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Just Another Love Story In The Making

By: Kuro Shiro

Chapter 1, Just Another Love Story In The Making or is it? Brian one day bumps in to the schools most hot tempered and shortest guy what will he do when they find out that their neighbors or that Marcus is in a illicit relationship with one of their teachers Will Marcus fall for Brian, will Brian fall for the teacher or Marcus, Will the Teacher get thrown in jail, will Brian\'s sister ever date one of his friends? Will answer those questions and more.

Brian’s P.O.V.

It all started with one thrashing bump and a fall to the floor.

“Hey watch where you’re going asshole.”

“Why don’t you?!”

Ok maybe not just one but that is how we met.

“You wanna go shrimp toast?”

“Sure I can show you tiny ain’t so bad big foot.”

He swung heavily with his right only for it to miss and hit Mr.Eveans. Now Mr.Eveans is a cool guy just don’t hit him.

“Mr.Glasscourt and Mr.Skullen you have one week of detention.” He yelled so loud everyone in the hall heard.

“What if I don’t show?” The little guy piped up and said smugly.

“Well Mr.Skullen you’ll get another detention.”

Mr.Eveans walked away, and while he walked away I heard the little guy beside me mumble under his breath “I bet you’d like that.”


Three o’clock rolled around I walked to detention I looked in only the guy that punched Mr.Eveans and Mr.Farms was in there. Now Mr.Farms is an old man he needs hearing aids he’s so old. The good thing about it I can not show up and he wouldn’t even know. I left the detention door to gather my shit to leave when the P.A. went on “Brian Glasscourt to room 12 for detention, Brian Glasscourt to room 12 for detention.” Goddamn it I was almost there.


I walked through the door the little guy had a smug look on his face as I entered the room.


Mr.Farms fell asleep so I decided to pass a note to the little guy.

What’s your name? I wrote, he through it back.

Does it fucking matter?

Well yes you did try to hit me plus do you really want me to keep calling you shrimp toast?

Fine asshole my name is Marcus

My you have a sharp tongue

You don’t like it fuck off

I didn’t know what to write from there so we stopped passing notes.


We were finally let out and I went to my car. I saw some one get in Mr.Eveans car with him but ignored it and drove home.


“Brian Honey could you go down the street to greet the new neighbors I would but I’m busy with diner and don’t forget to give them the cookies I baked.” On the way I started thinking about my family. My mom is just like those old 50s moms. She stays at home to cook and clean all day. She looks young then what she is but she’s 42. Her hazel brown hair is more often then not in a tight bun at the back to show her grassy green eyes that look tired often. There’s my dad who works for a publishing company as an editor. My dad is a bit older than my mom he’s 48. He’s rarely home even though he can work at home. His hairs are so gray people think my sister is his granddaughter. But the gray hair shows off his dark green eyes. He’s a strict guy but can be pretty calm sometimes just lately he’s been wound way to tight. Then finally there’s my boy crazy, annoying, and vexing little six year old sister Kelly. She always bugs me and my friends by flirting with them by twirling her ginger red tight curly hair and bating her light brown eyes. It’s kind of disgusting considering all my friends are at least 10 years older then she is and that’s just wrong. I finally noticed I was at the front door of my neighbors’ house I knocked and waited.



Marcus’s P.O.V.

“Goddamn that asshole.”

“Who has your tightly whiteys in a twist now Honey?”

“Just Brian Glasscourt the asshole.”

“Well don’t go cheating on me Mark.”

“I know Mr.Eveans.”

“Hey you only call me that at school at home I’m Dean your hubby.”

“Now look here we’re not married nor will I, I’m not gay.”

“Keep telling yourself that.”

The rest of the car ride home was quiet and when we got home I went straight to my room. I know I’m gay I just don’t want to announce it to the whole goddamn world. I’m only living with him because my parents died and he was put as my guardian. Mom and dad died in a car accident and I was an only child. I remember them both so well, Mom I remember her extremely curly golden blonde hair and cherry wood brown eyes. Her smile was big and warm she was so kind and loving I miss her a lot. My Dad he was a warm hearted soul strict at times but kind. He had raven black hair and dark emerald green eyes. Just like my mom he smiled a lot but looked kind of goofy with a smile. My mind started to wander to Brian. His looks were nothing to slouch at his hazel brown hair looked a bit blonde and kept really short. His Dark green eyes reminded me of my father but had something else in them that my dad just didn’t have. His physique was quiet muscular and very tall but then again I’m only five feet tall. I started comparing Brian to Dean. Dean was a whole foot taller than me was very muscular even more than Brian and Dean never worked out. Deans’ hair a cherry wood brown, when dry sticks up all spiky, and when wet is down looks all tousled it’s really cute yet sexy. His eyes a purple that’s almost like a new color so unique. I was about to fall asleep when a knock at my bedroom door woke me.

“Look Mark I’m sorry please come to bed with me.”

“Dean you’re my teacher now that’s not some thing you should be saying to your students,” I yelled through the door.

“Mark please you know I can’t sleep without you by my side.”

“That won’t work on.” I could tell he was up to something.

“Fine I’ll be sleeping in your bed with you.” He said in a seductive voice.

“Hold up now.” Before I could finish my sentence or get to the door to keep him from getting in. The door flung open to a Dean in only his boxers.

“Alright time for bed.”

“But it’s only four.”

“So I never said I was going to sleep.”

Oh god he we go Dean is a bit of a sex freak I found that out the first time we had sex I was a virgin, he wanted to go for three more rounds, and he was rough. He’s going to be the death of me. I can’t say I completely hate him after being rough he always tries to make it up to me and becomes more affectionate. Dean walked over to my bed pinning me down started nibbling my ear and pinching my nibbles. I could only lie there moaning as the pleasure coursed through me. Dean moved from nibbling my ear to look at my face I could see a smirk rolling on to his face. He moved his lips closer to mine. His hands wrapped around my thing and started to squeeze and move. With each pump of his hand I fight back the urge to cum. I finally submit and was about to cum when I heard a knock at the door I motioned Dean to go put on his shirt and I went down to answer the door.                     

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