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Alright Im toying with this story to see where it will go! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 9, 2010    Reads: 422    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   

Darkness was the only comfort. Light meant pain in the boy's eyes.

When the door opened he walked down the stairs looking at the other males lifeless body, that was limp against the dirty, yellow spotted mattress. The older male took the younger by his uncut long dark wavy hair. The young one yelped with pain. "Shut up you whore." A crack of flesh hitting flesh, rang through the hollow basement as the boy held in the scream. His face was red and stinging from the smack. " Now are we going to be good today Jacob?" The older one asked as Jacob nodded, not wanting another beating from this man. The man that was his kidnapper, raper, and the reason he was confused why he was alive going through all of this pain.

"On your knees." Jacob did as he was told like an obedient pup. Jacob was naked like the older man. The man has his penis in one of his hands as the other put lube all over it as he entered Jacob's ass entry. He was pumping Jacob's dick as he trusted in and out roughly. " Your so tight..." He grunted as he shot hot seeds of cum into him as Jacob came with him. He was disgusted with himself. Every time he would get hard and come for this bastard. He pulled out of Jacob and held him close as he roughly kissed him. Jacob's body took this as a sign of no sex and kissed back as rough as he could. When the older man left , Jacob was lied out on the mattress sore from he harsh rape, wondering if he would ever be free.

"Blake where are we?" Jacob asked. Blake took a rag from his pocket that he now was pressing it over his 19 year old little brother. The evil smirk placed apon his lips was the only thing Jacob could see as he fell into dream land. He woke up from chocking on his brothers cock. As Blake pulled back he came all over Jacob's face. He pushed Jacob onto his stomach as he entered and raped him, his grunts on how nice Jacob felt around him.

Soon Jacob awoke to gun fire and red and blue flashing lights shinning through the barred window.

Happiness overflew Jacob at the moment.. He was saved is what was running through his head as the door was kicked down and police seen his body weak and picked him up. The officer seemed young to be in the force but Jacob didn't care he was safe and the rape was going to stop. He started crying sitting in the cop car with a blanket wrapped around him.


Hey! Please comment! I do want to go on with this! But I want to know if anyone would actually read it and like it!
so Please do comment ! I love comments ^^ Oh and if This thing messes up I'm sorry v.v



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