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Unexpected Love - LGBT

By: lorby1000

Chapter 1, A short story describing the growing relationship between Joe and Graham, after the death of Joe\'s wife.


“Hello, stranger.” Graham glanced up as his ex-boyfriend slipped into the seat beside him. He moved his focus from the dance floor, where Joe was dancing with his friend Zoe, and looked at Carl.

“Hello, Carl.” He answered warily. They had not parted on good terms, several weeks before. “What do you want?”

“Just saying hi… We haven’t seen each other for weeks.”

“We broke up, Carl.” Said Graham coolly. “The general definition of that is that we don’t see each other anymore.”

“Come on, Graham. Give me another chance.” Carl began to plead. Graham tried to ignore him.

“Leave me alone, Carl.” He said firmly. He glanced over, saw Carl’s eyes harden, and braced himself against his ex’s anger. He felt Carl’s fingers grip his upper arm, hard, and before he could protest, he was being dragged outside. Carl slammed him back against the wall, making his teeth rattle.

“What is your problem?” Carl snarled. “Why can’t you just give me a chance?”

“I did give you a chance!” Graham growled back. “I gave you several. And you blew all of them.”

“We were good together, Graham,” Carl insisted.

“No, Carl, we weren’t. The sex was good… The rest of it was…” Graham shook his head. “You were abusive, you were drunk most of the time, and you cheated more times than I care to remember.”

“I can change.” Said Carl earnestly.

“I’ve heard that before.” Graham muttered. He tried to wriggle free. “Let me go, Carl.”

“No.” Before Graham could protest, the door of the village hall opened, and Joe came out.

“Are you okay?” He asked Graham quietly, one glance taking in Carl’s angry look. Graham nodded, his eyebrow dicked curiously at Joe.

“Who the hell are you?” Carl growled.

“I might ask you the same thing.” Joe said coldly. Carl looked for a moment as though he was going to hit Joe, before he decided against it. No one in their right mind would take on Joe. He shot Graham a look of disgust, before he stalked away. Graham leant back against the wall, his eyes closed.

“Thanks.” He murmured softly.

“For what?”

“You saved me from a beating.” Said Graham quietly. “He had that look in his eyes.” Joe dicked his head sympathetically. Graham sighed, and straightened up. “I’m going home.” He said quietly. Joe could see he was very upset.

“Wait a minute.” Joe darted inside and came out a minute later, pulling on his jacket.

“What’re you doing?”

“Come on.” They walked home together, up the long track leading to the small farmhouse Graham lived in. Graham wouldn’t normally dare to walk the abandoned lanes at night, but he felt perfectly safe with Joe. He knew Joe wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless he was seriously provoked, but he had an edge to him. He was really tall, over six feet, and had the build of a boxer.

“I really want to be alone.” Graham said quietly, glancing at Joe, trying to suppress the attraction he felt.

“No, you don’t.” Said Joe, his voice cheerful. “Alone with me, perhaps, but not alone.” Graham didn’t know what to say to that. He unlocked the front door of his home and slipped inside. He closed the door behind Joe, and found Joe almost on top of him when he turned around. He stepped back slightly, looking into Joe’s burning eyes for a moment, before he turned away. He shrugged off his coat and hung it up, and took Joe’s from him.

Graham paused, before he went through to the living room and pulled a bottle of whiskey from the cupboard. He poured himself and Joe two generous measures, and handed Joe his glass. Their fingers brushed momentarily, and Graham felt bolts of electricity shoot through his hand. Graham paused for a second, before he flopped into an armchair and drank most of the whiskey in one go. He glanced over at Joe, who had sprawled out on the sofa, before turning to gaze out the window.

“Why did you go out with him?” Graham looked back over at Joe.


“Why’d you go out with him?” Joe repeated.

“That’s none of your business.” Said Graham coolly. Joe shrugged. “Who I date is none of your business.”

“Just thought you were smarter that that.” Graham gave a bitter laugh.

“Yeah, well… Seems like I go for the wrong people a lot.” Joe looked over at him, his eyes intense. Graham turned away and closed his eyes, feeling suddenly exhausted. He remembered his time with Carl, and the guys before him, and found himself suddenly wishing for a boyfriend more than he ever had before. Not just someone to sleep with, but someone to talk to and laugh with and go out with. “I just want… someone.” He said quietly. It felt better for admitting it aloud.

“Someone…” Joe said quietly. “More than a boyfriend?” Graham shrugged.

“More than a one-night stand. It’s not a lot to ask, really. It’s just that round here, I have…”

“A reputation?” Joe grinned. “So? Go out and change it. Insist on getting a guys phone number and contact him again if the sex is good. If it’s bad, don’t bother.” He advised. Graham smiled.

“Are you ever miserable?” He asked. Joe shrugged.

“Sometimes… Quite regularly, actually…” He shrugged again. He finished his drink in one and set his glass down. “You’ll find someone… It might take a while, but it’s worth the wait once you do find that special person.” Joe smiled at him, and Graham felt his heart leap. And what do I do if I think I’ve found him, but he’s married and straight? He wanted to ask.

