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Gabriel - LGBT

Novel By: lorby1000
Gay and lesbian

Gabriel's mother died when he was fourteen. He was forced to drop out of school to care for his younger siblings, Jordan, Phoebe, Rose and Liam.
Forced into a line of work that he detests, that makes him money but is gradually eroding him, Gabriel is sinking into misery.
His siblings have no idea what he does to earn money, and Gabriel has no way of getting out. He can't afford to stop working.
Until, one day, a girl called Angela makes an offer Gabriel can't refuse. View table of contents...


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Chapter Thirty Three

The next afternoon, Gabe was putting another load of laundry in the washing machine, when he heard the front door open and close. He hesitated for a moment, before continuing to load the machine. He heard heavy footsteps on the stairs, and some clattering around upstairs. Half an hour later, Jordan came back downstairs, carrying two cardboard boxes full of his things. He took them outside and went back upstairs to fetch the last box.

"Before you go-" Gabe told him quickly, before he could slip through the front door. "I… I got you something for your birthday in a couple of weeks… Would you take it?" Jordan scowled and started to shake his head, before sighing at Gabe's pleading expression and nodding shortly. "I don't care if you sell it or… if you can't stand to use it, but…" Gabe ran up to his room and fetched the present. Jordan's eyes widened slightly when he saw the guitar in Gabe's hand. He stared for a moment, before taking it from Gabe, and running his fingers slowly over the neatly painted wood.

"I thought… we were always strapped for cash." Jordan said quietly.

"Well… it was for your birthday." Said Gabe awkwardly. Jordan glanced at him for a moment, seeming reluctant to hold his gaze.

"Thanks." He said finally, his voice barely above a whisper, before he picked up the last box, and slipped out the front door.

Gabe stood frozen in the hall; he really thought Jordan would stay. He thought he'd be able to talk to him about… his job. He heard a car engine start outside and glanced out of the window. He saw Tracy's father in the driver's seat, Jordan sat huddling in the back. At least he'd found a place to say, Gabe thought.

He walked dully back into the kitchen and turned on the washing machine, before running upstairs. He hesitated for a moment, before opening to door to Jordan's room and going inside. Apart from the furniture, the room was bare. Jordan's books and DVD's, his sports awards and the posters on his walls had all gone. Gabe felt tears welling up in his eyes and fought them away firmly. He wouldn't miss Jordan; Jordan was the one who'd walked away. He wouldn't feel guilty. He wouldn't… Except that he did feel guilty.

He wandered back downstairs and went into the twin's bedroom. He saw the two little beds, cramped together against the back wall, and the small dresser overflowing with clothes. With a sigh, Gabe gathered armfuls of clothes and took them up to Jordan's room, neatly placing them inside the large dresser. He pulled out the second bed that was tucked beneath Jordan's, and made them both up, one on each side of the room. He carefully took the few faded posters from the wall in the twin's room and put them up in Jordan's instead.

Going back downstairs, he collapsed the beds in the dining room and stacked them carefully against the wall, before heaving the table from the kitchen through to the dining room, and moving the chairs through as well. He went back into the kitchen, which seemed much bigger now. He looked around for a moment, watching the washing machine bouncing slightly on the floor tiles, before making a start on the housework.

He worked straight through the afternoon, working out his anger, his guilt, on cleaning. He mopped the kitchen floor three times before deciding it was clean enough. When he finally finished, his hands were sore from cleaning with bleach and scrubbing the bathtub so hard. He heard the front door open and glanced at his watch before swearing. He'd forgotten to go and collect the twins.

He ran downstairs and saw Phoebe dumping her rucksack in the hall before kicking off her shoes.

"Hey Pheebs. I'll be back soon. I've got to-"

"Hey, Gabe? Where's our room gone?" Gabe was surprised to hear Liam's voice form the dining room.

"I fetched them for you." Phoebe said quietly. "I figured Jordan might have come by. He wasn't in school today." Gabe nodded.

"He did come back. Long enough to clear out his room." Gabe shrugged, before going into the dining room and hugging the twins. "I moved your room upstairs, guys. This one's a bit small for you, really. Go and look in Jordan's old room." They darted upstairs, and he heard happy squeals a few moments later. Phoebe had followed him into the dining room.

"What if Jordan comes back?"

"He can sleep in the dining room." Gabe said, sounding unconcerned. Phoebe stroked his arm gently, half-scared he was about to fly into a rage and start throwing things. Gabe rubbed his eyes wearily, before going back into the kitchen. He dug around in the freezer for a few minutes, before pulling out a bag of oven chips and some breaded pork chops. "Could you make dinner for the twins tonight? I… I need to get to work." Phoebe nodded slowly, looking sad. Gabe saw her expression and smiled ruefully. "It's alright, Pheebs. I'm… used to it by now."

"I wish-"

"I know." He said softly. "But… wishes don't get you anywhere in this life." He kissed her forehead, before running upstairs to change and heading out into the night.

