drove me

and Ben to school and Ben looked totally tired. Did you not sleep well i asked? It made me uneasy

when you weren't their he said. He went with me to my locker as i peaked into it to make sure their was

no note this time, Ben caught what i was doing and pulled the door open. Their was pictures of Jessica

beaten she had black eyes and a busted lip. My knees buckeled and i dropped to the floor, it's all my fault

i whispered. Ben was furious their was an adress to where we would find her when Ben helped me up and said

he was going to go get her i'll call Tom to come pick you up. I nodded and Ben seemed relevied with this response

, he took off running down the hall and out the door. Ben's friend helped me to the bathroom where i stood their looking at myself tears

spilling down my face when i heard someone come in. It was Dale, Ben's friend didn't know what hit him until it was too late he was

on the floor gasping from getting punched in the stomach as Dale came towards me. You see what happens when you don't

break up with Ben he said annoyingly. He grabbed my wrist so hard pain shot up my arm, i winced and Dale noticed. He kept

pulling my wrist as the pain increased he then forcefully kissed me but this time i was pissed when he stopped i spat in his face

, bastard i yelled. He got angry and again yanked my wrist with an agonizing crack of a bone when he hit my in the stomach.

I don't know what happened next but i awoke in the hospital with Tom and Ben at my side i tryed to pull my self up in a sitting postion

when unbearable pain came from my stomache i winced when i noticed Tom calling the docotor and Ben pushing me back down. what happened

i asked? I called jessica's house she was at home safe Ben said. Tom came into the room with a doctor. How are you feeling he asked? A little tired but

why dose my chest hurt i asked. He looked at Tom you have a few broken ribs he said and your wrist it too he said calmly. I tired to rememeber how this

happened when i rememberd Dale i whisperd. The room went silent. I'm glad Jessica's ok i said. Your actually free to go home but your not aloud

to do any activaty the doctor said sternly i nodded and satisfied he left. During the ride home Tom and Ben were silent, it's not your fault i said outloud

to the both of them. Ben nodded his head indisagreement, i should have brought you along he said. I'm fine Ben don't worry . Ben went silent and then

my brother asked why'ed he hit you he asked. I thought back at what i did, i spat at his face i said. I must have fallen asleep in the car cause i woke up

in my room. I turned over to see the room was empty i slowly lifted myself into a sitting position and stumbled out of bed. someone noticed me down

cause Ben raced up the stairs towards me. He picked me up and marched back up stairs and gently put me back to bed. Don't get up again he said

sternly. I love you i said forever and ever he said at the end. I watched as he left the room and i layed their wide awake i pulled my wrist out to find

it was wrapped up. That night i tried again to get up and my legs felt like jelly but i manged to get myself into the shower. I heard footsteps come from

the door when Ben and Tom raced into the room. I stood their blinking at them both. you wanna shower to i asked? They both frowned at that. Sam you

should ask us for help Tom said steping forward. don't worry i said i'll be fine. Ben once again came and picked me up and layed me back down.

This time Tom stayed in the room so i wouldn't try that again at six Ben came up and Tom got up they both left the room for a couple of minutes

and finally returned. Sam you can have a bath not a shower and also one of us has to be their. I looked at Ben you ok with that i asked? Ben

gave a nodd and said i agreed to this, where goind to switch off and on he said. I looked at myself as Tom helped me out of my shirt my

body was stained with purple all over as i looked over at Tom he couldn't look at me. Tom slide me into the bath as i sat their in the hot

steam from the water.


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