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Alex and Kyle are together as they go on a road trip with their friends before collage. Things are fine but still at edge, that is until Sarah shows up... View table of contents...


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Alex & Sarah

Chapter 1: How it starts out

I've always felt kind of side tracked in life. When everyone is happy, I feel like something's wrong with me. It's like I can look around me and the people around me all have their own plot but I'm not going anywhere. I'm just floating. Sure, I have friends and I have a boyfriend, but I'm not sure why I'm even dating him. He's kind of not my type really. I don't feel insanely attracted to him. It's more like I'm just dating him because everyone seems to think I should and honestly I don't like it when people ask if you're single just so that they can hit on you for absolutely no reason. I know it's not fair to Kyle to speak about him like he doesn't mean anything. Of course he does. We used to be friends when we were kids but as we grew up something kind of made me drift away from him. He became a jock and a jerk and yet I'm dating him. See, something is wrong with me. I know I'm not in love with him or even love him for that matter and still I'm dating him.

Tyra is one of my closest friends and I really don't remember how we became friends, I guess it doesn't matter. I love her even though she can be a bitch. She's dating Mark who's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I don't know how they could date but I know they really do love one another. My best friend is Chuck. He's charming and rich can act like all that if he wants to, however he's a bit gay. Wow, can you say a bit gay? No, he likes guys and he's always helping me out when I'm malfunctioning. He's always stood by me no matter what.

I stared out the window beside me in the classroom. It should be illegal to make us sit inside when it's like thirty-five degrees Celsius. Sometimes I swear it's a punishment from god. I don't really believe in god, but it's a good reason and a person to blame everything on. Surly it's pathetic but it's common in use. Why hate yourself when you can hate someone ells instead. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned my head to find Tyra glaring at me. "Alex, stop gloating. I know this place is depressing but we are graduating next week. You should be happy. You're finally getting out of this rat hole," she said and grinned. "I know but still I feel so…empty" I complained. She rolled her eyes. "So melodramatic," she said. I sighed and then the bell rang.

At lunch I sat at our usual table in the center of the cafeteria. Tyra and her boyfriend Mark sat next to me. "Where's Kyle?" Mark asked. "I don't know. He said he'd be here" I answered. Tyra exchanged a look. "What?" I asked. She sighed. "Did you two have a fight again?" she asked. I and Kyle only fight about one thing and it's not even relevant for discussion. "No," I answered. The fact is that we haven't. Right then he came walking thru the corridors. Kyle is hot. He's a classic jock except he's got a brain and Greek god looks on his side, perfect blond curls and a bright white smile, that passes out half the schools girls, the team jacket and stained jeans with converse. I know it's so in the movies.

He grinned and kissed my cheek as he sat down beside me. "Hi, so I thought, why don't we take a road trip during summer vacation?" he asked. "Do you refer to the entire summer, or just a few weeks?" Mark asked before I got to. Kyle nodded. "New places, new people, it's the perfect summer. It's the last summer before we all go to college. We'll not see one another as much anymore," he said. "Yeah, why not," Tyra said. Mark lifted his hand and high fived Kyle. Then they all looked at me. "What do you say Alex? It'll be perfect," Kyle asked. I sighed. "Yeah, sure," I replied. I shouldn't have done that. It's a bad idea. A stuffy car all summer. What's he thinking?

After lunch Kyle followed me to class. "Why isn't it a good idea?" he asked as we waked down the hall. "Because, where would we go? We need a destination," I lied. He smiled. "We'll go to all the awesome places and the hottest beaches," he said. I stopped by the door to my classroom. "What's the real reason you want to go on a road trip?" I asked. He has to have an alternative motive. He sighed. "Okay, I thought we might find some solution to your problem," he said. I frowned and turned away from him. Did he have to bring that up? I feel bad about that already as it is. "I'm sorry but you asked," he apologized. "You know I don't want to talk about that. Why can't you just leave it alone?" I said and marched in the classroom and took a seat beside some girl. I don't care who. I just want to let go of my thoughts.