However, as he headed towards the diner, a great weariness settled heavily on his shoulders. He stopped walking, really not in the mood to work, and wondered what to do. As he started shivering in the cold evening air, his finally turned and started walking towards the centre of town. He walked past the large shopping centre and turned down a smaller street, finally stopping outside a small apartment building. He hesitated outside the front door, before he pressed the button with Bailey's name on it.

"Hello?" Bailey answered the bell a few moments later.

"Hi." Gabe said in a low voice. "It's me."

"Gabe? What're you doing here?"

"I… Can I come up? I need to talk to you." Bailey hesitated a moment, before pressing the button to release the door. Gabriel slipped inside and half-ran up the stairs, skidding to a halt outside Bailey's apartment. He knocked tentatively on the door, and managed a small smile when Bailey opened the door to let him in.

"Are you alright?" Bailey asked, steering Gabe towards the sofa and sitting him down gently. "You don't look good." Gabe shrugged. "Do you want a drink?"

"No. I'm… Jordan and I had a fight. A bad one… he's moved out." Bailey stared at him.

"He left?" Gabe nodded. He felt the tears well up again, and was sobbing before he could stop himself. Bailey immediately leant across and embraced Gabe. Gabe clung tightly to Bailey, weeping on the older boy's shoulder. Bailey's hand was stroking his back gently, cradling him close. "It's going to be fine." Bailey murmured. "Everything's going to be fine." Gabe shook his head.

"He left me." He whispered. "I need him… and he left me." Bailey hugged him tighter. He kissed Gabe's temple, stroking his arms and shoulders. Gabe drew back slowly, wiping his eyes, gulping air.

"What did you argue about?" Bailey asked quietly. Gabe sighed, leaning into Bailey's body again. Before he knew what he was doing, he was lightly kissing Bailey's neck. "Gabriel." Bailey whispered. Gabe's lips moved up to his jawline, working slowly along to Bailey's chin. He felt a smattering of rough stubble beneath his lips. "Gabe." Bailey moaned. He cupped Gabe's face in his large hands and roughly kissed Gabe's lips. Gabe's hands squeezed his shoulders tightly, pulling him closer. He lifted his hands to entwine his fingers in Bailey's hair.

They kissed deeply, their tongues clashing as they battled for dominance. Gabe pressed forwards against Bailey, laying him down on the sofa. He felt Bailey's hands move towards the buttons of his coat, forgetting that he'd been on his way to work when he'd come here. He tugged Bailey's hair gently, drawing a soft growl from the other boy's throat. He felt Bailey's hand slid over his torso, before he drew back from their kiss, panting.


"Yeah?" Gabe nipped Bailey's earlobe gently.

"Why are you wearing… basically nothing?" Bailey asked quietly. Gabe drew back, frowning, before he remembered what he was wearing and drew back with a hiss of anger. He hopped off of Bailey's lap, drawing his trench coat firmly around him. He felt tears come to his eyes again at Bailey's enquiring look. "Hey." Bailey caught hold of his hand and tried to pull Gabe closer. "What's the matter?" Gabe let out a stifled sob and pulled himself away from Bailey, buttoning his coat firmly.

"I'm sorry." He whispered. "I shouldn't've come here." He headed quickly for the door, but Bailey reached it before him. He stood firmly across the doorway and folded his arms. Gabe tried to push him away, to no avail. "Bailey, please!" He begged, tears streaming down his face. "Let me go!" Bailey gripped the tops of Gabe's arms firmly, and shook him slightly.

"Gabriel Tanner, get a grip!" He growled. "Pull yourself together, and for God's sake, tell me what the matter is!"

"I'm a whore, alright!" Gabe screamed. "I screw guys for money!" He began sobbing even harder. "Jordan left because he couldn't bear to be in the same house with me anymore! So, let me go!" He shoved Bailey again, trying to move him out of the way. Bailey half moved, before he pushed Gabe back towards the sofa and sat him down firmly. He crouched in front of Gabe and wrapped his arms around him, letting him sob. He didn't know how long he stayed there with Gabe, just rocking him and soothing him, but when silence finally fell, Bailey realised Gabe had fallen asleep.

Sliding his arms underneath Gabe's body, Bailey lifted him carefully and carried him through to the bedroom, tucking him underneath the blankets. He fetched a flannel, wetted it with warm water, and gently washed Gabe's face. His eyes were swollen with crying, his hair matted where he'd clutched it in despair.

Bailey went back into the living room and rang Phoebe, quickly explained to her where Gabe was, and bade her goodnight, before returning to the bedroom, undressing down to his boxers and curling up beside Gabe. He watched Gabe sleeping, his breathing slow and steady, for almost three hours, before Gabe finally began to stir. As he woke slowly, Bailey leant over and kissed Gabe's lips gently. Gabriel moaned softly underneath him, before he awoke fully. He pushed Bailey away roughly and sat up, glaring.

"You should have let me go." He growled, shoving the blankets away and scrambling out of bed. Bailey firmly pulled him back onto the mattress and pinned him down. Gabe began wriggling like an eel, trying to get away from under him.

