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Ryan's Love Story (twitchie101challenge)

By: icebelly

Chapter 1, Growing up Ryan has always been the type to set in the shadow and watch life go on. Ryan was always classes’ object to get picked on just because he was gay. Ryan never understood why he was picked on. His best friend is his dog, Blaze, a small lab dog that he has had since he was in middle school, but when his parents died in a car wreak Ryan has to live to live on his own and make a living as a cashier at the local Service Station. Life seems to be lonely, but when Ryan enters high school. No one has really understood why he was so weird but when a new kid name Seth transfers to June High School. Ryan falls for him insanely, but when Seth starts to fall for Ryan, Seth has to move. Will there love grows ever a distance apart or will Ryan just go and kill himself. Read to find out.

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Moring mist filled the air as I walked out to my truck.   Five years has pasted since I had come out, five years of pure pain and bullying.  First day of freshmen, I though to my self, as I took out a cigarette from my freshly opened pack, as I walked over to my truck door, and then I stepped in something, I looked down at my feet and there was dog carp all over my shoe.  “Shit,” I mutter as I rubbed it off my foot.  I then got into my 94 Ford truck.  The truck had gotten age since my dad owned it back three years before he died lucky I learned to drive before he died along with Mom, three years  ago I lost my parents to a drunk driver and still to this day, I was trying to make my life normal for me.  I had lived by myself for a year now, after I turn sixteen, I requested to live on my own, so the courts made it where I could live on my own, I was getting along good by myself, but I had a social worker come check on my monthly.   He was one of my friends in the courts but he was just a normal guy, he was a close friend to my parents, and he normally checks on me.  Today was a day when he normally visits so I just left for school.


I arrived at school, under a foggy bank that covered the school as I pulled up.   Being a loner was my thing about high school.   Always the kid that was picked on by the older even the younger students would make fun of me.  That really pissed me off, but I was the little book worm that stayed in the Library during any chance I got to be alone.  I was just a lanky boy with cameral hair and warm hazel eyes, along with my pale skin.   Most students didn’t know what I being a loner was like didn’t care; my only real friend was Ashley Amery.   She would just stay in the back ground with me but she would go up and talk to who ever would talk to her.   Most didn’t care because she was bi, and so she just mostly went out with the guys and a few girls, none that stayed.   She would always ask me about every guy that I came in contact with and I would just tell her that they didn’t like me.   Ashley had long glowing black hair and dark brown eyes.    She was really much like me, except she was a girl and she was more into everything about life.   She was a huge studier when it came to working in school, while I was the loner that was just to me.    This morning Ashley was leaning against the trash can, her brown eyes where locked in a book she was reading.   Twilight by Stephen Myers, “This book is shit,” she said as I walked up to her.  “It puts me asleep on the first chapter,” she continued, “then this vampire Edward keeps saving her tail toward the end, it is all boring to read.”  She threw the book in the trash bin.  Ashley rarely dislikes any kind of book like that but she surely did that one.    I just laughed and said “Hey, why not get a better book like I don’t know something worth reading.”  My voice was like laughed to sadness, “and then you can a least enjoy a good book.” I walked into the library to see what they had on the new section of books.  I flipped tough those until I found a book called Lakeview High by Jamesie, I just read the Summary and it seemed okay.   I walked out of the library with the book in hand and back over to Ashley.   She looked and said “Nice book,” I just nodded and then turn my head.   There stood a new kid; he had Snow blonde hair and pair of Water blue eyes.    He looked like one of them movie stars you saw in a movie but he moved much more gracefully then.   He had a pierced eye brow and ears, “Damn,” I heard Ashley said “He is hot!” Her voice was on love, but he just walked off toward the office.  BUZZ! The ring rang thought the school.  Ashley just nodded off to me and said “See you at Lunch,” she dashed off down the hall way.


The first half of the day went by slow and boring, Mr. Slackton was out sick with the flu, so the new student teacher was teaching, Ms. Aubrey was just going on about the War of 1812, then Mrs. Kelp, Chemistry teacher, was just giving us problems to work with and then it got worst, by 3rd period.  Mr. Keller, the school meanest teacher here, gave me a pile of homework that went over my head.   Then Fourth period, Study hall came around.   Mr. Jon was just lacking as usual but I keep getting paper balls throw at me.  Then lunch hour rolled around, as I left to meet Ashley in our usual spot.  But for some reason she was no where to be found.   So I just sat there for a minute to wait on her, and then the new kid walked up to me and said “Hello,”

I just stood there dumbstruck, “Hey,” I said my voice was dry, “I am Seth Mills,” He held out his hand, to shake, “Ryan Blaze,” I told him,” How do you like it here so far?”  He looked at me with his clear blue looked at me and said “I just hate that I had to leave my Boyfriend for this.”  That caught instantly “So you are gay?” I asked him with a curious look on my face.   He took a long sigh and said “Yeah, I am gay, maybe that is why I am not liked here.” He just sighed deeply and then I looked at him and said “Don’t worry you are not the only one.”  He quickly glanced at me and said, “You are gay too?”  I just stood there with a face of an angel and said “Why yes, I am and I would like to ask you out of a day for this Saturday, to show you the town.”  He turned a deep red and said “Sure why not.” That was the first time we had ever spoken. 

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