"God, I'm so proud of you," my mother said as she snapped a photo of me and Kyle as we were standing on the grass at the school. Graduation day, I should be happy. I am, but it feels unreal. Kyle held his arm around my shoulder. "Come on Alex! Babe, you have to come to the graduation party tonight," he pleaded as my mom was talking to my father. "Yeah, A, you can't miss it," Tyra said as she jumped round Kyle. I sighed. I really don't feel like getting drunk and having Kyle hanging on me, pleading for us to go somewhere quiet. No, I don't want that. I don't see any point in it. Mark pushed Kyle out of the way and replaced him. "Yeah, I'll look out for you, its graduation!" he pleaded.

I sighed. There's no point in struggling about it either. "Fine I'll go. But someone has to be sober to drive tomorrow," I said as a buzz kill. Tyra smiled as pulled me with her. "Great! You and I have to find some outfits and pack. We'll go to my place first," she said happily. We left the school and were soon, I mean like three minutes later, at her place. I hate this small town. I might as well have been home schooled. After three hours packing and watching Tyra trying on outfit after outfit, we managed to get to the car. The party was supposedly on the other side of the town (walking distance). So we decided to drive there. "Alex, please get a grip. You shouldn't be so dark today," Tyra complained. "Why? This is our last summer before we'll all go to different schools. It's sad," I replied. She frowned and then rolled her eyes. "Okay, yeah, it's true. That's why we're going on a road trip tomorrow. It's going to be fun," Tyra said. She's right it will be fun but it's stupid also when we don't even know where we're going.

"Yes, well when did we decide to bring Chuck?" I asked. I love Chuck but it's not his normal crowd. "Mark and Kyle wanted him to come since he's the only one with money enough for gas," Tyra said defensive. Yeah, and they think I'm shallow. We got out of the car. The white house with a big tree on the side was light up and was filled with drunken teenagers. We walked over the grass and in thru the door. As we were pushing thru to find Mark and Kyle, I suddenly felt arms grabbing me around the waist and I was pulled to the other end of the room. I struggled lose to find Chuck. Chuck is beautiful and as said before charming. He has dark hair a little swayed to the side but not too long so he'd look girly or anything. He's buff but lean in ways. He'd be any gay man's dream and most girls dreams crushed. He chuckled in a deep voice. "You should have seen you're face!" he laughed. I sighed. "It's not funny Chuck. Have you seen Kyle?" I asked. He pointed towards the living room.

I walked over to the living room to find Mark and Kyle and some other guy's playing bear pong. Mark was losing. "How do you not miss? Did you rig the balls with magnets?" Mark complained to Kyle. Kyle smiled widely when he saw me. He grabbed my waist and kissed me. "I missed you. What took so long?" he asked. "Tyra's closet," I answered as I met Tyra's glare. "I wanted to make sure I get everything," she defended herself. Mark laughed. She gave him a look that shut him up. "Yeah, yeah, well are you excited about tomorrow?" Kyle asked me. "Yeah, I guess so," I answered. He smiled and kissed me again before he won again.

Chapter 2: The trip starts

Mark put his bag in the trunk of the minivan. "So who's going to drive first?" Tyra asked as she opened the side door to the car. "I guess I could drive the first few hours," Kyle said as he held around my waist as he was leaning against the car. His grey eyes lingered in mine. "I'm glad you're coming. It would suck without you," he said. I giggled. "I wouldn't miss it," I answered. He kissed me with a little too much tong. He's never really been good at kissing but he's gotten better. "Yeah, it's just that lately you've been so distant," he explained. I nodded and pulled away a little. "I know, I'm sorry" I apologized. It's true. I know I'm not always interested in his company. It's usually because he wants to have sex and I'm not so keen to it. He smiled and walked around the car to the driver seat. I sat in the passenger seat beside him.

After passing town to town for three days, it was dark outside and it was a deserted spot. "So where are we going to sleep tonight?" Chuck asked. "In the car I guess, like every other day. There aren't any motels around is here," Kyle responded as it had started raining. "Alex, what do you want this summer?" Chucked asked calmly. I smiled a little as I looked over at him. "The usual, I want to have fun, to just let go of things. I want to love this summer and I want to remember it," I answered. He smiled. "Yeah, that's the spirit," he said and grinned. He looked over at Tyra. "And you?" he asked. Tyra grinned and looked over at Mark who was holding his arm over her shoulder. "I want to remember this summer. I want it to be something different," she responded. "I want to have a blast," Chuck said. Kyle raised one hand to high five. Mark followed in as well.

