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Shakespeare Rewritten

Novel By: Joshalynn
Gay and lesbian

Janis is a young run-away boy who was raised by the a traveling theatre troupe. Being the only boy still small and delicate enough to play the leading female role is cast as Juliet. His young life takes a drastic turn.
Tanqour is a young free-loading man. Living life on the road and having as much fun as possible. This fun loving Romeo will show Janis more about the world than he can handle. View table of contents...


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Chapter One

Janis sat staring at the older boy in front of him. The boy was handsome, yes. He did fit the part of Romeo just perfectly, yes. But that still didn't explain why he was chosen for the part instead of him. Janis had been working his ass off for that part for the last three years. He'd cooked, cleaned, sewed the costumes (and even most of the troupes' personal garmets) all so that he could find that hour on the stage. In front of the towns folk performing the part of one of Shakespeare's most famous plays. But alas, the glory of being the tragic hero was ripped from his bosom by the tall, lanky, golden haired boy. And what did Janis get for all his hard work, for the hours spent memorizing the play, sweating over these grotesque fifty plus men... Juliet! Janis ground his teeth in annoyance. He'd done his best during auditions only to be showed up by Tanqour. A boy who had showed up not a month ago. He looked up to see Tanqour smirking at him. Janis glared back. If there was ever one thing he knew for sure, it was that at this moment on he was at war with the golden haired god that stood not twenty feet from him.


Tanqour smirked at the beautiful boy. He couldn't help it, the boy was just so cute sitting there on the wooden stool with his long black waves tied back at the nape of his neck, the muscles of his jaw gliding over his still small and delicate jaw as he ground his teeth. The boy couldn't have been older than fourteen,barely old enough to not be called a babe but young enough to still throw a temper tantrum when he didn't get what he wanted. Tanqour reveled in the fact that he got under this boy's skin so easily. Involuntarily his eyes slide down the length of the boys body. He was tall for his age, close to Tanqours own height of six foot four, but he still had the delicate round face, and large glassy green eyes. He was as beautiful as a woman should be. Tanqour like his lips hungrily. How long had it been since he'd been with a woman? More than a month, two? As he pondered this a wicked idea popped into his head. Walking over to the boy he leaned close to the boys face smiling. "Juliet, my fair Juliet how fairs thee? Is thou not going to congratulate her beloved?"

Janis glared up at him evilly. "If Shakespeare were alive he would have stabbed you with his quill." Tanqour just laughed at this. He was close enough to smell the boy, the clean scent of pine and sap clung to his being like an infant clinging to it's mother. Tanqour took a step closer to the boy his knee between the boys legs. Janis pressed himself against the rough wood of the stage wall pinning himself with Tanqour looming over the boy. Tanqour leaned down close to the boys face noses all but touching. Tanqour wound his fingers into the the boys hair, not all surprised to find it smooth and soft to the touch. Tanqour pulled the boy's head back with a quick jerk, a grin appearing on his face as he heard the boy's moan of protest. Janis squirmed uncomfortably under the painful tortures of Tanqour.

"Don't make me show you how far my patience extends because you'll be the one paying for it in the end." Tanqour held the boy in his grasp a moment longer enjoying the way the boy wriggled under him looking for an escape where none was to be found. The white of the boy's neck caught Tanqours eye, he traced the pulsing vain down into the depths of the boy's shirt. His eyes caught on a faint silvery scar that peeked out from beneath his collar bone. "Well what do we have here?" Tanqour traced the scar with his finger to the laced collar of Janis' shirt, with a sharp tug he ripped the loose fabric open to reveal not only a scar but the brand of a slave gracing his right pectoral muscle starting at the curve of the collar bone and ending at the pierced nipple. Tanqour grinned wickedly. "Not only a slave but a royal bed slave to boot. Tell me, boy, were you the queen's plaything or is our king a bit more twisted than he lets on?"


Janis looked at Tanqour in fright. He had been able to hide his up bringing for so long. Why hadn't he just left the stage after auditions? Why did he have to sit there brooding over something so simple? No he had been stupid and sat glaring at the man that now held his entire free life in the palm of his hands. As he was thinking he felt his head jerk back even harder forcing him to met the eyes of the man before him."Well, what's the answer, boy? Where you the queen's pet or the king's? If you don't answer I can make myself a very rich man in a matter of days." The tone in his voice was light and playful, but underneath Janis heard the seriousness. He had been expecting this but nothing had would have prepared him for this. He had heavy footstep on the stairs of the theater, his heart began beating faster than it already was. "If you don't answer soon, I'll expose you to the rest before I drag you to the castle for my rightful reward, boy."

Janis couldn't bare it. He had spent to long hiding it from the troupe, keeping himself concealed from the rest so he could live a a quiet life of freedom. He wasn't prepared to loose everything all at one time. No he would submit to this man rather than foriet his life to the crown. "I-I was the crown prince's s-slave."


Tanqour heard the words that fell from the boy's lips, he also heard the loud voices of the drunken cast members. Tanqour released the boy only to grab his shirt and push him off the stage onto the floor of the theater. "Meet me here tonight, or prepare to be returned to your princeling."Tanqour, still standing on the stage turned to meet the others with a large grin. "Ho, and to who should I address for a pint, my lads?" He walked into the crowd as some shoved him playfully.

"That be Tomas's mistress, bucko." A large roar came from the drunken men.

"Then onward, back to the pub, boys." Tanqour laughed hard as he lead the troupe away from the edge of the stage where he knew Janis was struggling to fix his shirt. Struggling to hide his unfortunate past.


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