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Gabriel - LGBT

Novel By: lorby1000
Gay and lesbian

Gabriel's mother died when he was fourteen. He was forced to drop out of school to care for his younger siblings, Jordan, Phoebe, Rose and Liam.
Forced into a line of work that he detests, that makes him money but is gradually eroding him, Gabriel is sinking into misery.
His siblings have no idea what he does to earn money, and Gabriel has no way of getting out. He can't afford to stop working.
Until, one day, a girl called Angela makes an offer Gabriel can't refuse. View table of contents...


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Chapter Three

Gabe let himself into the house quietly, seeing the windows were all dark as he walked up the road. He quickly checked on twins who slept downstairs, in the dining room which they'd converted into a bedroom after their mother's death. He went through to the kitchen, made himself a sandwich from whatever he could find in the fridge and flopped on the sofa in the living room to eat. He looked around at the faded photographs fastened to the wall with blue-tack. There was only one of his mother, an attractive, blonde-haired woman, stood with her arms around him when he was about seven. Before she became an addict.

Of the five siblings, Gabe looked most like their mother with his shoulder-length blonde hair and big, baby blue eyes. Phoebe had her father's dark eyes and hair, and Liam and Rose has their father's curly mop of hair and Gabriel's mother's eyes. Jordan wasn't biologically related, so he looked nothing like any of them with his dark olive skin and near-black eyes.

Gabe locked the downstairs doors and windows, before he ran upstairs for a quick shower. After he'd washed the scent of two different men from his body, Gabe went in to check on Phoebe. As usual, she'd fallen asleep on top of her covers and was now shivering slightly. Gabriel gently tucked her beneath the covers and locked her window.

Gabe went through to Jordan's room and locked his window securely. As he made for the door, Jordan rolled over in bed with a soft snore. Gabe looked at his adopted brother for a moment, curled like a cat beneath his duvet, before he went over and gently smoothed the covers around Jordan's shoulders.

"I do love you, you know." He murmured to the sleeping teenager. "I push you to do well because I love you." He stroked Jordan's dark fringe and kissed his temple lightly, before creeping noiselessly from the room. Gabe climbed up the rickety old ladder that lead up to the small attic, which was where his room was. He ducked past the low-hanging wooden beams supporting the ceiling and collapsed on his bed, exhausted. He glanced at his alarm clock, which read half-past three, and groaned, before setting the alarm for seven o'clock the next morning.


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