We switched places with Tyra and Mark and they were driving the night. I fell asleep leaning against the window. This isn't fun though, sitting in a car for days talking about nothing of importance. It feels empty. Okay we do stop on gestations and we sleep outside and such, but still it's not what I wanted to do if I wanted to come. There's no point in it. It feels like half the summer has already passed and all I'm doing is sitting here. Should I just leave?

The next day it was raining still as I sat in front with Kyle. It was starting to get dark again. We've recently stopped at a gestation to get gas of course. "Don't we have some kind of plan? I mean it's been like weeks and we've done nothing," I complained. Kyle smiled a little. "We'll go to a beach or something as soon as the weather clears up," he said. I sighed. "Why do we even do this?" I asked. He frowned. "I want to do stuff," he said. I frowned. That's never good. I stared out the window. "Hey, Alex what if we party? Would it be better then?" Chuck asked to cheer me up. I sighed. I hate to drink. "Yeah, it probably would," I answered but Chuck had already starting to talk to Mark about some jokes he came up with.

Then I saw a glint of something red in the night ahead. I then realized it was someone standing there. It was a black haired girl. She was waving for a ride as she was wearing a red leather jacket. "Err…Kyle?" I asked. He saw it too. "Should we pick her up?" he asked. Chuck bent forwards to get a better look. "Why not she doesn't look dangerous," he said. Kyle stopped and opened my window. She looked a bit confused at first. "Where do you have to go?" Kyle asked. I pressed myself back in the seat as much as possible. The girl frowned. "I just need to get to the next town or somewhere I can take a bus," she answered in a composed voice. "Get in," Kyle said. Chuck opened the door and she jumped in.

After three hours in complete silence Kyle switched with me and ordered the girl to sit in the front seat. I didn't like that much but it was fair. Chuck and Kyle sat chatting for a while and fell asleep. "Alex, what about if we go to that concert in L.A in the end of the summer?" Tyra asked. I sighed. "Yeah, okay, why not?" I answered. I could see the grin in the mirror. The weather seemed to clear out a bit eventually. "I'm Sarah by the way," Sarah introduced herself to Tyra. "I'm Tyra, so why were you in the rain?" Tyra asked. Sarah sighed. "Misguided, I got off a bus in the wrong place so I had to walk," she answered. She's odd but seems nice and comfortable at the same time. But her voice was like static to my heart somehow. It seems perfect.

I'd been driving for hours, while the guys were sleeping. It was just me and Sarah awake. Who was she? Tyra had fallen asleep a while ago. "It's Alex right?" Sarah asked. Her voice was like a soft harmony of silk in the air. How could a voice be that perfect? I nodded. "Where are you guys going anyway?" she asked. I looked over at her. Her green eyes light up the car and blinded me a little. I smiled. "We're driving by the cost. Kyle wanted to go on road trip as a last step before we go to college," I answered. She looked thoughtful. "A road trip the entire summer," she asked. I nodded.

"Where are you going?" I asked. She smiled. "I don't know. I'm just going from city to city to see some places before collage as well," she answered. I nodded. So she was doing about the same except alone. "You don't like this idea," she said then. I looked at her in shock. Why'd she think that? It's true but how did she know. "It's just his motives aren't that pure," I answered as I was starting to feel tired. She frowned. "You don't like his intentions. He's your boyfriend right?" she asked.

"Yes and yet she's so miserable about it" Tyra said. I felt shocked to hear her voice. I rolled my eyes. "Witch one of them is it?" Sarah asked me. "The one to the left" I answered. Tyra rolled her eyes. "Can you stop at a gas station? I really need something to drink," Tyra asked. I nodded. "Yeah, sure," I answered as I saw a gas station and pulled in. As we walked in the gas station, Sarah followed I picked up my phone and sent a text to my mother. I'd promised to tell her where we were every now and then. "So what are his intentions?" Sarah asked. I sighed. "She's never had an orgasm so he thinks it might change things," Tyra answered. I rolled my eyes. "Well thank you for advertisement," I said sarcastically. Tyra grinned. I hate her. She's my best friend, but that doesn't make her a good friend.

