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Karo hates life, hates her mother's boyfriend, and hates school. She just hates the world in general. Until the day her mother has some "news". She tells her that her high school best friend and her daughter are moving in with them. Then Karo realizes that her mother's friend's daughter is the girl who gave her confusion just hours before. How will it end?

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Karo kept her head down walking towards her front door, for some reason she felt as though something bad was about to happen. She looked up, glancing next door when she hear her next-door neighbor's dog Terror barking, Terror barked at everything. Despite his name Terror was not terrifying at all, he was really a big baby, but Karo loved the blue-eyed wonder of a husky anyways.

Just as she turned her head back to her front door it slammed open and Michael her mother's boyfriend stormed out. "Where's your mother girl?!" "I don't know Mike you prick, why don't you call her or did u forget her number? Dumbass!!!" "Don't talk to talk to me like that or I'll give you a black eye to match that sweater!!!" "Hit me I dare you" Karo growled glaring at him. "You better be glad you are your mother's kid you stupidass!" "Says the guy who doesn't know the difference between a sweater and a hoodie!"

Karo turned around and started to walk back down the driveway, there was no way she was going in that house, by herself with Michael in it. The rumors said that he raped his ex girlfriend's 14-year-old daughter when her mother refused to have sex with him. This was the main reason why Karo didn't understand why her mother was with this low life, another reason was that her mother was gorgeous and this guy was hideous.

Karo always figured that her mother had low self-esteem and that's why she kept going out wit losers. Either way Karo didn't like him and wasn't going to be in that house with him. She prayed that her mother wouldn't marry him; then again she doubted the loser would ever commit much less have the money for a ring. Lost in thought she almost didn't hear him yell something about her coming into the house or he would beat her ass.

She smirked, turned, flipped him off, and kept right on walking. She didn't know where she was going; she just let her feet carry her wherever they wanted. She watched kids play in their front yards, parents wrestle around with them, dogs play in the mud and playing tug-of-war. All she could do is watch and wish that someday she would have something similar, and no loser like Michael as a husband, but a rich, handsome man that truly care about her. But even as she thought about it she didn't believe it what guy would want her? Karo who was tall, lean, muscular, could easily beat up any boy on the playground since grade school.

Karo, whose blue eyes and black hair were never done up in makeup and bows. Karo who kept her hair short because it was easier to manage and her thick hair wouldn't make her hot in the summer. She seemed more of a threat then a possible lover to them, she always saw a few stare at her in that "I want you" kind of way, but it just crept her out. She figured it was just because she hadn't found "the one" yet.

That one day she would come across the guy who would rock her world.

She kept walking and was so lost in thought that she almost ran over the little red head, who was bent over her bike on the sidewalk trying to put the chain back on and failing miserably. "Hey watch it!" "I'm sorry, so so sorry" "Oh hey" The freckled faced girl looked up at her smiling with a weird glint in her eye. " Haven't I seen you before?" "I doubt it," said Karo looking at the ground shyly. "Well your cute, what's your name?" "Its Karo" Karo kicked the rocks at her feet trying not to seem too stupid. "I'm Sammi"

The read head stuck her hand out smiling, and looking directly into Karo's eyes. Karo took her hand and as soon as she did felt a shock shoot up it and settle in her stomach. It was a weird feeling and she didn't understand it at all. All she could think about was this girl and how her name kept bouncing around in her head. What was it about this girl that had her so confused she never felt this ever. No guy had made her heart flutter with a smile or shocked her with a touch. Sure she had dated guys but it never lasted more than a month. Sometimes even ending the day after they began.

Karo was always so distant, never answered the questions they asked and eventually they got bored and dumped her. But this was a whole new feeling, a little cluster of shocks in her stomach leaving her excited and confused. She there and tried to figure out why this feeling wouldn't leave and just kept getting worse. She shook her head, trying to shake the feeling, but failing. She kept walking, thinking, and just trying to figure out what her next move was going to be.

Should she just wait until her mom came home or the time she should be home from work and well go home?

Should she just call her aunt explain the situation and have her come get her? Karo kept walking for a while before she finally just called her mother. It took four rings for her to pick up. "Hello?" "Hey mother dearest just calling to find out when you would be home" "I have been home for an hour, where are you?" "I'm walking around the neighborhood right now" "Why didn't you come in the house when you got home?"

"Dickhead was there, if he still is I'm not coming home" " Don't call him that and he left as soon as I got home, grumbling about you actually" "Who cares?" "I do" "Because I care about him" "No you don't" "Yes I do" "Quit lying to yourself mother, what could you possibly see in him anyways?" "That's none of your concern" "Nothing ever is" "You need to get home now" "Oh now you want to be mommy, where were you when your lovely boy toy was threatening to kick my ass?" "Karo… just come home" "Why?" "Because we need to talk" "About?" "Come home and you'll find out" "Fine whatever" "See you in a few honey" "Yeah okay"

Karo turned around and headed home, wondering what her mother could possibly want to talk about now and why she couldn't just talk to her about it over the phone. She hoped that for once a conversation she had with her mother wouldn't end in an argument. It didn't take long for her to get to her driveway, she checked the garage just to make sure the tyrant's puke green Honda was actually gone like her mother said. She couldn't count how many times, her mother had told her, he was gone and she was pleasured by his scared, pimple covered stupid disleveled face at the front door sneering at her.


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