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Sequel to Christmas. Faith and her friends are going to a resort together for valentines weekend and she's nervous to see Key as they haven't been together for that long. View table of contents...


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I looked at the city pass by like towering arms blurring out. It's been a little bit more than a month now. I looked over at the cab driver who had an old brown shirt and a strange hat. His mustach was raffled and I was pretty sure there was something in it. I swallowed a little as I felt mildly nervous. So they decided it would be fun if everyone went on a romantic weekend together. Not just to a cabin but to a resort on a hot island. Why it makes me nervous is because she's coming with. Key. Sure we've been together for like a month and that would mean, we haven't had a lot of time together. Sure we've tried but with school and work I only had Sundays and sometimes a Saturday free and in one month that meant almost no time. I mean sure it's the valentines weekend, but I honestly don't know what to do. I should get her gift but how do I know what to get her. I don't want it to be too much or to little.

I sighed a little as the cab pulled in to the air port. I got out slowly as the cab driver took out my bag and handed it to me. I pulled out the handle. Somehow I had to have a real bag. Usually I just use a sports-bag but since I got together with Key I've just felt this immense need to dress better, look better. I didn't use to care as much. I hate it. I walked inside as there were people running with there bag carriers and families trying to find their ways. I looked over at a row of flight staff walking in a duck row. I don't know why they seemed so professional and I really envied them in a way as they just had these small bags rolling behind them. Not to even mention how great their legs looked in their uniforms.

I felt a bit anxious so I took up my pill chart to see that I had them with me. It was time for another pill though. I took it and took up my small water bottle and drank it as I continued walking to check in. As I came closer I could see Jenny, Matt, Heather, a guy she was dating, Bella and Seth and John. I frowned a little as I didn't see Holly or Key. Maybe they decided to not come. It hurt a little inside me to think so.

Jenny smiled when she saw me. "Hey, you look awesome," she said and ran and hugged me. I blushed and looked down a little. "I can help you check in," she said as we walked to the check in machine. I nodded. She looked at my note where I had my booking ref. She then chose seat for me. To my surprise she chose one that was in the middle. I frowned. "No, why, I hate middle seats," I said. She rolled her eyes. "I know, but you do want to sit with the rest of us," she said. I blushed and looked down. She attached the sticker to my bag and we self checked it in.

We walked back to the rest. Looking at people in an airport is kind of strange. Everyone is so different and everyone is heading in some direction perhaps even different continent. It's so multicultural. The airport it self is so clean and white that it feels a bit weird to be in it when you live in the city where the streets are dirty and just to think about the cleaners who have to keep it white.

Then Holly came walking with her phone in her hand but Key as still not here. I don't know why it felt so much worse that she wasn't here. I stared down a little as I needed to not be so dependant on her. If she doesn't show I'll just have to be alone right? It's not the end of the world Faith, get a grip. It's just a girl. You've traveled with these people many times alone before. It shouldn't wear me down. Maybe she just didn't have time.

Then hands slid around me from behind. I froze and then looked over my shoulder. Key smirked a little. "Missed me?" she asked a little playfully. I bit my lip and nodded a little. She wouldn't believe how happy I actually was to see her. Everyone started walking towards the security control. Key turned me around and kissed me. It felt great as I missed feeling her so close to me. Last time I saw her was two weeks ago. Since it was a Sunday we took a walk in the park and lay in the grass as I was reading as she'd just play around with me. I feel so guilty over not having time for her. She never comments on it but I know she feels it as well.

She held one arm around my waist as we walked towards the security. "How did your essay turn out?" she asked then. I frowned. Right I'd blown her off all week because I was writing an essay. I sighed. "Okay, I just...I hate essays, they are so boring and I just have to bullshit a lot and ad facts etc. I still have like two more and a photo assignment to do for class," I said. She nodded and bit her lip and pulled me a little closer. "Well, just ask if you want some help. I'm not totally useless," she said as she then let go of me and put her jacket, and whatever she had in her pocket, in a grey basket and walked through the scanner.