"How long time…" Sarah started. "About one year I think. We've been together for about two year I think," I answered as I moved on to the candy section. Sarah looked shocked. "God, it must be terrible for you. I mean, it's not his fault then?" she asked. Was this really a discussion? "No. It's me. I just don't…" I answered and bit my lip. I must really suck. I walked to the register. She raised one eyebrow when we loaded the desk with half the store. When we returned to the car Tyra sat in the back and me and Sarah in the front. We were soon on the road again.

I tried to hold myself awake but it seemed mostly hard because everyone except Sarah was asleep. Tyra was never the one to stick around. "Do you want me to talk, so you won't fall asleep?" Sarah asked after a while as she looked at me. "Yeah, I guess," I answered. She smiled a little. I stared at the dark road. "So have you heard about Paramour, Haley Williams?" she asked. I frowned. "What about her?" I asked. She smiled. "She did that song with B.O.B right?" she asked. "Yeah, Airplanes," I said. "Well they say it's because she and the other members are in a fight. Like the songs Playing god and Ignorance were her songs towards them," she said. I looked over at her. "No, I didn't know that. So they've freeze her out or something?" I asked. She shook her head. "No, I think they're going to get over it and they did however record the songs right. So it must have resolved. But I think it's just the start of a big fight. She's the only girl in the band anyway and it has to be frustrating," she said. "Yeah, that might be. But I guess there's a lot that can fault around guys," I said. She smiled. She talked a lot for the next three hours. It was easier somehow. "Chuck, it's your turn," I called over my shoulder. Chuck jerked awake and looked at me. "Yeah okay, hey Kyle, you get in the passenger seat," Chuck said. I pulled over at the road and stopped the car. I got out at the same time as Sarah and we walked to the back seat and sat in. The car was on the road and the guys were talking. I leaned against the window and felt the sleepiness fall over me.

Chapter 3: What is this?

The next day I woke up leaning on a shoulder. I jerked away as I realized it was Sarah. She was already awake so she stared at me with a kind of smile in on her lips. "Morning," she said. I listened to her voice for a few seconds. "Sorry, I didn't…" I started but she smirked. "It's okay," she said calmly. Tyra tapped me on the shoulder. "Hey, what if we stay at a motel tonight. I want to party and not just pass by everything," she said. I nodded. "Yeah, I guess," I answered. She smiled. Mark smirked. "Hey, Kyle and Chuck, it's decided. We're going to stay at the next town," he called. They nodded. "Alight," They said at once and high fived. I turned to Tyra. "What ells have been decided?" I asked. She smiled a little. "Sarah's going to stay with us until she feels like leaving. Chuck's idea," she said. I looked over at Sarah who bit her lip a little. Chuck smiled in the mirror. What's he up to?

I looked at Sarah a little. There was something with the way she looked at me that made me tremble a little. She's beautiful beyond the point of my apprehension. She had a lean posture. She seems sure of herself, not in the bitchy way Tyra does it, it's more genuine and like she is safe with whom she is. I realized when she smirked a little that I'd been looking at her for a while. I blushed and tilted my head down. Why did she smile? I looked up at her curies if she was still looking at me. She was looking down at her hands but looked over at me and smirked again. I looked away fast.

We checked into the motel. Sarah got one room alone as Tyra and Mark had one room and me and Kyle one room while Chuck got a hotel room since he can afford it. Kyle grabbed my waist and kissed my neck when we came into our room. I sighed. "No," I said as I knew where he was going with it. "Come on, we haven't for weeks. Just a quick one before we go out, I could even go down on you if you want," he said pleading a little as he pushed me onto the bed. I lay under him. "No, what good would that do? I really don't feel like it," I said as I felt a little scared since he towered over me a bit and was tugging at my panties under my skirt. He sighed. "What else are you good for? You're my girlfriend, I have needs, I'll be quick," he said. I was just about to protest when he put his big hand over my mouth as he pulled my panties to the side. It scared me instantly. Oh, god, no! I tried to struggle a little but he didn't care for it as he just went on. Once he was done, I felt mortified and disgusted. I shoved him away fast and hit him. "Come on, you liked it a little bit," he said and pulled up his pants. I felt like crying. How could he do that? I swallowed.