“So, how did you and Katie meet?” He asked instead, trying to control the images his mind was creating.

“We met in school, I liked her straight away, pursued her for a few months and finally got her.”

“How long have you been married?” Joe eyes clouded over for a moment.

“Almost ten years. Why?” Graham ignored the question. He curled up in his chair, turning away from Joe, his eyes closed. He was brought out of his reverie when a soft hand cupped his cheek, and fingers began to drag through his hair. His eyes snapped open and his head jerked towards Joe. He hadn’t even heard him move from the sofa. Joe was crouched in front of him, his eyes locked intensely onto Graham’s. “What’re you doing?” Graham hissed, trying to draw back. Joe’s hand held him steady.

“Something I’ve wanted to do since the first time I saw you.” He said softly, before his lips were on Graham’s. Graham’s first thought was that he could die happy at that moment. Then, common-sense washed over him, and he pushed Joe away.

“What the hell are you doing!” He growled, standing up and moving away from Joe. Joe stood as well, his eyes gleaming.

“I’m doing something I want to do.” He said.

“Well… Don’t!” Graham snapped.

“I thought you wanted it.”

“I do… but… you’re married, Joe.” Joe glanced away.

“I’m not,” he murmured quietly.

“What?” Graham asked. “You’ve got a wedding ring on.”

“Katie died. Three months ago. Car accident.” Joe said quietly. “I just… haven’t been able to take the ring off yet.”

“Oh…” Graham said softly. “I… I don’t want to be a rebound fuck, Joe.” He said after a moment. “I’m sorry about Katie, but I’m not sleeping with you to make you feel better.” He stood up to leave, when Joe caught his wrist, tightly.

“You’re not a rebound.” Joe said firmly. “I know you should be, this soon after Katie died. But you’re not.” He cleared his throat awkwardly. “I want you… now.” Joe had been slowly advancing on Graham as he spoke, and Graham had been backing away.

“Well… You can’t have me.” He said firmly. Joe gave him a wolfish smile. His fingers slid over Graham’s torso. He reached up, and undid the first button on Graham’s shirt. Graham felt himself shiver at the look in Joe’s eyes.

“I don’t see you trying to stop me.” Said Joe softly, his voice teasing.

“Joe, you can’t!” Graham felt his body heat up as Joe advanced and felt himself begin to get hard. He groaned inwardly. Not now, he growled to himself. Please not now!

“Yes, I can!” Joe’s body was against Graham’s now, his body heat washing over Graham. He could feel the sinew and muscle of Joe’s body, and realised if Joe decided to force him, he didn’t stand a chance. The raw power contained within Joe’s body startled him. Joe’s eyes remained fixed on Graham’s while he continued to undo Graham’s shirt, one button at a time. When they were all undone, his fingers slid slowly to Graham’s shoulders, and slowly slid the shirt away.


“Ssh!” Joe gently stroked Graham’s lips with his thumb, silencing him.

“We can’t do this,” Graham protested. “We can’t! Think abo-aaahhh!” Graham yelped as Joe leant down and nipped his nipple hard, before he began gently licking and caressing. Graham leant back against the wall, his head tilted back, moaning softly as Joe’s mouth and fingertips stroked his nipples. “Stop it.” Graham gasped, while pulling Joe’s head closer to him. Joe suddenly drew back, his eyes glittering. Graham let out a soft moan of disappointment.

“Listen… If you really want to stop, we can stop. But if not, all I want to hear from you now is encouragement, alright… I’ve not done this before. I need to know I’m making you feel good.” Graham looked at him. He was silent for a moment as he thought.

“You really want to do this?” He asked Joe finally, tentatively. Joe nodded. “Sure?” Joe nodded again. “Alright.” Graham sighed softly. A second later, his sigh became a moan as Joe’s lips returned to their work with renewed enthusiasm. Joe’s hands were gripping Graham’s hips, hard, keeping him from wriggling away or collapsing.

Graham pulled Joe up from his torso and they sank into a deep kiss, their tongues battling for dominance. Joe moaned softly as Graham slid his shirt away, and began to rub his nipples. Joe let out a soft growl of pleasure as Graham worked. Graham suddenly pushed Joe’s shoulder hard, sending Joe hard against the wall. Before Joe could protest, Graham sank to his knees before Joe and began to slowly undo his belt. Joe watched keenly as Graham slowly slid the leather from the belt loops.

Graham glanced up at Joe, a coy smile on his lips, before he undid Joe’s zip and swiftly tugged down his jeans and underwear. A look of undisguised delight spread over Graham’s face as he ran a finger slowly down Joe’s generous length. Joe let his breath out in a hiss when Graham’s finger gently scooped a glob of pre-cum from Joe and ran it down the length. Graham grinned for a second at Joe’s pleasure, before he leant forwards and began to suck Joe, hard. He soon had Joe moaning and squirming under his ministrations, begging for release. The scent and taste of Joe was intoxicating.

