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The Boy, Callum - LGBT

Novel By: lorby1000
Gay and lesbian

In his first class at a new school, Vinny Donovan is partnered with Callum Janoff; a quiet, withdrawn boy who has little to say and even fewer friends.
The boy is lost; his identity, the thing that makes him 'him' was lost years ago, and he has no idea how to find it again.
After unpleasant circumstances force Callum and Vinny together, Callum realises something: identity doesn't come from others. It comes from self-acceptance. View table of contents...


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Chapter One

Vinny Donovan made his way to his new form room on the second morning of the term. After wandering around the art department for a while, he found room twenty-one and went inside. A handful of students were already inside. The form teacher, Miss Linney, had taken the register and was passing around a booklet to each student, informing them of changes to school policy made over the summer holiday.

"I'm Vin Donovan," Vin introduced himself when he went in. "I think this is my form room." The teacher smiled at him; he decided she seemed nice.

"We've been expecting you." She finished handing out the booklets and took Vinny over to her desk. "Here's your timetable, your diary, your locker key - they're the blue ones, down the hall to the left - your dinner pass key and all the textbooks and exercise books your teachers have put aside for you. Write your name in them now. You need to fill out this contact sheet as well, in case we need to contact your family for any reason. There's also a copy of the school contract, which you and your parents need to sign, and return to me by the end of the week."

"School contract?" Vin said blankly.

"It just lays out all the rules on uniform, behaviour, that sort of thing. Just read through it and sign it." Vin took the stack of books and paper to an empty desk and began sorting through them. He quickly filled out the contact sheet and gave it back to Miss Linney, wrote his name in all the textbooks and exercise books, and skimmed through the school contract. He looked over his timetable too, pleased with his subject choices.

Vincent Donovan, Form Byron13

Locker Number 45, Art Department

8.00-8.45 - Breakfast Club, Cafeteria

8.45-9.00 - Registration - Room 21, Miss Linney, Byron13

9.00-9.45 - Period One - Ancient History, Mr Green, Room 45

9.45-10.30 - Period Two - History, Miss Robertson, Room 46

10.30-11.15 - Period Three - Human Geography, Mr Jenks, Room 31

11.15-11.30 - Break

11.30-12.15 - Period Four - Physical Geography, Mrs Quinn, Room 35

12.15-1.00 - Period Five - Digital Photography, Mr Scott, Room 17

1.00-2.00 - Lunch

2.00-2.45 - Period Six - Digital Photography, Mr Scott, Room 19

2.45-3.30 - Period Seven - English Literature, Miss Sylvester, Room 3

3.30-4.15 - Period Eight - English Language, Mrs Whitehall, Room 4

4.30-5.30 - After School Clubs

The bell rang, signalling the end of registration. Vinny stood with the rest of the class and quickly packed his books into his bag. Miss Linney called one of the other students over, a tall boy, with twinkling blue eyes and a ready smile.

"This is Robert Mitchell. He'll take you to history, and show you around for a couple of days, until you find your feet."

"Where are you first?" Robert asked Vin, leading him down the hall to their lockers.

"Room 45, Mr Green." Vin checked his timetable. He unlocked his locker and quickly stacked the books he didn't need into it, keeping his diary, timetable, pencil case, geography and history books. "How long have you been here?" Vinny asked Robert, as they made their way up to the history department.

"Since Year Seven. I've lived in this town all my life; I went to primary school around the corner. How come you're just here for the last year?"

"My parents died, at the beginning of the holidays. I moved here to live with my aunt."

"I'm sorry." Robert said, looking awkward.

"Don't be. I wasn't particularly close with my parents, so..." Vin shrugged. Robert looked embarrassed for a moment longer, before he stopped outside a door.

"This is you. Room forty-six is right next door, and for your geography room, just go down those stairs there, turn left and it's one of the doors along there. Check the numbers. I'll find you at break, wait for me outside your classroom, and I'll show you around a bit."

"Thanks." Vin grinned at Robert and went inside the classroom. It was painted a deep blue colour, with new desks, chair and carpet. Three large displays covered three of the walls, of the Romans, the Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks, with smaller displays of various empires tacked up between them. The fourth wall was a huge whiteboard. The teachers' desk was in the corner of the room.


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