"How could you!" I said harshly as I backed away from him fast. He grabbed me. "What do you think? It's in my nature, don't you even pretend like you didn't want to. You're my girlfriend," he said as he grabbed me roughly. He's never done this to me before. Usually we have to be really quiet whenever we did it. How can he say something like that? "If you ever so much as utter a word about this to anyone I'll kill you," he said darkly. It felt like standing in a room with a complete stranger. I felt scared of him. I twisted out of his grip. "Get out, now!" I screamed at him. He frowned and shook his head slightly. "Whatever, we're supposed to meet the others later on anyway," he said walked out. I cried as I wasn't sure what to do. I can't tell anyone, and I can't break it off with him. He'd hurt me or worse. I have nowhere to go. Is this my fault? I have had sex with him before. Does it make a difference? No, I can't do this.

I changed clothes as I tried to calm myself down before I walked down to the others. They all seemed so excited about going out. I felt like I was going to faint but walked with everyone. Kyle looked over at me and there was darkness in his eyes that before today was unknown to me. I always knew that the way he looked at me felt wrong, but he's always been partly normal, sometimes a little forceful but this what a whole new level of that. Would anyone believe me? Would they think less of me for it? What should I do? Chuck looked over at me and laid an arm over my shoulder. "Hey, love, what's up with you? You look like you've seen a ghost," he said a little playfully. Sarah looked over at me as well as Kyle and he tightened his eyes a little at me. I sighed and looked up at Chuck and smiled a little uncomfortable. "I'd rather not get into it right now," I said. Chuck stiffened a little and looked thoughtful as we walked. "Maybe later tonight then," he said calmly but looked seriously at me. I nodded a little. I love Chuck. He picks up on things fast but I'm not sure if I can tell him. Kyle might beat him to death.

The club was crowded and it was hard to find a spot until Chuck paid for a VIP section. I sat down beside Chuck and apparently Sarah. Tyra was glued to Mark as Kyle sat beside Mark and they were talking. He was acting like nothing ever happened. It pissed me off. Drinks were served and we drank quite a bit. Mark and Tyra headed out on the dance floor. Chuck turned to me. "What's up?" he asked since Kyle had gone to the bathroom. I sighed and looked down at my hands. "I promise I won't tell," he said calmly. I looked over at Sarah. She nodded a little. "I don't feel the obligation to tell anyone. I barely know any of you," she said and shrugged a little. I sighed and looked at Chuck. "I don't know. I shouldn't," I said lowly. He shook his head a little and laid and arm over my shoulders. "Come on, out with it, you know I will figure it out," he said. I bit my lip. "Have you ever thought that you knew someone so well but then they do something and it's a completely other person," I asked as I really didn't know what to tell him. He looked thoughtful. "He did something," he concluded and looked a little worried at me. I swallowed. "Yes, I just… I-I don't… I don't know what to do," I said and looked down. "Hey, you can stay with me tonight," Chuck assured me. I nodded and hugged him as I felt like crying but held it back.

Kyle kept eyeing me all night. I didn't talk a whole lot with Sarah since it was loud music and I was messed up about the Kyle thing. I got up and walked to the bathroom. On the way towards the bathroom Kyle grabbed me and pushed me hardly against the wall and kissed me roughly. I tried pushing him away. "Kyle, stop," I said as it set fear in my spine. He looked pissed off but didn't let go of me. "Did you say anything?" he asked through his teeth. I shook my head. He pressed his body against me and tried to kiss me again. I turned away my face. "Let me go!" I said fast and loudly. "No," he said and continued trying to kiss me. Then his shoulder was jerked away. "Hey, she doesn't want to, let her go," Sarah said clearly disturbed. Kyle looked annoyed at her. "It's none of your concern," he said and tried again as he had me, pinned against the wall. She grabbed his shoulder again. "Let her go!" she said harshly and looked angry now. I felt a little relived that she interfered. Kyle raised his fist to punch her but Chuck caught it in his hand. "Bro, that's not okay. You better go back to your room and sleep it off," Chuck said and frowned a bit. Mark stood a few feet away and looked a little worried. "Hey, Kyle, let's just leave," he said and walked over and lead Kyle out. I was out of breath as I once again wanted to cry. Chuck hugged me. "It's okay. He's just drunk," Chuck said to calm me down. He wasn't drunk when he had forced himself on me earlier on. I looked over at Sarah who looked a bit worried at me. "Thank you," I said. She nodded a little and looked around. "Hey, let's go back to my place, okay," Chuck said. I nodded. Sarah walked with us.

