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Unexpected Love - LGBT

Novel By: lorby1000
Gay and lesbian

A short story describing the growing relationship between Joe and Graham, after the death of Joe's wife. View table of contents...


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"Hey, Gray, can I talk to you about something?" Graham nodded, and came to sit next to Joe.

"What's up?"

"Well… You can say no if you want to, alright, seeing as you might think it's a bit fast-"

"Are you proposing to me?"

"No." Said Joe with a smile. "Sorry. I've been re-writing my will… Up-dating it since Katie died… I didn't really have a chance to at the time. At the moment, mum and dad are written as the girls' sole guardians if something happens to me… I was wondering whether you would be alright with me changing that to you?" Graham stared at him.

"Yeah." He said after a moment. "Yeah, that's… that's really… flattering." He smiled. "You'd seriously trust me to raise the girls for you? I've only been here a few months." Joe smiled.

"I trust you." Joe kissed him gently.

"Are your mum and dad okay with this?" Joe nodded.

"Hey… If something does happen to me…" Graham tried to speak, but Joe silenced him gently. "If something happens to me, there's some money set aside for mum and dad, but the rest will go to you. Half will be yours, the rest will be divided into three parts, and kept in a trust fund for the girls, which you'll look after until they turn eighteen." Graham nodded slowly. He found he was more moved by the gesture than he thought he would be. He smiled at Joe.

"You really would trust me?" he asked softly. Joe nodded.

Joe came in, shutting the front door beside him. He went into the living room, to find Graham sprawled in front of the fire, reading. A bottle of half-finished red wine was by his side, a wine glass in his hand. He was wearing only a pair of black boxers which hugged his hips. Joe smiled at the sight of firelight dancing over his golden skin. Graham looked over, and smiled at Joe, before returned to his book.

"It's nice to come home to a fire," said Joe quietly. "Katie never lit one. She thought they were dangerous." Graham smiled at him. "Why are you only wearing boxers?"

"I had a shower earlier, and couldn't be bothered to change. Good day?" Joe shrugged.

"A lot of paperwork, since we pulled Austin out from his cover."

"I set aside some curry for you, if you want… Or I can do sandwiches." Joe smiled.

"Thanks, but I'm hungry for something else right now." Graham gave a small smile and returned to his book.

"That so?" He murmured. Joe smiled to himself. He went and got himself a wine glass. He knelt down beside Graham and poured himself a glass of red wine. He gently stroked Graham's knee while he sipped his wine. Graham squirmed as Joe tickled his knee. Joe leant over and put his wine glass on the hearth, beside the wood basket to shield the wine from the heat of the fire. His fingers trailed up Graham's legs slowly, caressing warm, tanned, golden skin until he reached Graham's groin. He felt Graham begin to thicken and harden immediately beneath his fingertips and smiled. Graham pushed his hand away and looked at him.

"Oh, no you don't." He said firmly. "I'm reading."

"So?" Said Joe dismissively. "Keep reading… I won't distract you." His fingers crept back up Graham's thigh.

"Desist." Graham said firmly. Joe ignored him. "Stand up." Said Graham suddenly, his voice commanding.


"Do it." Joe sighed, before he stood up and looked down at Graham. Graham glanced at Joe over the top cover. "Strip." He said firmly. Joe stared at him for a moment. Graham's eyes were moving slowly from side to side as he read. "Do it." Graham repeated, in the same commanding voice, not looking up from his book. Joe frowned, before he began to undo his tie. "Slowly." Joe rolled his eyes, but slowed his movements. Graham continued to read as Joe slowly removed his clothes, until he stood in just his boxers. "Come here." Joe knelt beside Graham again, watching him, waiting for his next order. "You can be surprisingly obedient," said Graham thoughtfully. "I'll be making use of that in the future."

He sipped his wine, regarding Joe with clear blue eyes. Joe took the wine glass from him and set it down on the hearth next to his own. As Joe was leaning over him, Graham leant up and began to attack Joe's neck with his lips and tongue. He felt Joe gasp above him, his body beginning to shiver with pleasure.

Graham pushed Joe's shoulder forcefully, so that Joe rolled onto his back on the carpet. He settled his body on top of Joe's and continued to worship Joe's tanned, warm skin, his lips sliding down Joe's washboard abs. He slid his tongue into Joe's navel and began to slowly dart around it, making Joe squirm with pleasure. Joe's legs rose up and locked around Graham's torso, preventing Graham from moving. Graham smiled to himself. His hooked his thumbs over Joe's boxers and began to slowly pull them down. Joe's dick sprang out from the confines of his underwear as Graham removed them. Graham flicked his tongue out and licked the head of Joe's length. Joe moaned softly, and wriggled. He pressed his hips upwards to meet Graham's mouth. Graham swallowed Joe's length in one go, and Joe suppressed a yell of pleasure as Graham's throat caressed him. Graham drew slowly upwards, releasing Joe from his mouth, before he smiled at Joe.

Joe pulled him up for a deep kiss, their tongues warring for dominance over the other. Joe moaned softly as Graham spread his legs and fingertips began to gently probe his body. Two fingers pushed deeply inside Joe, stretching him, increasing his pleasure. Joe whimpered into Graham's mouth, his cries of pleasure caught in Graham's mouth. Joe felt Graham's fingers slide out of him all too soon, and pressed his hips up against Graham's, longing for attention. Graham pressed his tip gently against Joe. Joe squirmed in anticipation. Graham paused for a moment, before he slammed his length into Joe, hard and fast. Joe's scream of pain and pleasure was caught in Graham's mouth in a passionate kiss.

Graham began to move fast and hard into Joe. He felt Joe's legs wrap tightly around his hips, pulling him in close, keeping Graham's hips moving. Joe was panting, gasping and writhing beneath Graham's ministrations, begging for more. Graham spread Joe's legs further to get deeper inside of Joe. Their climaxes came too soon for their liking. Graham collapsed on Joe's chest afterwards, exhausted with his exertions. Joe stroked his hair and back gently, panting for breath.

"That was fantastic." Joe whispered.

"Yeah." Graham kissed Joe gently. They lay back in each other's arms, gazing into the fire, each absorbed in their own thoughts. After a few minutes, they each pulled on their underwear, and took up their wine glasses again. Joe gently stroked his fingers of Graham's arm and back, stroking his black hair back from his face. Graham cuddled into Joe's body, and fell asleep. Joe lay for a long while, watching Graham sleeping.

"Graham," Graham sat down beside Joe and looked over his shoulder at the school brochures. "Which is your favourite?" Joe asked him. "I can't decide,"

"Well, I like the sound of Applegate." Said Graham. "But Cherry Lane has the better results in the league tables." Joe frowned.

"I didn't think it would be this difficult." He sighed.

"Personally, I'd go for Applegate." Said Graham. "But it's your choice."

"It's a joint choice." Said Joe absently, rifling through more brochures. Graham looked at him. "What?" asked Joe, feeling Graham's eyes on him.

"Nothing." Said Graham. "It's just... nice, that you're asking for my opinion,"

"Well, they're your kids too." Said Joe. "You've been here for us all this time, and you'll probably be here for a while yet, and you should have a say in how the kids are raised."


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