I took out my iPod and and keys and such passport etc. Then I walked through the empty scanner arch and it blipped. I sighed as a woman game up and gestured for me to stretch out my hands. I did as she started searching me. Key who stood a few steps away smirked and blushed lightly. "I thought that was my job," she said playfully. I blushed and felt mortified. God, I hate airports. Then I had to take off my shoes and walk through again. It was the damn shoes. When I got through, Key was holding my things so that I wouldn't have to stand in line. She just looked so amused that it made me a little annoyed. "Shut up," I said and took my shoes and put them on. She shrugged and looked a little smug. "Admitted it, it's a little bit funny," she said and handed me my iPod and stuff. I sighed and shook my head. "No, you know I don't think so," I said. She raised one eyebrow and shook her head a little. "If you say so," she said and raised her hands. I rolled my eyes a little as we walked to the board with gates.

She took my hand lightly. "So, how do you feel?" she asked softly. I sighed and looked over at her. "Stressed mostly," I answered. She bit her lip. "Okay, why?" she asked carefully. I frowned a bit as I looked around us. "Just normal things. Like eighty precent of my grade is based on the portfolio I have to hand in and I don't know how I will have time to come up with a concept and the essays are supposed to be on twenty thousand words and I still haven't started on them," I complained. She frowned and looked down a little. "Is it just school things you're stressed about?" she asked then. I looked at her. Of course it's not just that. That's actually not as stressing as this trip with her but I can't tell her that. I wasn't sure how to answer.

"We're over here, you two," Jenny said as she came up behind us. I felt saved by the bell. I just turned and walked to the gate with the others. Holly and John were talking as Seth and Bella were kissing and talking about going swimming once we land. I sat down beside Jenny and Matt. Heather and her new guy who had short hair and slim body. He was beneath her but he seemed sweet to her. I guess everyone goes lower at times. I swallowed as I looked over at Key who was looking at her phone. I could see that she looked worried. There was a reflection of us all in the black screen that should have been showing commercials. I'm her lower. She got hurt so she went lower. I sighed and got up and walked away as I felt too stressed and anxious to just sit there. I walked around the tax free shops. I looked at some perfumes. I can't believe people actually think it's cheaper to buy things at an airport. It's more than double the price mostly.

The frustrating part about Key is that she's so much better than me that I feel so incompetent on every front. Key came walking over as she looked a little worried but was trying to hide it. "Hey, what are you doing?" she asked and smiled softly at me. I sighed. "Just looking around if there's anything. Do you want anything for the flight?" I asked. She bit her lip and looked at me. "Do you?" she asked. I sighed and looked away a bit. "I'm just really not myself today so I don't know," I said. She then looked down. "Faith, it's fine if you don't feel like going. You could still stay home," she said. I felt a little shocked that she would say that.

I backed one step. "What, no, it's not like I don't want to go," I said a little disturbed. She looked at me. "But you don't want to go with me," she said and backed away a bit. I frowned. Where did that come from? I want nothing but to be with her, yes I'm scared to but I wouldn't say no. "Why'd you think that? Of course I want to be with you," I said. She shook her head a little. "I can see how tortured you are when you look at me. What did I do so wrong?" she asked a little hurt. I swallowed. "You didn't, it's not like that. I-I'm just nervous and that's just who I am," I said. She frowned. "Why? You've been in the same room and building as me before. I mean, if you don't want to have sex it's fine, you can say so," she said as a mother just walked by with her kid and covered his ears. She gave us the stink eye as she walked faster away. I felt like everyone in the store were listening to us.

I swallowed and looked down. "That's not it either. You don't understand. I've never been in a relationship, I've never gone with someone somewhere other than as a third wheel or just friends," I said. She looked at me. I swallowed and sighed as I looked at her. "And it's the fourteenth of February in two days," I said. She then blushed and looked down at her hands and smiled a little. "Oh, so you're nervous because you don't know what to do," she said and shook her head a little and grabbed me and kissed me carefully. I kissed her back as it felt so good. I love kissing her, she's so careful and perfect when she kisses.

She smiled lightly then. "Hey, let's get totally wasted on the plane," she said and pulled me to the liquor departments. "So are you a champagne and wine girl or do you want something strong and manly?" she asked. I stared at her blankly. She smirked. "I want some of this," she said as she grabbed a bottle of something that looked like champagne but I didn't read the label. I nodded. She smirked and grabbed some small bottles of everything.

