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David and Daniel:Daniel Van-Geer's sweet, nice, and the student of an expensive in-house Language Tutor. He's a Dutch immigrant from Holland who's mother gave him up to a family who didn't understand a word he said so they send him off...
David Rugby's a trouble-maker, bitch some times and the spoiled son of the in-house Language Tutor. He get's what he wants when he wants it but when his dad has to go out of in-house to out house all the way to another country he's stock baby sitting Daniel for a month or more!

Henry and William: Henry Hudson's an A art student but is being held back by his dad and mentally unstable mother. He can't decide what to do!
William Milton's Henry's art teacher only twenty-six and an private and public teacher who cares deeply for Henry but doesn't know how to show it to him.

Evan and Nathan: Evan Peerson's a scholarship kid in high school who cares about his grades, sister, and nothing else really matters-besides with a life like his love is not in the agenda! But when he looses his scholarship he's forced to work for a money hungry Author in New york City.
Nathan Holland's hires Evan after seeing his good work with costumer but decides to give him HELL!

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Chapter Twenty: David and Daniel part 7

David's room


David began to type up his essay and Googled what Daniel said. He widen his eyes and texted Daniel.

David: Ur a Ezel Dutchy!!! And I Google it!

Daniel: Oh so u have a brain!!

David slammed his phone down and began to inbox Tiffany.

TiffanyLovesyouBitch!:Hey Davy!

David Rugby: S'up. the Dutch bitch is a pain in the ass!!!!!!

TiffanyLovesyouBitch!: Aww sorry bummer. let's just hope he doesn't steal ur life.

David thought to him self, he already did. He remembered seven years ago when Daniel joined the party. he was about nine when his adoptive parents dropped him off at the Rugby's. Sure at first David tried to be nice but Daniel would just look at him and shrug not knowing what he was saying. David got over that knowing Daniel would learn English soon but God it was taking long since the Dutch language was barely known in America so his dad was learning him self too. It was pain full even for David who just watched but the hatred started when Daniel stole his parents. They treated him like a baby and paid less attention to David but more to the Dutch buy, Daniel who they barely knew! That pissed David off a whole lot! those where his parents not Daniel's! He logged out and left the room to see Anne Marie sitting on the bottom of the steps texting some one. She looked up at him.

"Um have you seen Daniel he's late," she said angry looking at her watch. David shook his head.

"No I didn't why don't you call him," he said bored out of his mind. Just then David ran past him and bear hugged Anne Marie with force. Daniel grabbed her hand.

"Come on let's go!" He said tugging on her as she got up.

David got in front of them. "Now where are you going?"Daniel stuck his tongue out.

"Non of your buissness," he said. "Bezel." David wriggled his nose and growled.

"If you say that one more time..." he leaned in close to Daniel. Daniel smiled.

"Ezel!" He jolted for the stairs. David growled in anger.

"You little!" Anne Marie followed them up the stairs running after them as David tried to grab Daniel's arm to pull him down. Daniel just kept laughing. A maid looked at them and shook her head and left the scene as if she saw nothing. Anne Marie called them childish and babyish to the core! "Dutchy get over here!" David grabbed Daniel by the collar but he yanked off when Daniel kicked his knee. He yelled in pain chasing Daniel in to his bedroom tackling him down on the bed. Daniel laughed as he pulled David's hands from his face. "I'm gonna kill you!" He kept moving his hands but Daniel grabbed them and giggled.

Daniel panted in laughter. "Oh mijn God je zo'n idioot! Ah mijn stamch doet pijn!" He said in English, "Oh my God your such an idiot! Ah my stomach hurts!" He lifted his knees to try and move David but he was to heavy. He just kept on trying in laughter. David pulled down. Anne Marie rolled her eyes.

"You guys are such brats!" She pulled on David who just kept on pushing down on Daniel.

"He's the brat!" he yelled finally able to grab Daniel who pushed his upper body off of him with his knees. Anne Marie yanked and pulled. "I'm going to kill you!" Daniel stopped laughing and calmed down as he let David go tired. David collapsed on him and got up. He was nose to nose with Daniel, lips inches apart, and he could fee his panting breath on his lips. David blushed and as did Daniel who crawled from under him. "Just leave before I kick your ass!" David said trying to lose his flushed face. Daniel ran down the stairs with Anne Marie. David didn't know what just happened but his heart had skipped three beats at that time. He ran in to his room and laid down.



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