In the hotel room I sat on the bed curled up like a ball as I felt like I was being torn into pieces. Chuck sat beside me and stroked my back a little. "What happened tonight?" he asked in a comforting voice. Sarah sat further down on the bed. I wasn't sure how I felt about her being there. She could have gone back to her room. I cried as I couldn't say it. "Alex, just breathe. Whatever is going on, you know I'll be here," he said. I nodded and then he wrapped his arms around me. "I know it's a crappie time to tell you that maybe you should break up with him if he's making you unhappy," Chuck said then. I made a half laugh. "How, we're stuck in a car together, he'd never allow it," I said. Chuck frowned. "What do you like about him?" Sarah asked then carefully. I looked over at her and frowned as I didn't know how to answer that. "Are you attracted to him?" she asked. I shook my head. "No, you're more attracted to me than him any day," Chuck said and smirked a little. It's true, and a little sad. Sarah looked a little skeptical at me and Chuck. "He's gay," I answered. She blushed and smiled. "Ah, makes sense," she said. I nodded and sighed. "There's nothing I want with him and tonight he lost the one thing I actually had with him," I said and looked away as I felt terrible. "What was that?" Sarah asked. "Trust," I answered. Chuck sighed. "Because he kissed you even if you didn't want to?" he asked. I looked over at him. "That's not all he's done today," I said and then looked down. Both gasped. "He forced…," Chuck started asking and I nodded a little but didn't want to look at either one of them. "Oh, shit, I'm going to kill him," Chuck said as he was getting upset. I swallowed and turned to him. "He's not worth it. I-I just don't know what to do," I said as I felt hopeless. Chuck sighed. "Me either. Maybe it was just a freak thing. It doesn't make it okay, but maybe you need to talk it out. Not tonight though. You can sleep here with me tonight," he said. I nodded a little. I looked over at Sarah. She looked really sad but worried. "Do you want to stay as well?" Chuck asked. She bit her lip and looked over at the door. "Do you think he'll be mad at me for stopping him?" she asked a little worried. I sighed. "I don't know him anymore. I can't tell you that he wouldn't beat you or try to revenge. He's not the guy I started dating two years ago," I answered. She nodded.

We all slept in that one double bed that night. I lay in the middle. It felt strange but safe in a way that I didn't want to think about. In the morning we ate some breakfast in the room before we headed to the car. I dreaded seeing Kyle again. Mark and Kyle were putting in things in the car as we came walking. Tyra stood leaning against the car reading a magazine. I felt my heart beating hardly in my chest. "Hey let's take the back seat," Sarah said and smiled at me. I nodded and we hurried in the car. Kyle didn't as much as look at me. He wouldn't amongst the others. We were soon on the road again. I sat with my legs up and she on the other side with hers up as well. "So where are you going to college?" she asked. I shrugged. "I'm going to attend NYU, and you?" I asked. She smiled. "NYU, that's a hell of a coincidence," she said. I blushed as I looked at her. I'd actually see this person again. "So is every one of you going there?" she asked. I shook my head. "No, it's just me. Chuck is going to Colombia in New York as well. Tyra and Mark are going to Florida and Kyle… he's going to Texas to play football," I answered. She frowned as she touched my fingers lightly and played with them in a calm manor. "How come you didn't break up before? Long distance never really works," she said. I sighed. "It's complicated. I never thought of… continuing," I said as I was glad that they were playing music and talking loudly in the front. She nodded and looked thoughtful.