On the plane I sat beside Key as that was the reason Jenny had put me there. I felt nervous about take off but then Key turned a little to me and took my hand. "So, to be honest, on valentines, I just want to be with you, no one else," she said. I smiled a little as I blushed. It still didn't answer the question I had problems with. "Since we had our one month aneversity last week and I hate commercial holidays I think it's better if we don't waste money on presents and stuff like that. If you want we could get something together," she said and smirked a little sexily. I blushed and acedently smiled. She leaned over and kissed me as the plane started moving. I held on to my seat a bit as I leaned my head back a bit nervous.

"Wow, you're really scared of flying," she said then. I nodded a little. "Yeah, once she panicked and threw up on the flight attendant. It was so funny but also smelled really bad," Jenny said as she sat on the other side of me. I looked over at her and wished she wouldn't tell everyone about stupid things I've done. Key smirked. "I used to be scared of flying but then I decided it's okay because death isn't that bad," she said. I looked over at her as she took up one of the small drinks. "And this helps," she said. I smiled a little as she handed me one. Jenny stretched out her hand to Matt who handed her a drink. We all drank and laughed as we were telling stories and making out a bit during the entire flight. I actually liked it.

When we landed we were all a little bit drunk and we had to go by cab and boat to the island resort. When we got there it was so clean and exotic. The palm trees and pools and white sand on the beaches. It was warm and I felt that I'd dressed way to warm for it but I didn't complain a whole lot. I just grabbed a bottle of water as we came in the reception to the huge hotel. As we got to the desk the man behind it, a skinny but professional looking man with black laid back hair, greeted us. "So let's get you all checked in. What name is your reservation under?" He asked. Jenny was the one who had booked it all so it was her name. We got our keys and headed up to our room. The lobby was nice and the rest of the hotel was cooling with air conditioners. Walking through the door to our room I felt relieved when I could see the sea straight out as our room had a huge glass wall and balcony. The bed was in the middle and looked more than appealing. It was a lot of white and blue colours in the room, with light wood.

I put my bag to the side and walked out on the balcony. We could see the ocean and the pool as well. We had a great room. Key laid a light hand on my lower back. "It's beautiful," she whispered. I nodded a little and looked over at her. She looked so a peace and the sun, that was going down leaving us with a sunset in front of us, made her look even greater. She met my gaze and smirked lightly. "So should I take by your look that you actually just dissed me because of school and not because you suddenly decided that you wanted someone else," she asked. I raised one eyebrow. "No, what made you even think about that?" I asked confused. She smirked and leaned a little closer. "Because I fell for a girl who didn't care for what or who she was wearing and now you're wearing Angel Chang and Vince Camuto and I thought you hated shopping which meant you'd rather go without me," she said and looked down a little. "So I figured you're trying to style for someone and you've clearly been out even if you didn't have time for me," she said. She wanted to sound like it wasn't a big deal or like she didn't care. It hurt a little to think about.

"First of all, I'm not your ex, second of all I didn't go out, I ordered online since I wouldn't have time and hate shopping and no it's not for someone else. I just didn't want to always look like a dishrag beside you, not that any clothing of hair could change that," I said and shook my head a little in disbelieve. She looked at me a little stunned and then sighed as she grabbed my hand and pulled me inside to a mirror. She directed me towards it. "Look, you're not, you're really cute and hot, why do you keep...it's not true. I'm actually shocked that you'd like me, that's why I had to try so hard to begin with," she said. As I stood there with her beside me and looked in the mirror I couldn't help to think that I did look okay and we did belong together. We were symmetrical together.

