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Giovani is an immagrint from Italy and comes to America from hard times and meets Rinaldo. View table of contents...


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Chapter1: Venice,Italy

I looked down on Fangoso my pet pig as he snorted and feed him some hay and corn smushed up into a meal.

"Giovani get in side now!" in a Italian it was "Giovani entrare in parte adesso!" which she really was talking.

"Madre provenienti," I said. I got up and walked over to the farm door and ran to my house watching Benny and Adona chase the sheep around like children even though their older than me.

"Gio mama want's you," Benny said holding down a black sheep in her arms and cutting its wool as it squirmed.

I wondered what mama wanted and just ran to the house. Mama looked sad when I walked in. She told me to sit down and I did. She spoke Italian to me so sweetly.

"Gio your father couldn't take care of us all so I decided to keep your sisters here with me and you," her voice trailed off.

"And I go where?' I tilted my head.

"You go to the States."

"The states?" I looked confused.

"America,"She said.

"W-What America!" I yelled "That's so far away from Italia and I love it here! I don't want to leave."

"Now shh Giovani it's the only way and you can provide for your self!" she said in Italian.

"But what about my english?" I said hopping to get out of this.

"Haven't you been studying with Adona on your english?"

I can't lie to her so I nod my head yes. "Yes ma'am."

"Good," mama saiid almost crying." I'll walk you to the boat tommorow."


She stood up to give me a hug but I rejected It and walked away.

"Gio," Audona said looking at me from the side of the bed.

"What?" I said holding back tears.

"You know mama loves you right?" She touched my cheek.

"No." I bite my lip crying. Mama was going to abandon me and leave me forever. I hate her so much!

"Gio please relize I love you. Benny loves you," she paused. " So does mama."

"Good night," I said trying to block her word's out.

"Good night brother,' she said leaning down to give me a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh and when you go to America write us okayin english no italian." She smiled and crept into her bed.

'I will," I mummered crying under the blanket . Like I'll ever forgive mother or write her. " I'll only write benny and Audona ," I whispered so low it couldn't be heard.


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