"What is it that you want out of your life? I mean like, what are your ambitions," she said. I looked down a little and then looked up at the beautiful girl in front of me. "I guess I want to get a job that I don't hate, have economical safety as well as feeling satisfied with my life," I answered. She smiled a little. "So what do you want emotionally?" she asked. I swallowed. "I guess I want to feel safe, to feel loved and appreciated. You know that's a stupid question," I said. She smirked. "Of course, but what do you want in a relationship, from a person, what are you attracted too and what draws you to a person, what makes you feel passion?" she asked. I blushed. How do I even start to answer that?

"Let's camp here for the night," Mark said. I looked out the window and we were in a deserted area that did look beautiful. Everyone packed out of the car and we made a fire as we laid out sleeping bags around the fire. I lay mine beside Sarah and Chuck as Kyle was on the other side. He and Mark seemed to talk forever before they fell asleep. Chuck was playing with a stick in the fire. Tyra had fallen asleep with her headphones on. I bit my lip as I really needed to pee. "I have to pee," I said to Chuck. He smirked a little. "Yeah, then you better go and find a nice spot to pee," he said and shook his head a little. I sighed and got up and looked at the darkness. I hate the dark. "But it's dark," I complained. "I can go with you if you want," Sarah said and smiled calmly at me. I blushed but nodded a little.

We walked in the darkness as she light the way with her phone. "So I still want an answer to my question. What do you want," she said and I could hear her smile a little. Her smile is beautiful; I just wish I could see it in this darkness. I walked behind a bush as she turned and waited. "I don't even know how to respond," I answered. She sighed. "Well what are you attracted too?" she asked. I had no clue. "I don't know. I guess I've never really been that attracted to any guy," I answered. She shifted a little. "Okay, have you ever thought maybe you have narrowed your search a little short then? Have you ever found a woman attractive?" she asked as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Wow, can you actually ask something like that? I tried to focus on my balance as I was about to pee. "I don't know it's not really something I've dared think about. Would you mind holding over your ears," I said. She did as asked and I peed.

When I was done I got up and walked over to her. She smiled and laid a hand on my shoulder. "Think about it," she said calmly. I blushed. If I look at her I do feel drawn but is that the same thing. "I guess, I mean, sure you're beautiful and I keep thinking that your skin is so soft and I think you're interesting, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm attracted to you or just because you're beautiful and interesting," I responded and felt a little mortified but tried to hide it. Did I just say that? She giggled a little. "Oh, really, I guess, you could always find out when you get curies enough," she said playfully as we walked back and she pushed me a little to the side as I pushed her. She's kind of easy to talk to in a way I really don't want to think about.

Chuck was sleeping. I sat down and played with the fire a bit. "So what do you want?" she asked. I sighed. "I want someone who will wrap their arms around me softly when they see me just to whisper that they missed me. I want someone who takes their time to just talk to me, touch me. I mean, I know it's super girly of me to want someone soft and loving, but it's what I want so badly," I whispered. I looked over at her. She's awfully curies about this. She looked a little stunned and then smiled and moved closer to me. She stroked my arm softly and alluringly. It gave me Goosebumps in a good way. She stroked my cheek a little. "Like this?" she asked in a whisper. I blushed as I felt my entire body reacting a bit to her touch. "Yes," I answered under my breath. She smirked a little. "It's not silly, that's the way it's supposed to be," she whispered in my ear. Her hot breath against my neck and ear made me react even more. It felt strange to me, I've never felt like this before. Whenever Kyle tried to seduce me he would kind of just kiss me and then expect me to be hot and wanting to have sex. This felt new and I was actually a little turned on. "Please don't," I whispered as I realized that I shouldn't. It's not fair of her to do this. I'm probably just annoyed with Kyle and that's why I crave the attention she was now giving me.

"Don't you like it?" she asked carefully. I looked over at her and met her green eyes. "I do, but I shouldn't," I answered as I felt a little ashamed. Now she knew that I was kind of interested in her. I'm not gay. I shouldn't miss lead her. She smirked and nodded and then lay down. What was she doing to me? I barely know her. I lay down and stared up at the stars as I slowly fell asleep.


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