Graham felt dizzy with delight as he worked hard. Over the next few strokes, Graham firmly thrust Joe’s entire length down his throat. He swallowed a couple of times, caressing Joe’s length, and he felt Joe begin to release from the pleasure. He swiftly drew back until just the head remained in his mouth, and he sucked hard, nursing every drop of cum from Joe, and swallowing the lot. He gave Joe a moment to recover his breath, before he stood up and kissed Joe. Joe could taste himself on Graham’s mouth and loved the sensation. Graham’s body pressed against Joe’s, and Graham noticed Joe was still hard. He drew back with a wicked smile.

“Up for round two already?” He growled. Joe nodded, his eyes excited, his heart racing. Graham took a step back and began to unbuckle his belt. Joe glanced downwards, and smiled.

“Tell me if I do it wrong.” He said. As he began to kneel in front of Graham, Graham lifted him back to his feet. Joe frowned at him.

“You’re not gonna blow me.” Graham said. “You’re gonna fuck me.” He felt his heart begin to race at the animalistic gleam in Joe’s eyes. “Come on.” He took Joe’s hand and dragged him upstairs to his room. He pushed Joe roughly down onto the bed, and rummaged quickly through his bedside table. He emerged with a tube of KY and a condom. “I’m clean.” He said. “But you can use this if you feel more comfortable.” He threw Joe the condom packet. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Just lube yourself up well, alright.” Joe nodded. He paused for a second, eyeing the condom, before he put it back on Graham’s bedside table.

“Bareback riding’s the best.” He growled, pulling Graham down atop of him. Graham’s long hair brushed over Joe’s neck before Graham swept it over his shoulder, out of the way. Joe rolled Graham onto his back and knelt between his legs. He covered two fingers with KY, and began to gently push into Graham. “I take it you’ve done it this way before?” He asked suddenly. “I mean, I don’t have to be particularly gentle?” Graham shook his head.

“The rougher the better.” He gasped as Joe’s finger found his prostate.

“Good.” Joe felt the small bump of tissue and realised the spot caused Graham immense pleasure when it was stroked.

“That’s my prostate.” Graham gasped, seeing Joe’s questioning look. Graham’s hips began to buck as Joe worked his fingers, and soon he was crying out for more. Joe withdrew his fingers and began to generously lube his length.

“How d’ya want me?” Graham asked breathlessly.

“Like this.” Joe replied, settling his weight on his arms either side of Graham’s head. “I want to see the expression on your face.” Graham grinned. Joe positioned himself, and began to slowly push in. He gasped at the warmth and the strong grip of Graham. Graham moaned softly. “How many guys have fucked you?” He asked Graham.

“Nosy, aren’t you?” Graham panted. Joe grinned. “About fifteen. Maybe more.” Joe raised his eyebrows. “What?”

“Just wondering how you can still be so tight after that.”

“Well, apart from my first time, they’re all smaller than you.” Graham grunted as Joe slid fully inside him, and withdrew slowly, rubbing his prostate forcefully.

“Who was the best?”

“You expect me to remember names?” Graham growled. Joe grinned at him.


“Fuck off.” Joe immediately withdrew from Graham. Graham howled in frustration, locking his legs around Joe’s hips, trying to force him back inside. “Please, Joe.” He begged.

“Please what?” Joe asked innocently, rubbing his length slowly, teasingly, along Graham’s.

“Please… fuck me… now.”

“Slut.” Joe said again, nipping Graham’s nipple. Graham yelped.

“Okay! Okay!” He yelled out, his voice desperate. “I’m a slut, alright!” Joe grinned to himself, and flipped Graham onto his stomach. He slammed hard inside of Graham, and began moving fast. Graham yelled aloud at his movements, begging for more. Joe leant down and pinned Graham’s wrists to the mattress, lifted his ponytail away from his neck, and began licking and biting his warm, salty skin. Sweat was dripping down Graham’s back, and Joe eagerly licked the saltiness away. He leant over and pulled Graham in for a kiss. He withdrew, rolled Graham over again, and slammed back in. Graham arched his back, sending Joe deeper, and a second later, with a shout of pleasure, he erupted all over his chest. The sight forced Joe over the edge as well, and he came inside of Graham with a yell, burying his face in Graham’s neck. He held still for a moment, before he slowly withdrew from Graham, and began to slowly lick the cum from Graham’s chest.

“So… Who was the best, slut?” Joe rolled off of Graham and lay down beside him. Graham looked over at him, his eyes twinkling, a pleasantly tired expression on his face.

“You, babe… By a country mile.” Joe smiled.

“Glad to hear it.” Graham reached up and pulled his hair from its ponytail, shaking it out and brushing it quickly. They lay in a companionable silence for a while. They both were drifting off to sleep.

“We probably shouldn’t fall asleep together.” Graham mumbled. “Someone might come in.”

“Right now, I’m so relaxed I couldn’t care less.” Joe wriggled down beneath Graham’s duvet, looped an arm around Graham’s waist, and pulled him close, so that their bodies were snuggled together. “I’ll definitely be fucking you again.” Graham smiled. He kissed Joe gently, before he allowed the warmth of Joe’s body, and the happy afterglow, envelop him. They fell asleep together.

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