"Gabriel, listen to me!" Bailey insisted.

"Why? So you can call me names? Make me feel ashamed of myself? Well you don't need to bother, Bailey. I already feel bad enough about myself without you and Jordan adding your scorn to mine!" Bailey suddenly hit Gabe's face, making him yelp in surprise. "What was that for?" Gabe snarled, trying to hit back.

"Have I told you I'm ashamed of you?" Bailey snapped. "Have I told you that?" He shook Gabe hard. Gabe shook his head slowly. "I'm not ashamed of you, Gabe." Bailey whispered. "I… I feel so sorry for you. I hate that you have to do… what you do…" He sighed, and rolled off of Gabe.

"I… didn't have a choice. Nowhere was hiring, and… one night, a guy offered me thirty quid to give him a blow job. I… went back the next night, and he paid fifty to if he could… you know." Gabe rubbed a hand across his eyes wearily. Bailey rubbed his back slowly for a moment, before a thought struck him.

"Gabriel… you know the times when we… didn't use protection? Do… I need to get tested, or anything?" He asked tentatively. Gabe shook his head.

"I never go bareback. And I get checked every few months." Bailey couldn't stop a sigh of relief. He stroked Gabe's hair gently.

"So… do you do… requests?" Gabriel looked at him sharply, and saw the mischievous twinkle in Bailey's dark blue eyes. He grabbed a pillow and whacked Bailey in the face with it. Bailey laughed and threw it back. "I mean, if I ordered a… dominatrix, would I get one?" Bailey roared with laughed at the expression on Gabe's face. "Or… a shy military recruit who I can break-in, perhaps?" Bailey fell back on the mattress, laughing loudly. Gabriel watched him for a moment, before leaning over and biting Bailey's neck, hard.

"Shut up." He grumbled. Bailey giggled again, before sitting up and pecking Gabe's lips.

"Sorry, babe. It was just too tempting to resist!" He pulled Gabe back down onto the mattress and kissed him deeply. "Is it okay that I think you look really hot in those shorts?" Bailey murmured. Gabe remembered he was still wearing his tiny cut-off shorts, and blushed. Bailey's fingers played with the hem of the shorts for a moment, before sliding up and squeezing Gabe's buttocks gently. Bailey sat up slightly and kissed Gabe again, his tongue gliding easily over Gabe's lips.

"I love you." Gabe whispered. "I… really missed you."

"God, I missed you too." Bailey moaned and yanked Gabe's mesh tank-top off. His fingertips glided over Gabe's nipples, before he leant over and nipped one gently, drawing a moan from Gabriel's lips.

Before Gabe could really register what was happening, they were both naked, their bodies pressed tightly together. Bailey was breathing heavily, close to his neck, as Gabe slid his hand slowly over his length. His hips started moving automatically towards Gabe's hand, his groans growing louder. Before he could climax, Bailey pulled himself away and pinned Gabe to the mattress. He kissed him roughly for a moment, before drawing back with a smile.

"Can I… top?" He murmured, stroking Gabe's neck. Gabe smirked, before rolling on top of Bailey and straddling his hips. He rolled his hips gently against Bailey's. Bailey growled softly, his fingers gripping Gabe's hips tightly. Gabe guided himself onto Bailey's length, easily taking Bailey's size, but going slowly to increase Bailey's pleasure. Bailey moaned when Gabe stopped moving, his chest heaving. Gabe started rocking his hips slowly, his hands gliding over Bailey's muscular abdomen, tweaking his nipples gently. "Jesus, Gabe, you feel good." Bailey leant up and wrapped his arms around Gabe, rolling them easily so that Gabe was sprawled on his back. Bailey took over the movements, settling over Gabe's body so they could kiss. All too soon, their bodies began to heat and their climaxes arrived.

Afterwards, Gabe rolled over and cuddled into Bailey's body, wrapping his arm around Bailey's waist. Bailey kissed his temple and drew him close with a soft sigh.

"That was amazing." He murmured. Gabe chuckled softly and mumbled his agreement. "It was, right?" Bailey asked suddenly. "I mean, you did like it?"

"Course I did." Gabe yawned. "Why do you think I didn't?"

"Well… aren't you used to telling people it was good, even if it wasn't?"

"Well, yeah… but I wouldn't do that with you. If you were crap, I'd tell you, and then show you how to get better." Bailey snorted. Gabe smiled and kissed Bailey gently. "I know… you said you wanted to break up. But, with everything that's happened… Will you be my boyfriend again?"

"Of course." Bailey said immediately. "I never wanted to leave you in the first place, you know that." Gabe nodded.

"You know… after we broke up, Jordan was really… sweet. He really tried to be supportive, until… you know."

"Is he bi-polar?" Bailey asked. "He has more mood swings than a PMS-ing girl." Gabe laughed.

"He's just… a teenager." He yawned. He wriggled closer to Bailey and closed his eyes. "Night." He murmured.

"Good night, Gabriel."


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