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This is the story of Helen and Keira. The discovery of forbidden love, the dangers of being caught, the horrible possibility of Helen being dragged into an arranged marriage by her deranged mother, the fear of Keira being pulled away by her father none other than Zeus himself. Will Keira lose her god half and become human to be with Helen? Will Helen have to marry a man who she has no interest in to save Keira's life? How will Mount Olympus survive without its heir? only one way to find out... say hello to "Shining Heart" :) enjoy View table of contents...


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Her light shined brighter than any star. Her smile could make crowds fall to their very knees. Her laugh made newborns smile through their tears. Her scream struck fear and agony into the best warriors' hearts. Her anger could melt mountains. Her beauty made every other human woman wither. Her silver locks, deep gray eyes, milky white skin and frame could only be described as heavenly. This was the woman to have this was Helen Nightgale the untouchable and untamed. Many a man had crossed seas and borders of countries, friend and enemy territory alike, to claim this prize woman, every one being smacked down leaving with their pride in tatters, shame written across their faces.

She was not your average woman and the males believed she could be charmed or whipped into place like the rest. Whoever finally laid claim to this beauty would eventually rule would eventually rule the world or so The Fates said. She was not a weapon of war, but a token of peace to come. Her father always said, "Only by Zeus' design would this beauty walk earth, whoever claims her will be of divine blood and nothing less". She walked with her held high not in spite of those lower in class than herself, but to show the confidence a woman like her should have in herself and her purpose in the spinning of the web of life.

Helen was rare and extraordinary from birth, as a child she learned to read and write faster than ever recorded for a child of only 4. She captivated young boys and girls without them ever understanding why. She climbed such heights that no one could deny her rights to the feats she had accomplished. Her father named her Helen after the infamous "face that launched a thousand ships" because her birth occurred only moments after the war was over. According to many her face even defeated infamous Helen of Troy's undeniable beauty. Helen of Troy may have caused many lives to be lost but Helen would heal the world with a simple smile.

This was her destiny. Who would come to claim the position be at her side, to respect her, be faithful to her, and be prepared to take on armies at her side, would have to be a strong, defiant individual, able to take a hit and keep on moving. Life and love would never be easy for Helen, her mother noticed it right away and scorned the obvious difference in her daughter versus the other girls of her age. Helen could never quite understand why her mother hated her so, everyone else seemed to love her and hang on her every word not that it made her believe she was better than anyone, but she could never pinpoint what she did as a child that would make her mother not even want to be in the same room as her.

When she was but a child of 7 years she met a young boy, little did she know who this boy was and what power his father held in his hands. This little seemingly innocent boy would play a big part later in life and leave a very unpleasant feeling in her chest. Her mother worshiped this boy, yet another bad sign that Helen never quite picked up on. His dark soulless eyes and grimace that never seemed to leave his face even when they were young could have been very key signs to the danger and pain he would later bring to the world and its savior.

His heart was black as midnight even when he was young; many times Helen stumbled across him torturing some poor creature or servant in her household just for pure amusement. It frightened Helen deeply but in fury and pain for the tortured she fended him off and tended to the wounded and sometimes mangled figure he had been tormenting. Her heart of solid gold would not let her stand by and allow such a demonic soul tortured creatures so innocence and pure. He would always argue with her afterwards in a mockingly manner and act as thought the crimes he had committed were not important and that tormenting the innocence was nothing but sport. This angered her in ways she could not explain.

Her father adored her; as many did but he did his best raise his already almost perfect child to have strong unwavering morals. He taught her to never let a soul make her turn from her path. She stood strong in her father's image, her greatest and most beautiful ancestors shining through her eyes and various parts of her soul. This woman may have be young but her soul was thousands of years old and more pure that crystal water in a valley spring. No one could claim this child evil or corrupt, you could not look into her eyes and not melt from the seer power of the love she emitted for all creatures even the ones from the darkest of the depths of Hades' realm.


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