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My High School Love

Novel By: Kuro Shiro
Gay and lesbian

what would happen if your high school love who you were still in love with came onto you at your reunion but you were already happily married and raising there child.would do the same things as Courtney or different.

things like this can happen in life but very rarely. Oh and I believe cheated on your wife, husband, and lover is very wrong so don't I can not con dole what goes on in this story. I just wrote it out of boredom. View table of contents...


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"Courtney I love you you're my best friend." "Me too Jamie me too." They hugged. "I'm sorry Jamie I'm sorry I loved you too much I'm sorry." "Ah" I woke to a buzzing noise. "Morning honey." I kissed my wife got our son ready for school and sat to relax. "Oh the mail I got to go get that." I ran out to get it. "Bill, bill, bill, high school reunion letter, and bill wait what." I grabbed it and read I waited for Mary to return home from work.

"Ah Mary my reunion is coming up did you want to come?" "Hmmm maybe we should all go." "What a great idea you do you want to come Andrew?" "Yeah I want to meet daddies old friends." What a cute little five year old son I have. He bounced with excitement for the entire week and told all his friends. Mary seemed a little nervous that we would meet Jamie. "Courtney do you think we'll see her there?" she seemed scared "Mary its ok everything will be alright." I patted her back to comfort her.

We entered the door of the gym and Andrew bolted off. "Andrew, Andrew get back here." "Its ok honey he'll be alright." "No what if someone tries to take him or." Just then my wife put her finger to my mouth to stop me "It's ok honey just so long as he doesn't run in to Jamie." I gave Mary a kiss "You're right." We had cake and proceeded to have a good time Andrew came back to us and we gave him a slice of cake. Then I went to the ladies room. "Oh hi Courtney." I turned to see who it was. "J-Jamie!?" I was shocked "What you missed your high school love." I blushed red then I ever had. "How did you find out?" I averted my eyes a smirk was on her face. "From you just now." Damn how could I be so dense to her tricks? "You're still the same how's my boy?" she looked concerned she looked like a real mother. "Andrew he's great." "Well that's a relief." Jamie started to approach me in a dance like movement. As she got closer and closer I blushed deeper I was still in love with her after sixteen years even though I had a wife and loved her very much. "I saw you earlier you were very concerned about my boy." "Well I did raise him." I know why I couldn't forget her, the child I raised and loved so dearly looked so much like her the same fiery red hair, eyes that warmed the heart and made you feel at ease, and a smile that could even make a person about to commit suicide think maybe life is worth living. Jamie's face came close to me "You know from this close and with you blushing so deeply you look adorable." She chuckled. "Well you're the one making me blush." She leaned in and kissed me I couldn't push away and got sucked into it a bolt of electricity went through me then I felt her tongue in my mouth moving I finely got a breath "S-stop I have a w-wife." She smirked "Tell that to your body you're weak in the knees and can't stand it seems to me you really want it." "N-no I-I don't." I could speak properly I was so out of breath. Before she left she whispered "If you want to continue this meet me at my hotel lobby." and left with a smirk on her face what would my wife do if she found out about this but I need to go to straighten my relationship with Jamie out.


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