She slid her arms around my waist and leaned her head on my shoulder a little. I took a deep breath that was shaking a little. She smiled and started kissing my shoulder and neck softly. It made me nervous even if it warmed me inside. She slid her hands softly over my body and then dropped them. "Oh, I forgot, you didn't like that," she said playfully. I turned around and pushed her away. "Jerk," I said. She just laughed a little as she grabbed me closer and kissed me as she then slowed down and started unbuttoning my blouse. I blushed and looked at her. Since that first night in my apartment, we actually hadn't done it. I mean that was like four weeks ago and I've only had time to spend with her three weekends but those times we actually just hung out. So this made me nervous. She met my gaze and raised one eyebrow. "Are you okay?" She asked carefully as she let her hands feel my ribcage a little. I was breathing a bit unevenly. "Yeah, just...," I started. She nodded. "Me too," she whispered and moved closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "We don't have to. We have the whole weekend and most of our lives," she whispered. I swallowed. "I feel stupid about it. I love you but I'm still so nervous and anxious around you," I whispered. She nodded a little and looked down a little. "I know you are and it's okay. I would be too. The only reason why I don't seem as nervous is because I know you are and that means that you like me. It would be another thing if you felt uncomfortable," she said. I smiled a little and moved even closer and kissed her.

I pushed her over the bed as we fell down and kissed a bit. She smiled a little as she pulled out and looked at me. "So let's drink some more and relax," she suggested. I nodded. She rolled off the bed and got the bottle we bought at the tax free shop. I sat up as I did feel exposed wearing only a bra and pants. She grinned as she grabbed two wine glasses and sat down beside me as I took the glasses while she opened the bottle. It plopped and made that appealing sound of champagne. We laughed a little as she poured a bit too much and we both drank a little as she then bit her lip and handed me her glass and pulled off her shirt and then took her glass again and smirked. "So that it's even," she said. I nodded a little and leaned in and kissed her some and then drank a little while I got up and walked over to my bag as I wanted my iPod. "So when you said we could get something together, what did you really mean?" I asked without thinking as I started going through my bag. "Oh you know, a toy or something sexy," she said. I froze and looked over at her. She blushed and then smirked a little. "It's just for fun," she said. I nodded a little and swallowed hardly. I hope so. She then laid a hand on my shoulder and handed me my iPod. I looked up at her a little grateful as I then put it in a dock station on one of the playlists I'd made for us. She smirked as she recognised the first song. I drank a little and put away my glass and then grabbed her waist and kissed her as I removed her glass as well and slowly we undressed on the bed and things progressed.

Afterwards I just lay quietly touching and tracing her contours. God, she's beautiful. "How come you're always so good at this part," she whispered. I looked up and met her gaze as I blushed lightly. "What part," I asked. She smiled. "This one, where you just touch me and look at me this way," she whispered. I smiled a little. "Is there any other way of looking at you?" I asked and moved up a little. She nodded and looked down a little. "Yeah, like I just robbed you, like my body is strange or like you didn't like it," she whispered. I sighed and pulled her waist closer to mine. "Impossible. You're beautiful and you make me so happy. I wish I could stay with you like this forever but I love you so I know I have to let you have a life as well," I said. She smirked and leaned in and kissed me. We kissed a bit and then she laid up on one elbow and stroked my hair back and my cheek a little as she laid her thigh over my waist. "You really are amazing," she whispered. I swallowed and smirked a little. "I have to be," I answered. She shook her head a little.

"I've been thinking, if you want to take your photos for your portfolio I could help you if you want," she said. I smirked a little playfully. "Oh, so you want to be my nude model?" I said as a joke. She leaned in and kissed me a little. "I would for you but if you sell them I will be so mad," she whispered. I swallowed and looked at her to see if she was serious. She was. I blushed and slid up out of bed and grabbed a pair of panties as I grabbed my camera. She raised one eyebrow. "Now?" she asked. I smirked as I snapped a photo of her. She arched her body a little and looked a little playfully at me. I grinned as I took a few more photos and then put it down and went back to her. "No, those are for me privately," I said. She smirked and shook her head a little and slid down kissing my body a little. "Oh, I can think of a lot we can do privately," she whispered. I giggled a little which made me really embarrassed. She just grinned. "Where did that come from?" she asked as she then slid her hand down a little. I shook my head and took a deep breath. She smiled and slid her hand down while she kissed my jawbone. I arched myself a little by reflex. She smirked as she kissed me and laid her free hand on my cheek. "Look at you all wet," she said playfully as she looked down at her hand inside my underwear. I bit my lip and then kissed her.


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