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Gabriel - LGBT

Novel By: lorby1000
Gay and lesbian

Gabriel's mother died when he was fourteen. He was forced to drop out of school to care for his younger siblings, Jordan, Phoebe, Rose and Liam.
Forced into a line of work that he detests, that makes him money but is gradually eroding him, Gabriel is sinking into misery.
His siblings have no idea what he does to earn money, and Gabriel has no way of getting out. He can't afford to stop working.
Until, one day, a girl called Angela makes an offer Gabriel can't refuse. View table of contents...


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Chapter Fourteen

Jordan went up to his bedroom after leaving Gabe. His heart was thundering in his chest, pounding wildly.

"Get a grip!" He growled to himself. "He's your brother. Your brother." He threw himself on his bed with a snarl of anger, about the pummel the hell out of his pillow, when he heard a knock on the front door.

Curious as to whom it could be so late, Jordan crept from his room as Gabriel went into the hall and answered the door. Jordan scowled when he saw Bailey on the doorstep.

"What do you want?" Gabe asked Bailey wearily.

"I wanted to… apologise. For what I did earlier." Jordan felt his curiosity rise as Gabe hesitated, before his brother stepped aside to let Bailey in. Jordan padded silently down the stairs and listened at the door and Gabe and Bailey sat down. What were they talking about? He wondered as Gabriel talked quietly.

"-she refused to let me end our… arrangement." He heard Gabriel say. What arrangement? Jordan was getting more interested with every word they spoke.

"I want… you." Jordan could barely hear Bailey's whispered words. Fighting his shock, Jordan peeked around the edge of the door, and thought his heart was going to stop then and there. Bailey and Gabriel were glued at the lips. Their hands were exploring each other's torsos slowly.

Jordan scowled when Bailey gently tugged Gabe's hair, making his brother moan softly. He could feel jealously rise in his chest, sickening him, and stepped back quickly. What was happening to him? Why was he feeling this way? He'd never felt jealous at the idea of Gabe kissing someone before. Was it because Bailey was a guy? Or was it because… when Gabe was pinned beneath him earlier… when he'd been laughing and smiling like he hadn't a care in the world…? Jordan had made him look like that. He'd made Gabe look happy. He liked seeing Gabe happy; he didn't smile nearly often enough.

"Oh, God." Jordan whispered. "This can't be happening…" He heard the sofa creak softly as Gabe and Bailey stood up. Jordan bolted up the stairs, as silently as he could, and withdrew to the shadows to listen.


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