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anna and bailey have been bestfriends since they were kids and have always been really close but know there both in high school and they both find themselves falling in love with each other. but know they both have to face the fact that they have to tell there parents.when they are both forced to be seperated by each other they plan to run away toghter......but will that really fix the problems they have ahead of each other? View table of contents...


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chapter 1

i dont know when i started feeling this way about bailey all i know is when i realized that i was in love with her i was so shocked.i convincing my self that i was crazy and that i would wake up and it would all be a dream.but its not. me and bailey have known each other since kindergarten and have always been there for each other i caint even recall the last time me and bailey got into a fight.but never in my life would i excpect that i could possiably fall in love with bailey.

bailey started dating marcus last year and in my opinion the biggest looser there is hes a bum and a cheater and no matter how i convince bailey that hes bad news.she wont listen. its not that im jealouse of both of them its just i caint stand marcus he thinks he so cool and everything.

as im walking to my locker i notice marcus is leaning on my locker door i roll my eyes at him and wonder what the hell does he want.when he sees me he grins at me and tries to act cute which just wants to make me smack him in the face.i decide to ignore hes patetic attempt and being my friend and open my locker door i expect him to leave but he just watches me.

'' go away'' i say

'' hey hot stuff'' marcus says

''ewwwe your disgusting stop flirting with me and go away'' i say

'' you know you want me'' marcus says

'' ya in your dreams cowboy'' i say

'' wanna make out'' marcus asks

'' no way your so disgusting go make out with your girlfriend'' i say

'' shes not here'' marcus pouts

i roll my eyes at him again and shove the locker door in his face thats when i realize there a smile on my face not because marcus is flirting with me but because its satisfiying when you get to smack a locker door in his face.

'' you think its funny'' marcus ask

'' yes i do now get out of my way before i do it again'' i say

'' wow you really are a bitch'' marcus says

'' only around you'' i say

with that i turn around and leave to go to class i check my cell phone and wonder why bailey hasent answered my millionth text message i sent to her.its getting really annoying and i wonder if anything happend to her; then i remind myslef that im being over dramatic and i take a deep breath.

'' answer you fool'' i say to myself


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