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Lavender Rain chapter 1

Novel By: lesbianrebel94
Gay and lesbian

Maddie relives her relationship from long ago, the pain is just as fresh as it was when it happened, but by going over the details shes hopes to find her faults, this is a lesbian love story be prepare for sparky personalities and loveable characters maybe even some you will what to punch in the face, be prepare to laugh,smile,get angry and maybe even upset. welcome to Lavender Rain View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 1, 2012    Reads: 73    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Lavender Rain: Chapter 1 Remembering

The rain just kept pouring down. Maddie just sat by the window on her favorite chair, reading the book her lover gave her so long ago. Kelly was so beautiful, when they forst met, long slender legs, firm perky breasts, stunninggray eyes with a little green around the pupil, standing at 5'8, short adorably spiky blonde hair with the tips dyed red. They wre only 19 when they met so young and full of potential, neither of them expecting a trip to the coffee shop would change their lives forever. it was a tuesday morning, Maddie was in such a rush she went to the wrong coffee shop, by the time she realized what she did and how mad her boss would be for her not getting the exact brand of coffee, made a certain way that only one coffee shop on clay lane made, she was half way to work. she gave up called in sick, and on her way homeshe saw the most beautiful car at the coffe shop that made her give up for the day.

now that she wasn't worried about her supervisior yelling over a pointless cup of joe, she stopped to drool over the car. she parked her car next to the beautiful machine, realizing as soon as she did that her car looked like a junk pile next to it. swallowing her shame, she sat on the hood of her car anf watched the sun dance off the bright blue paint job. she sat and stared at it for what seemed like ages, when she heard the most seductive voice. "you like her or are you planning to steal her?" she looked up and saw the most beautiful thing on earth standing less than two feet away from her, smiling the most stunning of all smiles. "well now i'm terrified, are you having a heart attack or something?" the beautiful face, now had a look of utter concern , the longer Maddie failed to reply, the more concern spread across the beauty's face. it took only one more minute of the silence, beofre the woman had her arms around Maddie and carrying her towards the coffee shop.

as soon as their eyes met the woman stopped cold, their gazes locked and the silence returned."i.....i'm kelly" "maddie" "nice to meet you" "you too... would you mind putting me down?" " oh yeah sorry" maddie's eyes stayed locked on kelly's while her fett touched the ground, the sudden shock of her supporting her own weight, caused her to stumble into the woman she still couldnt take her eyes off of. the embarrassment of her falling into kelly, made her blush deelpy. thankfully keely was paying close atttention to her every move, she caught and held maddie in place with her arms smiling. '"do i need to get you a chair?" " no but thank you" " just a thought you seem alittle off balance" maddie couldnt help but smile while she listened to kelly's pure and beautiful laugh as i bubbled out of her. "really what gave you that idea?" they both dissolved in laughter, smiling at each other and locking eyes , they both seemed to jump with exictment.

"so ummm i dont know what to say." Maddie giggled and blushed even more, they both were still so close to each other. just then then door to the coffee shop swung open, standing in the doorway was a short pixie of a woman. anger was written across her fairy-like features, she stepped off the sidewalk and walked straight towards Kelly, determination mixing with the anger. "so much for going home, huh Kelly?" "Sharon relax will you?" "relax?! i thought we were fixing our problems, not you hooking up with some ungrateful littel girl, who was probably only pretending to be faint so you could do your little knight in shining armor act." "what were you spying on me?" unable to take it anymore Maddie stepped out of Kelly's arms and faced Sharon. Kelly though alittle shocked allowed it and responded to Sharon's rude comment. "Sharon you need to grow up and get over yourself." Sharon by this time was now in Maddie's face, threatening her and somewhat terrifying her. "get your little skinny useless asss away from her now." Maddie was using all her strength not to bust into tears right then, the longer the event went on the more her strength began to fail her. when she couldnt stand anymore she let the tears fall as she pushed through Kelly to get to her car and fumbled for her keys, her tears blurring her vision, she struggled. the struggle only caused more tears to fall and faster, her chest heaving from the sobs that had consumed her. her keys fell, she had almost given up, and didnt even bother to bend down and pick them up. she colapsed into the side of her and let her sobs take control.

"you see she cant take a few insults, and you want that? are you an idiot or what?" "shutup Sharon" "excuse me?" "i said shutup, get out of my face and leave!' "fine i will find another way home, thank you for nothing." Kelly ignored Sharon's last protest and turned from her to the beauty that had drawn her attention from the moment she laid eyes on her. she watched with regret and remorse has the auburn beauty was racked with sobs, sobs she could have been rid of sooner. Maddie was awhole new level of beautiful that Kelly never knew existed she was 5'4, flowing auburn hair, hazel eyes that fell on you, and made you stop and really look at her, not look at her like most men would a sexual piece of meat oh no, her eyes would make you take her in one hair at a time. she had a toned body more so than you would believe possible for a femmine woman, but she made it work, she commanded it, and yet she was so shy and anyone could see she kept to herself most of the time but when she didnt she was a firecracker.

she was the woman who would hide her beauty away in a book shop corner, hidden behind bookshelves, hiding from the insecurities that she should have never developed. despite all this,, she commanded more attention than people like Sharon who make complete fools of themselves, and still dont get the attention they crave, this woman was a master piece walking, standing and even now when her precious tears ran down her perfect face, Kelly noticed both men and women alike noticing her. she was almost completely sure that the beauty before her was interested if only slightly in women, she wanted so badly to give her a reason to smile and laugh. Kelly only just met, not even met only just laid eyes on this woman and even so she had an emotion like no other coursing through her as she stood battling the urge to draw a woman she knew nothing about into her arms. Maddie couldnt believe the pain, her tears kept coming, pouring like a neverending rain, she was slumped against her car to get away, her engery drained she no longer cared what people thought. she was letting out years of frustration, disappointment, depression, and feeling as if there was no light in her life.

yes there is more coming guys just need more time :)


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